Saving Satanist CHAPPER 8!!!!!

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I was started by what Claudia said at me. "HOw... how did you get pregnant!!!" I said.

"I don't know... maybe form the ogre last night, maybe it was Jonatan!!!" she said.

"Who Jonatan!!" I said.

"He used be my boyfriend!! He got departed out of America!!" She said.

"Well we have figure out who did this! Let's pray to God for an answer!" I said.

"Okay, lets pray!" Claudia said. "Dear God, I love you so much, and I thank you for all the great works you done for me, please help me, because I'm pregnant and don't know who the father is, dear God please I love you Amen!"

"I know God will give a answer, I know," I said. "I have go home now, to eat dinner, but I praying for you Claudia!"

"Thank you so much Chris," She said, and I said Bye and left,


AUTHOR NOTE. I don't know how you split a chalet in to multiple pieces but I guess That will works! Now on with story!


The next morning, I went at school, and I saw Claudia in Art!

"Oh my goodness Chris! God gave me a divine relegation! I know who the father is?" She said.

"Who the father?" I said, because I was curious and wanted to know.

"It's,.. ITS JONATAN!!!" She said, crying tears.


"It Happen, cause he took at my virgin, cause we was do a stanic sex ritual!! And now a child!! I'm afraid it going be demon possessed!" She said.

"Don't worry, it's all going be okay, God has every thing in His Hands so it's going to be okay!" I said.

"I'm so nervous and scared, I want to not be pregnant!" She said.

"Just remembers, you're doing the will of the Lord!" I said.

"Okay," she said. "But haw am I going to tell Jonatan! What if they try to depart at me!! I had sex out of mirage! What will your mom think! What will my parents think! Even though there satanist atheists! And have a demon possessed house! And there all in Sweden, and I'm in America! What am I going do!"

"You can stay with me, and we can get married! It's all going be okay!" I said.

"Really?" She said.

Yep. I said. I got on my knee. "Claudia in sorry I don't have a ring, but will you please marry me?" I said.

"Oh My goodness OFF COURSE!!l" she said.

"Really oh my goodness thank you!" I said!" And then the bell rang. And I went to some classes and then physical scenes, and Jen and Kitty wasn't there! I smiled.

Then lunch came, and I went in the library to meet Claudia, to do math. She was already there and sitting in a tablet! I smiled! "Hey Claudia!" I said. "Hi!" She said and then the principal made at an announcement!

"Okay everybody we need do lockdown procedure right away, we have a active shooter situation on our hands, so please every individual go in there fifth hour class, and do lockdown!"

We screamed but not before I heard "GET DOWN!!" In a chicks voice, and saw a gun shooting at lockers!! I fainted but then I was awake again, cause Jesus.

I woke up, and there was Jen and Kitty, entering at the library! They had guns and was wear TRENCH COATS!!! I screamed.

"Okay so do any you people believe in God! Cause Christians and other people who believe in God is DUM DUMS!" Kitty said.

"I believe in God!" I said, and I stood on the desk.

"Me too! Claudia said.

"Well were gonna shoot you, cause we look like from the Matrix, and like Columbine too, and that means we're cool and your not so there!" Kitty said.

"Well I'll stand for what I believing in!" I said. "Also where'd you get the trencher from?"

"Sam gave them at us, cause she's Vice President of our atheist club!" Jen said.

Sam was there, doing at calculus, and her boyfriend was their too. He was in a leash, but wearing clothes which is good.

"Yeah I gave them trench coats, cause logic and science, and also guns." Sam said.

"Sam how could you!" I screamed.

"Well, we planned it on site called Four Chan, you probably don't know about it, cause it's a atheist site and you're a Jesus dum dum." Jen said.

"Oh my goodness please don't shoot me!" I said. "Jesus loves you!"

"Nuh uh," Kitty said and she pointed her gun right at Cecilia's tummy! I screamed.

"No don't she's pregnant!" I said!

But they shot at her! But she didn't get hurt, because they actually had Nerf Guns!! Sam laughed.

"Lol I gave you Nerf Guns" Sam said. "Also use condemns, Chris you Jesus dum dum, because you're not supposed get your girlfriend pregnant! Lol!" And then the Swat team showed up and arrested Jen and Kitty.


"Sure, Sam said, and left.

We didn't have school for the next two days cause trying to fix the lockers, even though just Nerf bullets.
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It's the new exiting action packed chapter!
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Tarak0naHobbyist General Artist
"I don't know... maybe form the ogre last night"
Infinite Shrek Infinite Shrek Infinite Shrek 
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Earth-DreamersHobbyist General Artist
Excuse me for asking this question, but why do you hate Muslims so much?
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KarNep-KBHobbyist General Artist
Oooh, I'm soo scared of trench coats!!111!1!!!1 XD

Also, I thought it was Claudia, not Cecilia
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xdibbHobbyist Digital Artist
Eb6 by Zer0-Hax  
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preachingthegospelHobbyist General Artist
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Please write more. I love this story
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preachingthegospelHobbyist General Artist
I will :D
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TheBoredAsHellHobbyist Traditional Artist
pew pew nerf herder
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LightArcIndumatiHobbyist Writer
Lol, can I explain to you a little something about how internet trolling works?

Someone, usually with an insane ego in the name of some sort of belief, says something extremely dumb and cringeworthy, especially a judgment towards other people or in some sort of heavily moralizing claim, such as comparing them to Nazis or saying they are into animu for waifus or when people claim video games cause violence/misongy.

Most people just cringe at that sort of thing and write angry comments right? But a troll? A truly good troll? They will embrace the insult and use it as a joke to criticize people who were saying such things towards them. Often spamming said person with it over and over and over again.

...Son, that's actually why people spam you with Columbine and Nazis and Gay Sex. You started that, and they responded by sending it to you because they knew you would get triggered by it, and you keep taking the bait and providing them more lulz because, quite frankly, you have too big of an ego.
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LightArcIndumatiHobbyist Writer
That...sums up quite well everything I knew was wrong with it.
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LightArcIndumatiHobbyist Writer
It's quite true. Yeah, everyone is pointing it out including myself, yet...he refuses to listen.
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LightArcIndumatiHobbyist Writer
Sadly, fundamentalism can be a hard prison to breech...
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ChoujuXHobbyist Traditional Artist
What's wrong with The Matrix? Those movies rock!
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preachingthegospelHobbyist General Artist
There's nothing wrong with it, except for its promoting at trench coats and drugs like LSD, and it's real confusing.
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ChoujuXHobbyist Traditional Artist
Yeah it's really confusing, especially the third... that one made no sense at all.
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preachingthegospelHobbyist General Artist
Yeah... I saw at them cause my friends mom said there Christian stories, kinda like a alegorical or something if you really think about it, but there's a lots of trench coats.
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ChoujuXHobbyist Traditional Artist
As a big fan of sci-fi, I really like the concept, of course the Agents (Hugo Weaving is a favorite actor of mine), and those Sentinels.

On an unrelated note, I had asked this but was flooded out with spam comments, what do you think of Christian metal bands?
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preachingthegospelHobbyist General Artist
I really. Don't like much metal music in general, cause it's loud, but some of it can draw stanic people to Jesus, and I applaud at the people who is brave enough to minister to satanists like that.
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ChoujuXHobbyist Traditional Artist
Yeah, metal can be pretty loud. :P

This is a song by Theocracy, the first song I heard by them and an exquisite piece of music: www.youtube.com/watch?v=lF5x2X…
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preachingthegospelHobbyist General Artist
Oh cool! :D
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