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Female anatomy

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very useful, thanks :)
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Ha! I can just size this up on Sai, or something.
Gorilla09's avatar
Why would you charge for this when you can find it for free on a dozen other profiles on here
But seriously beautiful work dear
Precia-T's avatar
out of respect for hours I put in my work. Only that. 
Gorilla09's avatar
I understand
I meant no disrespect trust me
I think you are awesome at what you do
Justy wondered
I thank you for your response
keep it up
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This doesn’t help 
coppertrouble's avatar
Hi! A while ago I used one of these poses as a reference for my first digital painting.
Thanks for this, your work is inspiring and helpful!
Cheers :-) (Smile) 
HannaTheHippy's avatar
Thanks for this!!


(I'll be using two more of these, along with your other 'Hug References'

~ Hanna
AndrewX40's avatar
Helped me too, cheers :)
Tezeze's avatar
This really helped me right now. I suck at anatomy, and I'm trying to learn how postures really look like. I'm bad with especially hands and legs. 
RoxieIsAlive's avatar
fishyawesomeness's avatar
Thank you! This'll definitely make my drawings more proportional even if only by a tad bit XD
qirayama's avatar
yey! another sketch for drawing. :3
Elydia017's avatar
Very useful, thank you!
Mori-tan's avatar
Precia-T's avatar
great job! I'm glad you found it helpful :)
Durrocher's avatar
thanks o-o i shall continue using more 
Metalraptor's avatar
Awesome work. ^_^
Factor13th's avatar
i can't learn like this to bad you dont have a video version it would help alot more
robinsunblade's avatar
Thanks!!! I needed it for my manga practice cuz I'm teaching myself.
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