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It's good to see you too

Screw it. I'm so happy at what happened in the finale this is getting posted. :D

GIF Gravity Falls - AAAH THE JOURNALS!!!! 
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It's canon, bitches!
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Crap. You are going to get so annoyed with me spamming your account with comment and favorite notifications, but I can’t help it! I really like your art! :excited:
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I know you are out of the loop with MLP but recent S9 premiere had some major Fluttercord in it - Discord taking a bullet for Fluttershy and dying
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I watched it!

And yeah, admittedly I'm not much into MLP anymore, but I do still watch the Discord episodes lol
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LOL me too although i watch all episodesbecause you never know if he doesn't appear in the background. But yeah its soon going to be over so you don't have to worry about missing much.
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i watched the whole season of s6.... AND I AM TROUBLED RIGHT NOW!!!! i mean s5 was obviously awsome but after that i dont know any more both seasons, s5 and also s6 , were a blast to watch (well exept the one discord pun episode, which everyone hates) . and now i dont know which one is the best
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The shipping levels are high
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Why choose? You can enjoy both. :)
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I watched the finale today and I was so happy when they reunited!
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I'm sure she was blushing when hugging him.
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She was. And the nuzzling omg
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He is told about Celestia and did nothing. Fluttershy gets hinted at and the universe trembles in fear of the Lord of Chaos. He then get's caught by an army of changelings disguised as her in peril. And who does he rush to when the hive collapses and the cocoons broke open? Not Celestia that's for sure ^_^ 
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I still think people can ship Celestia with Discord if they want to. Shipping is meant to be fun, after all. It doesn't have to be canon. 

It's only the fans that are being nasty about it that I have a problem with. But that's really more a problem with them than their ship itself.
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totally fluttercord momewnts in the whole episode!
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I'm not over it, and I don't want to be.
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"Dislestia is totally canon you guys, there's totally been no ship teasing for Fluttercord in the show you guys."

I can remember that bullshit like it was yesterday... I hate shipping wars. People like that take the fun out of everything, but then again, I've been over this at length before.

Well done piece of art, I'm glad that you posted this here as well.
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oh...and uh. Thank you. :)

*forgets manners*
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