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Finally it's getting really warm again.. too bad summer always feels way shorter than winter.
The magical cure to this is to slow down time! Yep. At least it's something I discovered lately.. I shouldn't be so hasty when doing things I like.

Especially when I'm doing art! Really. I'm feeling a little embarrassed about some of my past work where I noticed that I really didn't take my time in the creation process until it actually looked GOOD.

I always stopped when it was somehow acceptable for public display, but that'll change now!

There's one habit I won't be able to break though I guess.. faving too much in a too small amount of time. :C

Anyway! Here are some pyramidal features.


Darmodej by sachtikus blueness by lwc71 blue reminiscences by incolorwetrust
S e r p e n t by 4lexandr0s ski jump by davespertine


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Impressions of Spring by PoLazarus2 Taste of colors I by KeinDrama 11 by weltengang

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