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BrutexpressionsHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Preaching mythology that was invented to subdue the masses and modified over the centuries.
All this based on a book that was compiled from ancient traditions and archaic civilisations used to govern primitive people.
You go even further using bits and pieces of all these myths to cause conflict with other beliefs that are no better or worse than your own.
This behavior has often been the root of all evil, notably war.
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Queen-of-Ice101Student Writer
I understand that you want to reach Muslims for Christ, but before you even try to argue our Bible against their Koran and other religious texts you need to do a lot more research. I have done very little reading into their religious text and even I can see how badly you've taken that verse out of context. This exact argument could be used against you with scriptures from the bible substituted in due to similarities I've read within our own bible to this verse, this will actually hurt your case for Christ rather then help it. 

I don't know if you're aware of this, but according to the research I've done the Muslims actually have five separate holy scripture books for their religion, and they do hours of prayer and study from the moment they are able to read and pray every day. In order to properly debate with those of a faith that has such a sound base in their word and in our own you absolutely must know the bible inside and out, and have extensive knowledge of their words as well or you risk not only sabatoging your own argument, but also be badly confused due to their exhaustive knowledge of scripture which allows them to twist your own argument against you should they choose too. 
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KarlenkaHobbyist Digital Artist
This is so true, we even been told to throw away a bigot who thinks he knows all religions to nearby gas chamber before he lays eggs.
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oh , stereotyping , don't you have a cross to kiss
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TheBoredAsHellHobbyist Traditional Artist
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MoreaboutHobbyist General Artist
Muslims believe in their own version of god, named Allah.

their version of Satan is known as Iblis

stop acting like you know everything and just face the truth that you are actually offending actual Muslims on this site and if they find this... Your bloody good as dead.
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Dissonant-WastelandHobbyist Artist
You misinterpreted that verse. :facepalm:

It has nothing to do with Satanism.

It literally means that non-believers will go to Hell. It does NOT mean they're gonna scare people shitless.
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LightArcIndumatiHobbyist Writer
Oh course! And the Bible totally doesn't have verses that I could take out of context to claim Christians are Satanists!

After all, Jesus did say he had not come to bring peace, but a sword. According to your logic, I could say that means that Christians are being called to execute those who don't believe what they do and I could argue that people did take it to mean that to create cults and to rebel against the government and do cruel things to others. Instead of, you know, the fact that conflict is a part of life and that people aren't always going to accept your beliefs which is as much about the fact that oneself is sinful as any other man.
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HotaruThodt Digital Artist
In all seriousness that particular verse of the Quran refers to how Non-Believers will be punished in the afterlife (i.e they will go to Hell), not going around scaring people willy-nilly. :lol:
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HotaruThodt Digital Artist
Someone needs to explain this to Robbie...not that it would stick mind you. :iconclapplz:
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HotaruThodt Digital Artist
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VidyadharmaStudent Traditional Artist
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