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Female poses, interactions (Targa)

By Precia-T
These are sketches of the interactions and some anatomy poses. Characters comes from my manga called "Targa".
This is an exercise.

Another colored "Targa" stuff is here:

If you like my art I encourage you to follow me there:
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Oh man that head slapping remind me being hit by my mother! XD Great job 

I'm like Miver a bit XD 
Precia-T's avatar
then it sounds like you are a troublemaker :iconimveryhappyplz:
PrincessofdarknessX6's avatar
Oh little old me a troublemaker............XD well that I am a troublemaker to my mom only :evillaugh: 
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Hello, this drawing is amazing, you're the best; Could you teach me to draw? :) (Smile) ;) (Wink) 
zoe-chobits's avatar
your drawings skills are wonderful
HonorOfStyle's avatar
Lool so much slapping!
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i love your comic it made me want to draw
Lightning2889's avatar
I like your sketch its nice.
sabrinayamazaki's avatar
ah youre writing a manga too! ^_^ I shall keep an eye out for it. if ou dont mind my asking, are you publishing yours in japan and america? or just one of the two?
2159KingAnime's avatar
is this going to be a comic? i would definitely get it!
annacarainbow119's avatar
I honestly love your art I have been using your anatomies for a while they are extremely well made made and have a lot of nice poses
Pseudowitch's avatar
Great work! I love the details!
Wait this are just your sketches wow
GonzoWorks's avatar
Even your sketches are lovely... x3
joetheFOX's avatar
your pencil art is awesome.
GenevieveAngel1999's avatar
Wow! These are all really good!
Phoenix677's avatar
These will help greately
AudreyMarcella9's avatar
What is this? Child Abuse?
xxxxInugirlxx9383's avatar
This is very nice! <3
hAsp929's avatar
hahaha ... nice illustration :)
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