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My Bio

The only important thing I have to say in the biography tab is that I've been working hard for over 17 years on Deviantart to achieve some goals in art, devoted my youth to work instead of having fun and made many sacrifices in order to learn and at some point I thought I reached the goal that I earned for (don't believe in talent and such, it's everyday work combined with a kind of sensitivity that motivates you and pushes forward but mostly thousands of sketches). That all I lost in a month after people got a new toy called AI. Made of my friends work and also my linework fell into a base of AI food. All I am and all I've done past three decades, the characters I truly loved was only a food for AI so users can have fun and earn money calling it a tool or a technology to get easy result. I lost recipients who are overstimulated by billions of high-end pieces generated from high-end true art and got simply bored. I lost motivation for the very first time in my life. There were some ups and downs with Deviantart but it never was so extreme and didn't effect my motivation: I thought After all, what matters is my skills and they were always supposed to defend themselves, even if the platform dies, I'll find a new one or find a solution write a book, teach other people, get hire in studio, working as a mangaka or animator and that worked before for me when DA lost most of its users. Over the course of 17 years, I have created about 700 works, the average AI user uploads 1,000 images in 3 months. Every line I make I wonder if makes sense in comparison with AI which is flawless. For fun it would make sense, as a hobby. But I didn't devote my life to have some fun.

Skills, motivation and work no longer matters. The world works in the absolute opposite direction to my values. I can't teach either. I can't teach my students that the highest virtue is work and not self-presentation. I can't tell my child that if she works patently, hard and climbs the ladder of success, she will eventually reach the top - because suddenly there is no fucking ladder! I feel like an athlete who has been training patiently every day for 30 years to reach a high level and suddenly... they took away my discipline.

I believe in basic work, discipline, Building self confidence and strength, learning balance, without looking for shortcuts, working with passion.

I despise the comfort at all cost, skipping rungs in the ladder, taking the ladder away, impudence, arrogance, laziness, looking for easy solutions, avoiding obstacles, seeking applause for achievements that are not your own, living in an illusion, deceiving people with illusion, when you pretend you are someone youre not and don't deserve to be called.

Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Yuki Kajura, celine dion, yanni, Wagner, Elfmann, Hans Zimmer

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Your art is incredible! I'm sucked into Reddit, so I don't get on DA much now, but you're really worth the watch!

is reddit good place to expose art?

I just read your bio again and again, I completely undrstand where your coming from. I think people will get bored of AI and move onto the next fad. AI may make a pretty and souess picture but We as artist will keep creating because its who we are. I love your work and will continue to support it for as long as I am able. You have brought my characters to life and have taught me a lot when it comes to my own work and wish to learn more as you have been a big impact on my artistic journey. Even tho I don't speak much as I am poor with word and wording.

Your art will always remain as a true statement to the HUMAN ability to persevere. We as true artists are not ones to take the easy way and make excuses for ourselves. We bust ass. We shed tears and sweat and time into our work. AI "artists" aren't even at the seat of our table. They claim to be a helpful tool in order for young artists to learn, but what tool becomes a finished product? If this was true, let me hold up my drill and say, "Behold. Art." You are not to be consumed by an unthinking algorithm. It is not your destiny. Because we as true artists stand with you, stylus drawn as swords. Words spoken like incantations. And when they realize the blank expressions made by that unthinking monstrosity; when they read the indecipherable words it spouts; they may sit at our table. Those who present works on the backs of others will never be the kings of their craft. They are the jesters, and they know damn well who are the true kings: It's why they steal from them after all.

I've just read your description and I feel the same. AI it's a SHAME. But all REAL artists are together to try to fight for our rights, I hope.

It's hard but don't loose your motivation :hug:

Your feelings and bitterness towards AI, as you describe in your bio, are perfectly understandable. I have just discovered your account, and your (art)work is very impressive. I wish all people will quickly get bored with AI "art" (like I did myself after two weeks of "toying") to realize how objectionable - and even detrimental - such technology may be towards human societies and especially real artists . We need firm national / international regulation and safeguards so that artificial intelligence so-called "advances" do not impede on our rights as humans. I do not know how, but at least as many people as possible should raise the alarm as you do.

Anyways, keep going in your work! Let's not let AI discourage you and other artists! Your tutorials may even help me in reaching my own goal to draw, especially anthropomorphic characters. In the meantime, I will (modestly) support you on Patreon under another pseudonym I use there.

thank you for your words, I really appreciate it. And yes, I agree we all should speak out and actually do something because among other artists those who draw choose usually to stay in shadows and let their names pass in the end credits when people throw out their popcorn and basically nobody cares, and we also never cared to be known or noticed. We prefer our characters speak for us. Lets be honest... how many people know a name of an artist who made concept of Elsa from Frozen that everybody knows... How many people know of the process? Half of people Ive known in real life, think that digital art meant its generated by a computer (before AI started to be used). Thats sad.

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