Saving Satanists Chapter 3!

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We had a assembly, in the gym about a week later to celebrate our football team and I would tried out, but I didn't hit at my growth spurt yet. I didn't see Claudia at the assembly but maybe cause our gym is big, and it happen before first period and so maybe she just skipped but I didn't know. Where she was.

And then I went to art class, and Claudia was there! She was wear a Burzum shirt, and jeans, and a trench coat and also makeup. I said hi to her and she said hello to me!! And then guess what happen? The teacher gave back our art projects, the ones with the sunflowers, and Claudia got a A+!!! But then I got mine and it was a C!! None my art teachers before gave a C at me!!! So I asked "Why did I get a C!!!" And the teacher Miss Jones said "look at the rubric."

And I did and it said "You're composition was slight off and the paints were sloppy." And I thought "but she said it was nice to start with" and then I was a little insulted at. And then Miss Jones said "Okay everyone your next project is for the art show next week, you can do anything you want, but no nudity or violence, and please no religiously sensitive stuff, I know many of you are religious, and I am religious, but it's a school police."

And I was kinda sad cause I couldn't express my love for Jesus, but then I thought of a idea!! I would draw a bunch of happy people, around a planet earth!!! Cause God made people, and Earth! I look over at Claudia's Paper, and she was do a drawing of a dragon, and it was in a bunch of flames. I knew she were do symbolism, and I knew it be really scary when she finished, and I fainted. And then, I woke up again and start drawing at my earth with people on it, and hen the bell rang.

The next major stuff that happened was in physical science, I heard Kitty start talking to some random dude about how much m***j**** she smoked on the weekend. And then Kitty's friend, the red hair one, walked in!! She was wear a tie die shirt and she had a notebook in her hand.

"Hey Jen!" Kitty said. "Remember at Saturday, when we smoked weed, and I got the munches and order like ten pizza!! That was so funny!!"

"Yeah like totally funny!" Jen said and she opened at her note book. "I drew chicks in a bikinis. Like look!!!"

And Kitty said "Oh my gosh that so hot!! Show Chris, he's lame and believes in Jesus!" And then Jen came in my direction.

"Hey Chris," she said, flirting, "look at this picture!!!" And I looked, and there was three chicks in bikinis, and you could see there breasts and booties and everything, except for their lady bits.

I looked away quick. "That's not glorifying God." I said.

And then Mr. Bryan came in the classroom. "Guys, I have extra drugs, does anyone want some? I have m***j**** and co**** and LSD."

And some fat dude said "sure why not hail at Satan." And he kinda talked funny kinda like Claudia, maybe he Swedish too, and he wore a short with a pentagon on it, and he was fat and bald, and probably never worked out ever. And he was a Satanist, cause he said hail Satan!!!!!!

And Mr. Bryan gave him drugs. And Kitty and Jen laughed, and said "Lol you believe at Satan!!! You just as stupid as Chris who believe in Jesus!" And then they said "we want drugs!" And Mr. Bryan gave them drugs, and then he said "okay don't tell anyone about this!" And then class let out and bell rang.

I was going to my locker to get my lunch that my mom made for me, and  I saw Jen and Kitty in the hall, and they pointed at me and laughed. "What a nerd!" They said. "He probably hates at gay people!" And then they chuckles.

"I don't hate gay people, but homosexual sex, is a sin!" I said. Proud and confident in Jesus.

"Lol, but Jesus don't exits!" Kitty said, and SHE KISSED JEN ON THE LIPS!


"Nope, you can't, cause I'm not homosexual I'm bisexual so there!" Jen said and she kissed Kitty on the lips and TOUCHED HER BREASTS!

I said! "no!" And then we all walked, close at the stairs, and they made me trip and fall down them! "No! Bully alert!" I said.

As I was fall Kitty said, "Have a nice... TRIP!" And then they laughed and then made out with each other and flipped there middle fingers at me! I want to cry but I didn't. I went to the lunch room and sat with my friends and ate my sandwich, it was a ham and cheese and lettuce sandwich on whole wheat bread, but then............,....,,. Sam showed up and took my friend Craig's chair while he was getting a napkin!

"That's not fair! I said.

"What you gonna do about it, freshman," she said. "Use your logic don't lie at me." And she sat down with her friends. And I sat with my friends And ate my food, and I left five minutes before the bell to find Claudia, and she was sit next to the art room with the fat satanist from before!!!! And they weren't speaking American, it was another language!


She just glared at me. "He's my boyfriend now, dim wit." She said. And she held his hand, the one that wasn't on his Nintendo ds. "Hail Satan am I right?" She said, and she looked at him.

"Hail Satan?" he said and he made the devil horn symbol at me, and I noticed he was wearing makeup, and I ran all the way to math class. Because I was scared that he sent demons flying at me, even though I knew I had the power of God on my side, still nervous because I don't want to be possessed at by demons cause that will stop me from doing God's work! So I went to Math class in the math classroom.

In math class I explained the lesson again to Claudia but she didn't talk to me about stuff that weren't math. I tried to talk to her multiple time, but she didn't listen and she just ignored me and she growled at me once and then the bell rang and I went to health. And in health class, Kitty was high on drugs again, and we were talking about the digestive system, and she just said "butt hole" over and over and over again!!! And the teacher said "Stop that it's actually called the anus!" But Kitty kept say "butt hole" and then she got kicked out the class, and I'm pretty sure she went at Mr Bryan's room and did drugs!

And then Gym happened, and we played basketball! And Claudia avoided at me and Craig!

