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Archie Harling :Bye2: by Prafa-AR Archie Harling :Bye2: by Prafa-AR
Well, A picture that have been made during a guerrilla time, hiding from surveilance and finding a point blank 8D!!! Here you go, my best CG until now!!!

I know, It's hard to see, I'm still amateur on picking colors :iconotlplz: Anyways, i feel really HAPPY because It's finally done:love:


Archie harling, younger sister of James Harling... Well, It's obvious this is a new character, randomly made^^;

Nothing much about her yet=P At the first trying to draw with same idea as Baka to Test Shoukanjuu, with that little partnet. Unfortunately^^; I draw it with out seeing on the proportion^^; So this is the result^^;

That little partner is wearing armor suit and using a weapon. I'm not yet giving those stuffs function, but It obviously become handy on battle=P


I remember on the same day and same time, on 2009, I were on Jakarta to have some competition, on 2008, I preparing for my Junior high school examination, on 2007, I haven't get serious at drawing^^;

When I look back at 3 years ago... :faint: I can't remember, why did I draw so... "awesome"?=P You'll puck out if you see my drawing at 2007.

Yeah, dA has bring me improvement since a year ago or about a year 9 month^^;

Well, It's also for celebrating my birthday, my 2 younger brothers, and... my younger sister. We're born in the same month, April:D

I still remember, I just got 2024 PV at August 1st, 2009. Right now with about 13K PV at April 23rd, 2010 :) I know at the first time I got so much PV when I'm occasionally doing fanart, Keroro Gunsou:) Thanks to you all, Keroro Fans:wave: But, i know not all of them usually visit:)

Anyways, thanks for everyone, you guys are really helping me out in this time...:iconarigatouplz:

Tools and ETA:

-Mouse It almost dead at the first draing and still survive*
-PS 7.0
-Drawing Point 0.8

NB: I apologize for the one whose request isn't done yet^^; The condition doesn't support, The internet will be off:faint: But.... I still in touch with you guys via my mobile phone. I just could comment or reply rarely. In this May, My mom will cut off internet service at my house:faint: It's painful... but, It'll be more painful if theres internet in my house^^; See you on June or July:wave:

LOL, my longest comment ever=P
Tanzchai Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2010
The colours used are great, particularly on the skin tone. I'm not 100% on the camo gear, it needs some black/deep brown in there. It all looks smart, nicely done. I love the expression on the lil one's face =D
Prafa-AR Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks:D Yeah, for the camo gear, I still use pattern, not manually done. That's why I get difficulties on coloring those camo gear^^; Thanks again:D
Tanzchai Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2010
Aaaahhhh now I see =D You're welcome. =)
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April 23, 2010
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