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TARGA 01: Harpies



 EDIT: now, who has read it all, raise hand :stinkeye:

Targa folder with other art you will find here:…


"Targa is a multithreading story based mostly on various RPG games. Plot of the manga in placed in medieval-gothic-baroque-modernist reality of fantasy world with domination of medieval, in which constant war between nations carry on.

In result of arising conflict between high elves and necromanciers a war breaks. Necromanciers have gathered their biggest elf enemies and using magic have separated a territory in elf kingdom (Sylfi) creating Raphar valley. It happens exactly 28 years ago. The created barrier was called magical or mountain barrier.  

Separated nations in Raphar are:  High elves, Common elves, Humans (they are allies)  and Necromansier, Orcs, Harpies (allied antagonists) 

Targa is a kind of a country, military organization. It was created by 5 most powerful and strongest warriors, further called Leaders. They are dictators and rules, politics, economy and army.

Inside Raphar magic does not work so all the nations have to fight using weapons such as swords, halberds, bows etc. 

Other harpies art:
Targa - Olle expressions by Precia-T Targa- Oc Noether by Precia-T  Help, please by Precia-T  How to - digital painting (Targa-Noether) by Precia-T  

Featured watcher (I decided to feature some of my watchers  that I believe deserve more attention) 
:iconbellared: and her cute drawings like this one 
Say Cheese by Bellared

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1AeizuriyaOfEuthymia's avatar

I have a question. I would like to make a

Harpy oc with credits to you. But about

physical genetics. Can there be such thing as

a albino Harpy? Just wondering as my oc

would be albino for my Concept idea.

I mean she was kicked out of the flock at

a young age and was only allowed back

in because her mother begged the

Matriarch and because my oc had an

egg. And can Harpy's lay more than one

egg at a time like twins? Or would

they be in the same egg?

Also. Do Harpy mothers breastfeed their

young for a while? Or are their beasts for

sexual appeal?