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[Sims Touhou] Motoori Kosuzu skin for Sims 3


[シム東方] 本居小鈴 Sims3 スキン


*Current version : 1.06

*.package format

for teen

hair, dress(with-apron/non-apron), hair accessory, boots included

update info :


hair accessory ver1.02 : it has 256x256 texture now
                  has ingame thumbnail now

boots ver1.01 : it has 512x512 specular now


hair ver1.01 : UVmap is slightly fixed / retexturing is done

apron is attached to dress / now you have two dress :

Previously, letter prints of apron seems too dim in 512x512 texture.
However, 1024x1024 texture seems too heavy.
So, I`d like to rather merge apron and dress than increase texture size of accessory apron to 1024x1024.
Now you`ll have two dress - with apron & non apron. If you don`t like to take off her apron, you can omit non-apron version.


*In case the origin source was quoted(please have link to my deviantart page in readme file, etc), remeshing or retexturing is OK.

I'm veerry glad if you imformed me before, but you don't have to do so. ;)

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All your sets are amazing,but this one I like really much - very well done! <3 Is there a way to make it for Adult as well? ; w ;