I asked her "do you want to come over after school!"

But she said "Nope, go away i have a boyfriend dum dum!" I couldn't believe that she was dating with some fat satanist, that did drugs and did nothing but video games! I was appled that she would go out with him!

"Please hang out with me though??" I said.

"No way Jose." She said and went away. from me.

And I went home and told my mom all about school!! And then I did a lot of different stuff!!!!
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A new update at my fiction novel :D
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KarNep-KBHobbyist General Artist
Don't get me started on your Homosexuality views. You're making it seem like anyone who's LGBT+ is a horrible person who needs to die. God loves everyone, right? So he loves LGBT+ people too. So why don't you?
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VioletRose120Hobbyist General Artist
Congrats! You've mastered trolling. 
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LightArcIndumatiHobbyist Writer
Wait...are you saying that gamers are bad and unproductive members of society?

Tell that to Toby Fox or Scott Cawthon. Or really, anyone working in and is successful in the video game industry.

I think you're parroting what people who aren't gamers and think video games are some sort of brainwashing tool by the Illuminati and think every single game in existence is the same as Grand Theft Auto and Rapelay think gamers are like, yet the game console that 'the bad boyfriend who is a dark and edgy Satanist' is playing a freaking Nintendo DS. What kind of games do you think are on that? And why wouldn't they have a Nintendo 3DS by now?

Which is very apparent since you think gamers are some sort of lazy, lustful, and psychotic manchildren despite the fact the person you accuse of being so is in a stable relationship with someone and has a job.
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preachingthegospelHobbyist General Artist
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LightArcIndumatiHobbyist Writer
Well, where did you find he didn't have one?
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preachingthegospelHobbyist General Artist
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LightArcIndumatiHobbyist Writer
...You do know that people do make money selling stuff online.
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preachingthegospelHobbyist General Artist
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Dissonant-WastelandHobbyist Artist
He probably sold them because he didn't need them anymore or he needed a bit of cash.
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LightArcIndumatiHobbyist Writer
Lol, or maybe he's just selling it because he doesn't need them anymore?
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preachingthegospelHobbyist General Artist
Nuh uh. he's just try to convince us he have a job. DepressiveMadness IF YOU have a job please tell us what it is! Like if you an IT dude say your an IT dude! :D Even work at whatever fast food place they have in Sweden is cool, but If you have a job please say what you do! Thank you :D
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stop insulting people that sell online. nobody is saying is a job,you can have a job and also sell stuff online to gain extra money sometimes.
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Mr Bryan seems so chill.
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preachingthegospelHobbyist General Artist
But he does drugs.
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Yeah that's what makes him sound chill. And he shares drugs with students. Sharing is caring.
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preachingthegospelHobbyist General Artist
Nuh uh that's not cool thoug.
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When are you uploading the 5th chapter this is really interesting
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preachingthegospelHobbyist General Artist
Probaly this weekend, cause I had a lot of homework.
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labyrinthofdoomStudent General Artist
"And then Jen came in my direction."
"She just glared at me. "He's my boyfriend now, dim wit." She said. And she held his hand, the one that wasn't on his Nintendo ds."

Whose hand is on the Nintendo DS? Please don't let this be a sexual innuendo...
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Xelisha-34Student Artist
This is just my in opinion.

but how can you fient by looking at Claudia's drawings? I would find it with disrespectful if it happen continuosly because she could be thinking it was "oh he's doing this on purpose!" because feinting constantly when looking at a dragon picture or other thing is displayed as disrespectful/over reacting

But again, this is my own opinion. also forgive me for my bad English, English isn't my fist language 
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LightArcIndumatiHobbyist Writer
School policy prevents making religious art? I don't think that's an actual thing despite Christians claiming it is. Unless you were to make hate art depicting the murder of Muslims in the name of God or things like that, I don't think anyone cares.

Drawing dragons is bad? You know they've been used in religious art by every religion on the planet including Christianity, right? And they're not always the bad guy in even old stories. Eastern cultures in particularly actually made them not only good guys, but divine protectors who only did evil to wicked and selfish people.

But I do know that public displays of affection and groping someone's breasts in school is a thing that actual schools have strong policies against. As is teachers not only being high on drugs but giving them to students.

...I am starting to think you don't know how public schools and their rules actually work and think they work like how so many Christian pastors who think it works like this story thinks they work 'because they're secular' as though that means they're automatically anti-Christian and full of immorality.
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preachingthegospelHobbyist General Artist
Yeah, it is an actual thing.
I do know how they work, im At one now.
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LightArcIndumatiHobbyist Writer
...Are you sure that's how they really work and not more how you were taught they work?

I have to tell you...the principals of secularism, contrary to what people in American religious communities seem to think, was actually invented by people who had belief in God and a lot of knowledge of history of other nations, which is why we have freedom of speech, freedom of press, and freedom of assembly and expression. It's also why we have the establishment clause, which does say that laws cannot respect an established religion because the people who made it knew how bad theocracy had been in so many points in history to the point of insanely bullshit laws and bad things like the Inquistition and the Witch Hunts and Heresy hunting courts where people had been executed by insane laws because of paranoid and unreasonable blind faith in religion, but at the same time, it also said that the government can't stop people from exercising their religion, because trying to tell people what can and can't belief by force and manipulation is wrong and that people who did so throughout history fought and killed each endlessly in long brutal wars that lasted hundreds of years trying to do that.
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preachingthegospelHobbyist General Artist
Yeah I'm sure.
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