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Heavy Infantry
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By Prasa   |   Watch
Published: December 14, 2006
© 2006 - 2019 Prasa
Bookcover illustration for scifi action title 'Mercenaries'. Clients requirements was these:

Big Guys, Big Guns, Big Action.

... and I can say they are very satisfied with result :)

All done in Photoshop in cca 20 hours. C&C welcome.
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PadawanSerg's avatar
Is this soviet troops?
Mikija's avatar
Parádička. Už na to koukám tak půl roku před spaním na obálce knížky. Absolutně mi to sedá do děje tý knihy. Je to podle ní, či obráceně? Žamboch by napověděl, ale... :)
heavenly777protector's avatar
umm.. calling those enormous guys heavy infantry is like calling the USS Enterprise a rowboat.
lapis-lazuri's avatar
lapis-lazuriHobbyist General Artist
Reminds me of Dune 2, only played on the Ordos' homeworld :D
Seukonnen's avatar
SeukonnenHobbyist General Artist
I thought you should know, this is my current desktop. I found the image in a thread on /tg/ some weeks ago, and let me say I am happy to have found its original! :D
Vex2010's avatar
Oops XD just realised im lookin through someones Favorited list XD
Vex2010's avatar
Its good but its a shame that i don't think you drew this.
Daedor's avatar
Aiming is for poor people who can't afford a gun that's big enough.
Jc2172's avatar
Holy crap... That is some exceptional artwork right there, being a sci-fi gamer guy myself I can the see you blended a lot of different styles to make your own for this picture, including:

Fallout 3 (helmet and armor design), Warhammer 40k (armor style and overall size of the armor), and a little bit of Starcraft (armor, and markings on the armor itself) and Mechwarrior (armor again, and the surreal barrenness of the terrain around them)

Exceptional work, If I ever need a sci-fi piece of art, I know where to go, is this it okay to use your artwork with permission and credits? (Figure I’d ask in advance in case I can find a use for it somewhere… ^_^)
xefenaiah's avatar
dude....thats boss
Wisdom-Thumbs's avatar
Wisdom-ThumbsHobbyist Traditional Artist
I like the originality of the design. I have honestly never seen anything quite like that armor and weaponry before. The giant slab panels on their sides are probably the reason for that, and the idea of a gun being nothing more than a bet-fed cylinder (a HUGE cylinder) is just plain sweet.

However, it's difficult to discern what is their head and what's a shoulder. Though... one could argue that that's a brilliant design choice to ward off snipers aiming for visors. Fridge brilliance, there.

I must compliment the decals on the armor and equipment. The red spade on the gun adds to the mercenary feel, and the rank chevrons establish a firm military 'precision and order' feel, and those red spikes (missile pods? bazinga) bring just enough barbaric ferocity to balance it all out.

A few criticisms, though... first, the shell casings are epic. But they get lost against that guy in the background. It might have been better to have had the fallen guy in the foreground, bottom left corner, but that would really take away from the 'offensive' feel, and make it seem more like the big guys are making a defensive last stand or something. At the very least, things need to be arranged a bit better next time so the fallen guy remains, but the shell casings aren't lost in the plethora of detail on that side of the piece.

I'm also a little uncertain about the two types of ice represented here. The stuff on the left looks like stationary stuff that's been there for a long time, undisturbed, while the stuff on the right seems to be the same thing, but much more wind swept and vicious. Like the bakground is visibly split in two.... But overall, not too bad, because it makes the background more interesting and visceral.

Kind of hard to find anything bad about this. The details are awesome, the piece is badass, everything about it kicks ass in some form or another, and the colors are AWESOME. Just AWESOME.
Korfakiz's avatar
KorfakizHobbyist Writer
Epic art is made of win.
Ulysses-Grant's avatar
Could you give a link to the clients book. I might want to make your eyecatching work another reason to spontaneusly spend money on something I don't really need. ^_^
Fernschzet's avatar
FernschzetHobbyist Writer
They're like the NSF on crack!!
Fiery-Fire's avatar
Fiery-FireHobbyist Digital Artist
:omg: you officially became a "Space Cadet" in my new News article >> [link]
Your great image(s) is also featured in my journal you can find here >> [link]
Hope you like it and have a cosmic time!!! ;)
seltaya's avatar
Sweet! It looks like something out of forgotten planet.
halonut117's avatar
halonut117Hobbyist Traditional Artist
you've managed to create a sence of desperation and possibly anger.

excellent work my friend.
enjoy your day :wave:
jvgce's avatar
Big Guys+Big Guns+Big Action= Awesome.......:wow:
BlazeOfMinds's avatar
Big Guys+Big Guns+Big Action = Gai Bum Sex
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