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Fullbody Poses

Full resolution tutorials, poses, bases available on .:Bullet:. Patreon  -  where for supporting me you are receiving tones of them.
If you want this one exactly you may purchase it  in the menu on the right. 

A practise I made for :icondaversity: :dummy: 
 If you're struggling with anatomy, need help and you like the style that I represent, I have still opened offer of teaching you individually via skype and share monitor live option where I can redraw your drawings and discuss your art. More info about the offer you will find here:  A new OfferHello, 
First school-like 3 months course in :icondaversity: will soon come to en end. It's too early to conclude the course because it didn't finish yet. But what I wanted to announce  is that I have no longer time to further organize and run it for free, that's why I offer to everyone interested to give individual paid courses that will work very similar way. 
 If you feel that you need a help and my tutorials and way of drawing fits you I can teach you how to do it via skype and share monitor option. Basically what I offer is :
- meetings where I will redraw your drawings live and observe how you draw also live to tell you about mistakes and other issues.
-  I work according to the  plan that I can send you, tutorials I make for you and assigments that I give.
-  I can meet you individualy once a week for an hour and a half and be available for you whole week, always ready to ask your questions and give you some quick tips or advices if you had a p

the facebook page.Facebook   my profile

Tumblr icon      and I have NO idea how it works :iconmnrderpplz: 

And This:
Twitter icon   I don't know how to, what to.. but my husband said I have to have it so I now have it. And I don't know. Feel happy because of  birdpossesion feeling. Whoopwhoopwhoop icon 
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Thanks for the reference...

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used one of ur poses!!! rly in handy! ^^  Momo Yaoyorozu by littleponycute
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Hello! I don't mean to bother you but I was wondering if I could use these poses as reference you made?
I will be crediting you of course if I ever post anything I use here, if that would be alright ^^

I completely understand if not
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thank you very much, your art style is amazing and I look forward into seeing more of your work  <3
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Hi, would it be ok if I used
this and more of your stuffs
as reference for my art?
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May I re-draw one for an outfit adopt?
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you may redraw it. You may not make money with it in any way. If the adoption is for free- no problem.
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Yes it will be Thanks :)
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These can come in handy
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thanks this is very usefull :D
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All this "these boobs are too big" stuff is making me laugh. C'mon people, my mother had boobs that big. And no, she didn't have implants if that's what you're wondering. Also, back pain is most likely to occur, because breasts are heavy but there is surgery for that. 
What I'm trying to say is that these aren't superhumanly large, there are women with bigger boobs. Surprise!

To the Artist I'd like to say: thank you for this amazing pose sheet! I struggle some with anatomy and this will surely help if it didn't already. Keep up the great work!
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OH THIS IS GOOD! I can use this to help tremendously! Thanks!!!
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because the half download this ??
or is failing !! help please!
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I'll turn to these as references whenever I need them! :)
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can i use these?
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Please do more male ones.
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