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For the last month of my employment with Dollar General, I had been experiencing intense and extremely frequent migraine headaches. As I am writing this journal, I should be at work today, but I had to call my boss about the most recent and damn near debilitating one I just had last night, and that I can't keep working under these conditions -- nor can she try to work around me doing this. I hope she understands.

Because of these migraines, I don't know when I will get back to commissions. I may do one or two occasionally like I was before when I was dodging the depression, but it really is entirely up to my physical health now, not just my mental health. I will open commissions again the moment I clear my queue. Priority will go to people who have already paid, such as for those who visited me at AnthrOhio last week and did not leave with a commission in hand.

Quick Addendum: I have been seeing the doctor about these migraines, but I will be seeing a specialist later next week.
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Commissions will not be available for the forseeable future. While I have a backlog to clear out anyway, I also just got word that I got a new job working alongside my wife at a local Dollar General. While it'll be part time, it'll be enough to keep me busy with my other endeavors.
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A sad state of affairs when I have to actually write this out. (Update: InSonicNia seems to have a new home.)

1. Do you do free requests?
I am not open for free requests. Until my commission queue is totally clean, I will not be doing any free work. However, if you have some money you're willing to spend, I am taking commissions. Sorry, I do not accept DA Points, either, they do not pay for my food. (But I do take debit/credit cards through Square!)

2. Do you roleplay?
No. And honestly, if you still ask me that without seeing this FAQ, you wouldn't be worth my time anyway; if you can't read what's in front of you, you sound like a crappy RP partner.

3a. What's the deal with the Mystical Forest Zone?
3b. Can you get a hold of Kajin or Damien?
I am no longer in touch with Kajin or Damien. I was never the founder or owner of the MFZ, only a webcomic writer. If you ask me about the MFZ or ISN or the sprite archive, I might block you on sight without so much as a reply.

UPDATE: 3c. What's going on with InSONICnia?
The InSONICnia archive has been put back up at .

4a. What's going on with There's Something About Tails?
4b. Are you going to finish the TSAT game/Doom mod?
You can find the archive for There's Something About Tails on my website at While I still have a vested interest in the characters of TSAT, I am unfortunately no longer in a position to actually continue the comic. For that same reason, I cannot make any more progress on the game with the same name. I might release the assets later but I promise nothing. I am sorry for those who were hyped up for being able to play the game, because I promised the world at the time and I've let you all down.

5. What is this The Bagman Chronicles that you keep talking about?
Project Bagman is a story that I've had on the backburner for the better part of a decade. It is meant to be a graphic novel and chronicles a Joshua Brooks, AKA "Bagman", in the middle of a power struggle between the mob and various government intelligence agencies. All elements are original, not banking on any fan elements like I have in the past. The current goal (sure to be blown past, but keep your fingers crossed) is some sort of release in June 2018.

More items will be added as I think of them.
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Let's get the bad out of the way.
Actually getting to the con was quite a bit of a nightmare. Once we got off the bus to Chicago early in Thursday, my wife had her pockets pilfered of her wallet, and we needed to spend a night in MikeJMurdock's hotel room. With the pickpocketing still in our thoughts, we slept like crap until checkout, took a Lyft to the Hyatt hotel space (where MFF was held). More on this later.
Our designated hotel space for 4 jammed 10 people for Friday and Saturday night to save money. I slept on an air mattress with my wife. That did not do me many favors.
Con stuff. Con stuff.
After a critical error in scheduling the bus arrival and departure days, we had to spend an additional day in Chicago, wiping out all the commission money I made all weekend for the hotel.
And my god, I couldn't sleep on that bus anyway.

The good stuff:
I want to do Midwest Fur Fest itself all over again. Spaz and Sakura had a blast of a time and after doing Artist's Alley all three days, I got to run a couple games of BattleTech (Quick-Start for our newbros and the full expanded rules after). I met all kinds of new people over the weekend, and I learned a shitload of lessons for how to present myself in Artist's Alley better; I only got some of the commissions I did because I have a specific skillset that the majority of furry artists lack. A lot of you know which skillset that is.
Sakura released Day 1 of the con on YouTube that I think you guys should check out:
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PART DEUX: Made it safely to the house!

