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hips practise

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Bigger size available for purchase on the right o/

So.. Thats an idea I have for patreon new rewards. In future I think I might do a sketch board of each bodypart. :dummy: It's good to practise it separately ^^ 
- by supporting me there you get full tutorials, poses, bases, fashion designs, sketches and get access to livestreams.… - Thats my new patreon account - NSFW one. For those who will sign in before end of May, there will be 

some extras. :iconimveryhappyplz: SEXTRAS :iconhurrhurrplz: 

 What you can get:

5$ reward (pack) - 15 poses (fully naked), 7 bases (fully naked)

10$ - tutorial (regular drawing tutorial not nsfw), 15 poses (fully naked), 7 bases (fully naked), illustration (pin-up naked or crossovers naked) + steps. I try to draw the characters in their original style not my own. 

Poses, bases and tutorial is going to be the same as from my regular patreon page however I will add nesesarry details to the bodies. So it is not worth to support me on my regular patreon page and NSFW, it is better to choose one. 

How does Patreon work? 

You pledge always for the next month. Patreon charges once a month although I set campaign to twice a week. It means it will charge you double in the end of the month and I will send you two packs monthly. You can change the payment limit in the settings. 

Once you pledged and were charged, patreon will proceed the payment and I get the information in the list of patrons whose payment was proceeded. I simply select them and send pack through message where I put a link to the zip file.

If you are not interested in nsfw, there is my regular patreon:
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This is a great help for drawing one of my boys c:
... yes he's very feminine
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MasochistChildXStudent Traditional Artist
Dat booty tho
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shebyperez1995Student Writer
Hopefully I can learn something with these. Thanks!
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nepjupsHobbyist Digital Artist
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Um wowMeow :3 Dem hips doe! De don't lie! I always struggle look at the hips I drew….     My hips lie a lot 
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Z--E--OStudent General Artist
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hillroseHobbyist Artist
This is wonderful! Hips are something I struggle with, so thank you for sharing this! It's cool to see well drawn hips! :D
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NIO-0Professional Traditional Artist
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TommiLamanepaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Great example. Thx.
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Derracias-35Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Good example. :)
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mister-eegHobbyist Digital Artist
Those hips don't lie.
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Wow. I wish I looked like her. 
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tardis04Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is actually super helpful
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CreepyPastaFangirl06Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm the second one on the first row.
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ijustloveit619Student Digital Artist
dem HIPS
YomiJigokuSheng's avatar
i got boner from watching this.
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DUSKvsDAWNHobbyist General Artist
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Toku17Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks 4 it ^^
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NsioHobbyist Digital Artist
Great studies, I'm really curious about this particular area but I don't get to practice or study it as much I would want to...for innocent artistic purposes of course. For some reason I felt it was necessary to clarify that xD

For me the most difficult part is the gap between the thighs. For some reason I keep drawing the legs really close to each other.
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Precia-TProfessional Digital Artist
Hmm. I always liked a gap between legs. I used to do a lot of fashion designs in past so I was always drawing real humans according to fashion models anatomy, very slim, very high. Those hips are stylized though, people don't have so curvy shapes. I thought it looks nice though, that's only stylisation. However their feet in the picture wouldn't touch each other, so even I, when standing that way, have a gap between legs, but it's size depends on year season. In winter it dissapears (no sport, a lot of food, sitting and drawing), spring - it starts to appear (more sport, less food), summer - there should be a gap (a lot of sport, hot weather, less drawing).

Gap's size also depends on pelvis width, some girls are having short pelvis, as males will have always legs together. I like it wide, I think it is very feminine, and the crotch looks like a pillow :)
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NsioHobbyist Digital Artist
Same here. When I was studying architecture there was a very tall and slender girl with surprisingly wide gap between the legs. It was quite intriguing sight. I've been trying to add that gap since then.

We have similar taste with this area then. Great minds think alike :D
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The0riginHobbyist General Artist
nicy nice :3
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TheArtfulMegalodonProfessional Digital Artist
Ah yes, the mythical women who have wide hips AND thigh gaps!

(I get the aesthetic appeal, but you have to admit, it's an ideal that no real person can live up to.  You know, without targeted liposuction, probably.)
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