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Databending Tutorial v0.1



Phew.. I'm finally done. Decided to write a tutorial about how I do glitch art. I'm neither a professional in it nor am I doing it for a long time, actually I'm pretty new at it, but still, I decided there should be a tutorial for it on deviantArt.

I think there's not much more to say about it, the rest is in the tutorial. :D

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to glitch the beginning, go into the N++ hex editor, and scroll (with the bar, but carefully) until you see a bunch of code that says stuff like "<exif:Sharpness>Hard</exif>" or something along those lines. then use your scroll wheel until you see just rows of periods with some random characters occasionally. at the end of those rows should be the beginning of the file. you could probably also fuck with the exif tags too, so instead of saying "hard" in that example, it could say "soft" or maybe a less appropriate 4-letter word ;b

also you could put a sort of signature right at the beginning, like "hey, screw you, this is my image"