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25 unique photoshop shapes

This set of 25 unique photoshop shapes is simple,neat abstracts.

Response for the first set of 50 unique photoshop shapes were good.Watch for more regularly.

Readers can ask me for custom shapes through my email (i.e)

Shapes that you have asked me will be send/posted in my blog within a day.
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thanks for creating these will come in handy...
clarkland's avatar
cool...something different
Naewii's avatar
used and credited here : [link]
thank you.
celsyus's avatar
A swastika? Is that something people need to use frequently?
oniq's avatar
Unfortunately a swastika just reminds me of the hell my people went through in Poland.  But we rebuilt.  No symbol can destroy us; nor no people. I can use it to wipe my shit on.
Considering the fact that it's an ancient sun symbol for pagan religions.... Yes, if you're pagan. Hitler was good at propaganda and tried to change its meaning.
hydelinz's avatar
Thank you for sharing!
They are very nice!
Saffzuk's avatar
very handy thanks
onutzaC's avatar
JosephYang's avatar
munky110's avatar
These are gonna be useful, thanks, :+fav:
Sultan-Almarzoogi's avatar
Thank you very much.
The yin yang shape will be used :D in my next few deviations. But you know I was looking for a droplet of water kind of shape. The ones original in PS is a rain droplet which isn't exactly what I need. Do you think you can make one.
[link] This is not what I mean.

It need to be warped a lil but I cant do it.
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