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iSuite Revoked Animated PNG

By PraX-08
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Been doing this experiments on APNG format and here is the end result :#1:
Hope this will prove to be a new medium for presenting Icons and Walls :excited: And it will be kick ass if somebody brings APNG support to the docks! :horns: Fill me in if I wrong on this one. Share your views :D

Note : This file is not yet handled properly by some browsers. Only Opera,Firefox,Flock and other Mozilla based browsers does it for now. Hope, the compatibility will be extended. Here is a list of supported softwares : [link]
Image size
400x300px 8.75 MB
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APNG2S1Hobbyist Artist
Wow nice :D
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look real good would like to use them. Where can I download them?
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A Dropbox one would be awesome! And much needed, it's a popular application.
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those icons are very cool - great desktop visual help ! if only i knew where to get them all at once. I am total newby here - can you help me to get those ?
arigato! cheers
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Stumbled across these the other day on Very nice, they add some much needed color to my desktop.
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Hi, Great Job. I've been using this icon set for ages now and its definitely a favourite. I've ended up making a few of my own for stuff I use regularly that wasn't in the set; (things like foobar, steam, skype, starcraft etc..) I could upload them here for anyone who's interested, but don't really fancy getting done for copyright.. anyone know weather I'm good to do this or not?
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Wow, really. Microsoft and mac should hire you for new icons for desktops! lol
nice work!
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leozerostyProfessional Digital Artist
Wonder idea!
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Amazing quality and speed of motion, this format should definitely be standardized across all browsers.
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On the downside, something I found is the imagesize, for animations like this its going well over web standards. This one is almost 9 MB in size
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I do agree, that right now what you say is true, but in the future, especially with ever increasing connection and computer speeds, and not to mention display resolutions (my monitor is full HD for example), the short comings of .gif will become more and more noticeable. Just as 800x600 was replaced by 1024x768 as the standard minimum monitor resolution, eventually 1024x768 will be replaced by 1920x1080. 40x40, 50x50, and 100x100 images on a 1024x768 monitor are decent sizes for an avatar or default picture yes, but when the same image is viewed on a 1920x1080 monitor it becomes much more of a strain to see, when the day comes that 3840x2160 is an option, those sizes will be impossible to see. I didn't mean to say that .gif should be replaced, it has it's place (emoticons, etc.,) but at the very least EVERY browser should be made to view animated .png files.
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Wow, these look just awesome! :love:
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I wish more browsers supported this. I hate making animated gifs.
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if you could uploaded again the download link does not work it display a picture of the icons nothing more than that
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Try opening in Firefox or Opera and it will start moving!
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DDrAgOHobbyist Interface Designer
awesome one :D
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NarjisNaqviHobbyist Interface Designer
hmm nice again
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Nice find and trial. i had never heard of that format.
Btw, whats with the filesize man, 8MB !
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Very Nice ;)

BTW: You didn't send me the PSD from the Adobe CS4 Icons (Qure) ^^
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Cool, but you forgot to add the
".com" on the end of the link. ;)
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