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February tutorials (Fighting/palms)

Full pledge available  here:

By supporting me there you are getting access to all of the tutorials, poses and bases that I don't upload anywhere else. To my patrons: remember that you can always request tutorial or pledge theme and I will draw the theme that was most wanted (Please put requests via patreon).

This part of a month is all about fighting poses. Karate, boxing, other, without object such as swords or guns.

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Other stuff:
Children poses/anatomy by Precia-T Female anatomy 6 Colored by Precia-T Base poses by Precia-T Pelvis, Tighs - Tutorial by Precia-T
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Oducker's avatar
Goooood!!! You make me JUMP! ^___^
Lord-Samhain's avatar
Thanks for these. Very helpful.
CrystalSabre's avatar
I like the two at the bottom.
rosheruuu's avatar
You artwork is so amazing, it's taught me so much!! Thanks for being so awesome~~
Joraglove's avatar
Jesus "Magic Man" Christ, woman, I'm becoming a huge fan of your style and skills!!!!
darkriddle1's avatar
I'm glad I can turn to these, anatomy is so funky and wrong sometimes! LOL
SparkTheShadowTiger's avatar
Oohh may i use this as. Referance sheet please?!
InnuDoggy's avatar
That little hand holding bigger hands finger just killed me with it's cuteness! X3333
SajuukkuujaS's avatar
Tutorial request? I have an idea for you, a tutorial on how to properly draw, less human looking beings, my blue char in my small gallery as a base for. Because quite honestly?
I love drawing and still fail at it. xD

Just an idea, because i cant pay for requests. Unless you wish to have a small 3D starship as a tradeoff. xD
cyke40's avatar
omg did felicia have a hair cut???????????????????????
Really appreciate this Tutorials and great work as always miss precia
caballero-nocturno's avatar
thanks for thee tuto
LEgGOdt1's avatar
Amazing Tutorial and I see the Olle is nowhere to be found in this one. X)
Cdech's avatar
um i don't see this on ur patreon and im pledged ;(
Precia-T's avatar
I will be uplading it in few days o/
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