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Anatomy Packs 1- 28 UPDATE

Those packs are avaiable through Deviantart notes. Those are patreon packs but you don't have to be a patreon to purchase it. 

Except of a warm greeting,

- Pack (pledge) number (s)
- Pack size (s)

there are 3 sizes of packs:
Full (19$) contains 30 poses, 8 bases in .psd, full tutorial, Fashion designs in .psd, object steps. 
medium (10$)  30 poses, 8 bases in .psd,  full tutorial
small (5$) 25 poses, 4 bases in.psd

Example: I want animals pack 14th. I want to buy medium size. Medium size 14th pack costs 10$. 

From 23rd pledge up 
Full (19$) contains 15 more detailed poses, 8 bases in.psd, full tutorial, fashion design, Livestream (for patrons) 
Medium (10$) tutorial 15 more detailed poses, 8 bases in .psd
Small (5$) 15 more detailed poses, 4 bases in .psd

From pack 23 amount of poses had changed to 15 instead of 30 but the qualiy and resolution is higher. 

If you are interested, please send me a note with info what you want and what your e-mail is. I will give you my paypal and when the payment is done I will immedietely send you pledges via mail.

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If you buy a pack do you still get the live stream?
is it possible to request from you?
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this is all just really well done :)
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I spy a Spike Spiegel.Spike (Kick) [V1] 
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SO DO I Spike (Kick) [V1] cowboy bebop gif cowboy bebop gif 
<<it sorta looks like Julia beside him 
Blizzardblaze's avatar
It does. Also is number 4 Lust from FMA??Lust Chibi 
Velairen's avatar
Totally can be. XD
Blizzardblaze's avatar
He's the second drawing under Pledge 25 (fan art)
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For each individual page you need to pay tutorial?
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Ooh, yay! *claps*
I have been interested in some of your packs here and there, but I can't really afford from month to month to be a patron on a high enough tier to get your packages, and having to adjust my pay option from month to month would be a big hassle, or I might just forget.
This way, I could get the ones I'm interested in when I can afford them.
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thanks:) nice pledge 13 [Tsunade]
DestructiveGamer's avatar
Thank you very much :D
TheCluelessEinstein's avatar
I am not familiar to patreon. If I pledge, do I only get access to what comes out at the time, or is there more I can see from previous releases? 
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You don't have to be, because as I wrote I sell packs outside too \ o /

You know what would happen if people get access to previous packs, they'd sign in, take all the content and sign off leaving a trollface sticker on other people's heads, people who were pledging month after month for a whole year. That wouldn;t be much fair that is why each pleddge is each pack. 
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Thank yooooouuuuu! X3
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Man how do I do this?
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Great work , keep it up 👍🏻
Drachi-Dragojianer's avatar
Oh cool! So much about movements of man and animal.
Thanks a lot for this! :)
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These aren't meant to be overly nice finished pictures. These are previews of the finished product that you can buy. 
SalamiShowdown's avatar
I think that Joker was trying for satire. Unfortunately it doesn't translate very well across the interwebs.
twilightfortune's avatar
Ahh, I suppose sarcasm is another interpretation of this comment.
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would you be willing to do some sort of pricing bundle if we want to purchase all of them?
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