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Time to be a Good Doctor by Prafa-AR Time to be a Good Doctor by Prafa-AR
I want to tell you guys a little about me...

Yeah, this afternoon, for a few hours, I locked my room. I try to reflect about my life.

I found it interesting to open up past memories... Especially about my interest, Drawing...

I remembered my mother once told me a story... When I was kindergarten... I drew a naked woman for the first time... In such a young age, eh? Instead of being yelled by my mother, My mother discover a artistic side of mine... *My mother told me this... I don't remember this memory=P

Then, In the elementary school, I like to draw a lot of scenery and surreal pictures...

In the junior high school, I was urged to give more attention at my drawing, at this point, I'm learning a lot of stuff... I began with traditional stuff until 3rd grade... I also doing a real painting, and It's just hard, remembering that it was my first time

I got my first photoshop when I was going to have National examination in the next month. Instead of studying, I tried to draw more=P *bad example for my brother*

Then in the senior high school, I tried digital painting, using mouse... result? You can see them in the gallery...=P And I also do some still life painting... The result? Not bad I think^^; I never upload them here...^^;

When I reached college, I feel that I'm improved a lot, and this was the time that I got my tablet... and deepening my digital painting... until as you can see now...:D

The dilemma began... As I wanted to go to "Graphic Design Faculty", My father insisted that I must get to "Medical Faculty". Blessed with multi-talent is somewhat blessing and curse >.< I got fight with my father about taking college, then my mother encourage me, "Son, as you know... If you are a doctor, You're still able to draw... but, If you are designer, you aren't able to be a doctor...". What my mother has said is right... Today, i can still draw and can be my extra income, even though I'm still a student here... This talent sure is handy when there is a request...

Then, Today, i'm thinking again... Am I able to continue my drawing if I have become a doctor?

As I know that doctor in Indonesia have always busy with the patient, even the primary care unit...

Well, who knows, I have to get trough them first... Then Decide the answer...

My friend ask once... "What would you chose if there is two option, being illustrator or a doctor?" I answered, "Both"...

I can't deny to my self that I want to be a doctor and a illustrator...

Well... This who I am...

Hope you accept me in this global-wide environment:)

I thank you and appreciate if you read until this part:)

Hope you have a nice day:D
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guagapunyaimel Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2011
i'm a researcher at the R&D department of Indonesia ministry of defense and i'm still doing fractal up until now =p
Yes, you can still do both. to be a doctor, and also an artist at the same time. you can have your drawing hanging on your room at the hostpital, and if your patient love it, they'll ask "who draw that picture?" and then you can explain it to them that you draw them.

for me, i'm still happy to be both researcher and fractal artist. at least, someday, when i become more and more busy so that i cannot do fractal thingy, i can always be proud to myself that at a time of my life, i was once an artist. and 'll proudly tell it to everyone, show them my fractals, tell my kids "son, your father is an artist and you should be proud of that".. and when you're getting old, you can back to your drawing..

intinya mah, kita yang membangun kisah hidup kita sendiri.. terserah, hidup kita mau banyak cerita, ato hanya sedikit :)

good luck bro!
Prafa-AR Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, My mother also said the same... Moreover, if the patient is a children, they'll like it:D

Yeah, busy is an obstacle... well, we still have to take a break, right? Old time sure is a time to get a break:)

semakin banyak cerita, semakin berwarna:D

Hahaha, ga papa gan curcol... Yang penting hepi =P

Tengkyu2 :D
megane-neko Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2011
ahaha..pilihan hidup yang bagus=D
Prafa-AR Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hehe, makasih;D
megane-neko Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2011
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