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July 14, 2010
Boolean 1.1 by ~PraX-08. A lovely set of simple yet effective icons for a wide range of applications.
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Boolean 1.1

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Enter Boolean, a thriving city inhabited by tiny icons. Currently the city is just a small town. Expect more icons to arrive and new stores to be opened . I will be frequently updating my twitter, so you can read the "Boolean times" there. This will be a user driven set, so you guys can come up with the ideas/thoughts for the expansion of this city (read : Iconset ). If you want to support me or use them without attribution in your commercial works, mail me : prax08[a-t]


Download Torrent : [link]

© 2010 Prax08. Some Rights Reserved
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Gooooood job! You made it perfectly..
Superb!  A wonderfully diverse set of interesting icons that will separate them all from the rest.  Keep it going, if you have the time. 
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Nice work !
These are awesome!

My ideas/thoughts would be for some more social icons! You've got the RSS, but perhaps a Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or even a Youtube Icons would be sweet! Also a friends or avatar icon would rock too!

Keep being rad, these are definitely great:)
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A lot of beautiful pieces.

A few though need some work like the 2 nursery icons.
I always find green is quite hard to work with.

Love the signage and papermart, love the color use.
I had just finished doing some icons for my game as well (placed in flash). Got curious and was looking at what others were doing.
PetjaT's avatar
This is something so cool!
Your pack is still so small - we should see more.
reanimator3's avatar
Hey mate, I was just wondering, can you make icons like these, like uh, media control buttons and such? (play, pause, next, previous, shuffle, etc...) :o
Phaberest's avatar
Wonderful job man
PetjaT's avatar
I love this! When next versions are coming?
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Sweeeet, just saw you at >>>>
RayRey's avatar
you can find this on my blog [link] :+fav:
FG-Paradiize's avatar
Very Beautiful !
Jundai's avatar
great work!:clap:
nice minimal icons.
iRamez's avatar
Awesom icons! <3
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