ORIGINAL POST: Sometime in May, I took in my friend Spazman here in Gaffney, SC, in my studio apartment. Two weeks ago, he hauled ass onto a plane to secure a house for the three of us from one of his family members. My wife Sakura-Courage-Solo's job has successfully gone through the transfer procedures, and we're getting ready to load a U-Haul Pod today in anticipation for the move tomorrow. My main computer will be powered down until we're at the new place, as I am taking the master computer with me.
We're heading off to Louisville, Kentucky, Spaz's old stomping grounds.
Wish me luck and a safe trip.
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Disclaimer: Barring bouts of Imposter Syndrome from time to time, I have not been living any sort of lie, nor have I told any sort of lie to the lot of you. What I am about to share is somewhat personal to me, and it has taken a good two years to deliberate if I should even share it outside of some close friends of mine.
Most of you know that I have been dealing with the effects of depression for a very long time; the old sprite comic There's Something About Tails was pretty proof of that based on how dark it and the art got. About three years ago, a combination of that, stress, and anger had created something a little different: a sentient voice with her own personality, thoughts and goals.  It would be a proper form of Dissociative Identity Disorder if it weren't for the fact that I still have full control over myself whenever she wants to interject. And occasionally, I do let her speak or type for me.
Or she can just take over outright if I'm that mentally tired. This is rare, however.
I want to say she was accidentally "created" as a sort of last resort safety net to keep me otherwise sane.
I had brought this up because of how little art I'd been producing, how few commissions had been getting checked off. I felt like you all had a right to know what is going on in my noggin.

Look, things have been going quite well on the physical front lately. But I have only been getting worse, barely hanging on. I hope that someday I find proper treatment so I can go about my business as a relatively normal human being one day.
But I am keeping "Rachel." I need every friend close to me as I can get, even on my good days, to remind me who I have.

(For the record, she has claimed the Rachel fursona that I have drawn plenty of.)
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Married to Sakura-Courage-Solo! As soon as the wedding and reception were over, we drove to the Charlotte airport to take a plane back to where the face-to-face meeting began, back in St. Louis! We're spending our several day honeymoon there. To do..... stuff.
Yeah.... stuff....
Erm, I guess I don't have a lot to add to that. Well, aside for the fact that two months ago I informally adopted and took in my friend Spazman. So there's that, too.
Man, I am terrible at doing journals.
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I know my work flow has been absolutely shit these past few weeks, and I have no one to blame but myself. I know I took on Spazman about three weeks ago, but he's not been a problem at all.
Anyway, trying to push myself to work harder. Also asking Spaz to have me work harder, too. However, I have a new problem coming up as I am slowly completing my own workload: I'm almost out of work.
My TOS has been slightly updated to include an additional payment option related to EVE Online (1 Billion ISK = $10 USD of commission, up to 4 Billion), but other than that, everything is still the same. If you're interested in something, virtually anything, don't be afraid to come note me!
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Shit, I think I'm taking this "professional artist" business seriously.

Anyway, in an effort to better lightly pressure myself to work hard, I will be attempting to stream my artwork throughout the week! The schedule is as follows:

All times in American EST/EDT. Start times are approximate, and end times may fall short or run over.
SUNDAY: Day off (MegaMek Group 2, may be streamed by Spazman on Twitch @ 1700)
MONDAY: 1300-1900 Commissions
TUESDAY: 1300-1900 Commissions
WEDNESDAY: 1300-1700 Personal (MegaMek Group 1, may be streamed by Spazman on Twitch @ 2000)
THURSDAY: 1500-2100 Commissions
FRIDAY: 1300-1900 Commissions
SATURDAY: 1300-1900 Personal

Obviously, I reserve the right to not stream a day if I feel like it, and that is guaranteed to happen if I'm scheduled for six days a week! Watch for updates on [my Twitter].
I stream on Picarto, and frequently with Spazman. Streams are very frequently NSFW, you have been warned!
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No, not my personal one, which has been around quietly for quite a few years and only really has old TSAT for Doom trailers and gameplay.
The new channel is a joint effort from my fiance Sakura-Courage-Solo and I, complete with baking videos, Let's Plays, Art timelapses (so far only my own efforts), and miniature painting. If you wanna come check it out, we are here: Lavender Industries

You might remember the Do It Again: Guardian of the Hops pic I did last year: here's its timelapse!
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Friday I took a load of sketch and doodle commissions with the expectation that I was going to be able to continue on them Sunday. I woke up like shit this morning, so I cancelled the stream, however, anyone who asked for a commission will still have that commission done for the 20% off whenever I get to it, whether it's on stream or not.
In fact, if you still want a sketch or doodle commission, until 12am MDT today (Oct 23), they are still 20% off.
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Out of work means more energy to do things that aren't a proper job. :D

That's $4 USD for a sketch, or $12 for a colored doodle!
Limit one character per picture.
NSFW will be allowed, so if you are under the age of 18, sorry, I can't let you in.

If you'd like a pic, please note me what you'd like! Do not send payment until the picture is completed!
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Uh, that job just let me go today. Well, shit.
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Move was successful. Now in Gaffney, South Carolina, very close by to Sakura-Courage-Solo. I also found a job working at a Timken steel bearing factory, so I am out of retail, too.
Commissions are going to close as I was not getting any support from this direction anyway, and frankly, I do not blame any of you, considering my rate of art has slowed to nothing.
I'm still catching up on bills. It's gonna take a few weeks before I can actually start spending money on things that I don't actually need.
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I will be losing Internet tomorrow; I am moving to my new apartment in Gaffney, SC here tomorrow. The appointment for installation of new Internet, from Charter Spectrum, will be on Monday afternoon (August 8), so that is when I will be coming back online.
If you are willing to make any donations, you may make them to my PayPal at I will also be opening commissions! My internet may be non-existent on my computer for a week, so streaming won't be happening, but I will still have my smart phone for communications, even through DeviantArt, Furaffinity, and Inkbunny.

