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Now where did I put my shotgun...
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why didn't the monsters look like this in doom 2016? it's not hard to do the originals for a new game. the originals looked much much more badass
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And more scary btw doom 2016 is actually doom 4

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they are steering more towards the original designs for some of the demon in DOOM Eternal.

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I never thought the Cacodemon was remotely frightening.

This piece might change that...
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Big Fucking CheeseBurger
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:heart: DooM!!!!!!
btw 30 bullets(Chaingun)  or 10 with shotgun (3 supershotgun if you are near cacodemon ;) )
: The style looks a lot inspired on Lovecraft's! Five Nights at Freddys 4 - Nightmare Fredbear -GIF 
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That is what it is called? Have never played doom, but I love the designs of the enemies. Plus this thing's nick name is great.
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Meatball demon! Where's my Super Shotgun?!
Ted50's avatar
Very best Cacodemon Art!
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Creepy O.o Love it :D 
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It come in your dream and whisper, "I AM GOD!"
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looks like i need a rocket launcher
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I like using the rocket launcher on them myself, but a shotgun works nicely in a pinch.
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We all know the best way to tackle cacodemons is bare-knuckled with a berserker pack.
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Gynandromorph's avatar
I don't have any ammo… But I've still got my FISTS!!! :shakefist:
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Cacodemon makes you say "Cock" covertly!!
Im really like the doom games and this is so cool
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load up some rockets, caco wants your cookies
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Long time I've seen one of these
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i want this on tshirt
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