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Improvement meme by Prafa-AR Improvement meme by Prafa-AR
Well... more art block I received, more work I got D;

Blank template--->[link]

By the by, this is my improvement trough out my first year in dA till know. For safety reason, I'll not show you my art before 2008...*the burn eyes and cause an artblock* and also I begin on dA in the end of 2008.... so still 2 years in dA:D

First year in dA, not much improvement...


In the September 2008, I begin my first ever artwork gallery in dA. I tried doing some digital coloring and the result was satisfied enough *at that time*. I also did some photo editing at that year, doing some fine art on school, making a logo, and drawing on paper about science-fiction technologies:D


In these year, i tend to more traditional, I use colored pencil to make some artworks here... And also my digital coloring is still the same... Crappy, you could say...

I also learning some painting with acrylics and oil painting in school:) not an advance one, yet it gave me inspiration to do more painting these days...

My fandom of keroro gunsou start in the end of this year, at September :3 Watching Keroro Gunsou at Animax Asia, so addicting, my mother angry at me for watching a lot of keroro ^^;

:star: 2010 :star:

In the start of 2010, I do more traditional art work untill...

I got my new tablet :woohoo: In may, after having national examination:3 My mother accompanied me for buying a new tablet ever... I'm so happy at that time, so har using it at the first time, I need a week to get used to it:3

A giant leap appear.... *last deviation tell you about my improvement at this year*[link]


The description told it all... Deepening more at realism...:)

More to come in 2011:D
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February 26, 2011
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