I want to thank my absolutely wonderful sugar-glazed fiance Sakura-Courage-Solo for keeping me at her place for a few weeks as a spring-board for my job- and apartment-searching. I'm a little disappointed that I have found nothing in terms of jobs yet but surely something will come up. And if you folks are willing to try to work with me again, I might be able to keep up on my bills from art alone!

What about the rates raising, you might be asking? Well, that's just not going to happen. Kind of an asshole thing to drop all commissions from last time, and then upcharge. Anyway, current rates are here. They are the same as they've been for the past couple years:
 <da:thumb id="511274120"/>
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This is going to be a bit of an unusual one. I'm at my fiance's place for the next couple weeks or so, so I only have my laptop. However, I'm still feeling artsy, and I am taking sketch commissions today! You may also send donations to my PayPal, since I'm unemployed and stuff, but I won't feel bad if I don't get anything.
Payment is due only when the picture is completed, but I will not upload it proper until I have received payment.

Limitations: Only one character or BattleMech/vehicle, no sexual conduct or nudity.

SKETCHES: $5.00!
DOODLES (colored sketches with shading): $15.00
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To all my friends left on DA staffPlease begin looking for new jobs if you aren't already, this site is not going to last, they've cut the jobs of most of your friends, the top level is still there, still earning far more than you ever will, while everyone else on much lower income is losing their job with barely a moments notice. Meanwhile the site is wasting time and money on things like this 
An Outlook add-in, in this day and age. We were told last year that the website was moving to a more mobile age, so why are they wasting energy on an add-in for an outdated and barely used program?
I used to believe, I used to have faith and I'll admit to being surprised that the website made it past Christmas (I bet some people in the company still had a big party though, I bet some people still stayed in the Roosevelt). But it is dying, in April last year there were around 100 of us, now there are just 40 of you. This website is being mismanaged, it's being run in to the ground and soon it will b

DeviantArt wants to run itself to the ground; I am not sure how much longer the site is going to last. So, I have a list of alternative places that I am already at if you are there, too:

FurAffinity:… (Not fond of this place, either, but that's where a large part of my fanbase is. Once they leave, I will, too)
Tumblr: (forgive the bland look, I haven't bothered to install a skin)
Twitter: (art is not usually posted here)

And for the life updates...
I left my Walmart job and I am feeling so much better for it. Spent some time in Gaffney, SC with Sakura-Courage-Solo, looking at apartments and part-time jobs there. Didn't find anything right away, but that's fine. I have work I need to do here. Targeting a move-out of July 1. Probably going to miss that date.

I will try to start up commissions again, and I will be adopting a modified slot system to make sure I am not easily overwhelmed. I understand that I blew off a lot of people when I cleaned my list; I was in a very terrible place at the time. I will be trying my best not to let it happen again, since I am now seeing a therapist and I am taking anti-depressants. I may also, unfortunately, raise my rates slightly by suggestion of friends and family. I feel confident that I could make it as an artist full time... if I can stay disciplined...
Proposed price increases:
Sketch: from $5 to $10 (+100%)
Doodle: from $15 to $20 (+33%)
Line-Art: from $15 to $20 (+33%)
Flat Color: from $25 to $30 (+20%)
Cel-shaded: from $45 to $50 (+11%)
Airbrushed: from $60 to $70 (+17%)

As for the modified slot system, I would take not how many pieces, but a fixed dollar amount of work of about $150, with up to one commission exceeding that. (that is, if there is even $10 of "room", the next commission can still be of any value)
So, I'm sorry for being so sporadic. As I've said before, I have not been in a good place mentally. I don't know what else I can do, and I am very sorry for all the people I blew off months back. Can you all forgive me?

I nearly forgot about the stream. Tomorrow at some time (Sakura and I are thinking starting around noon to 1pm EDT?), we're going to be doing a donation stream so that I can get my coffers filled a little better for when I do move. No stream. Enjoy the Steam Summer Sale tomorrow.
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I just emerged from the hospital for some physical issues that I'd rather not get into until a solution is found. But let's just assume here that the stresses of life ARE LITERALLY KILLING ME.

Original post: I wish I could say "It's complicated", that I may have an excuse for all of the delays (I do but only for one week, so it doesn't count), but no. I have no excuses. I've had all kinds of time to get projects and art done. But I have had none of the inspiration or motivation to do... really, anything. Methinks, I have a very serious depression problem. I am already seeing a therapist once every two weeks, so I am going to bring it up with him.
I brought this up because I've had a person drop off the queue because I was taking too long. I don't blame him. One shouldn't have to wait several months for a picture that takes only a few hours, right?
That's all I got. I'm sorry.
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