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Calfs Tutorial


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Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! <333
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Very useful, thank you so much!
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Great tutorial, this explains a lot in a clear and easy to understand way. :D
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I am absolutely amazed about your studies of physiognomy. In one of your former lifes, you must have been Leonardo da Vinci. Or one of his pupils. You know how to draw. I watch and enjoy. Chapeau and thanx.
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It's just like the female titan's leg how funny :0
TheDevilReborn's avatar
Thank you. This helps out a lot! :3
Precia-T's avatar
you're welcome Pusheen :3
TheDevilReborn's avatar
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"Look! Claw foot!" I lost it at that XD
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Great making more visible the anatomy itself...if i learned like this in first time drawing anatomy maded my way of look better... i think i will try this one now ^^ thanks
do you have anything that shows the bone effect on muscle and poses ??? i really searching so much it
Thank you so much. This is very helpful.
animangafan342's avatar
i swear i was having trouble with this the other night 
thank you for this!
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THANK YOU FOR SHARING THIS! I have so much trouble with legs sometimes and it's hard finding good tutorials. ;~; You're awesome! :D
Renewalazar's avatar
Thank you for this!
Thank you Precia-T : your tutorials always helpful
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Ah, I find this exceptionally useful! I really like how you illustrated the muscles, it's very easy to visualize how they wrap around the bones thanks to your illustrations. Great job!
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great tutorial!  ummm....... just inquiring....  what drawing tablet do you use?
Usogami-Kun's avatar
Very helpfull, thanks
AlphaRabbitHerder's avatar
oh so this is a calf XD
sorry im a dumdum
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CandiProductions's avatar
I love your tutorials so much! :iconhappytearsplz: I'm so thankful to have stumble upon them!
MiraKHall's avatar
I usually have trouble keeping straight which parts of the calf bulge -- and ankles especially -- go where depending on position.  Is there an mnemonic for that? :?
caballero-nocturno's avatar
Very cool, thanks for the tuto :D
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