My Boobs Were the Sleeper Hit of SizeCon

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Sizecon is an annual meeting for fans of inflation, giants, shrinking, weight gain, and, most important to me, breast expansion. I went to New York last weekend with only two goals: to promote my novel, Lisa and Mona, and to have fun, and to do both those things, I brought my extra large, 12 kg breast forms to really get people's attention.
Breast forms 2 by praedatorius

I checked with three people to make sure that this wouldn't be too weird, by the way, and all of them gave me some variation of the phrase, "F*cking go for it!" So, I set these beasts down on my table.

SizeCon 001 by praedatorius

Within a minute, a man and his girlfriend walk up and the girlfriend asks, "Can I please try them on?"

This is the greatest moment of my life.

Some time later, a man walks up and asks, "Can I try them on?"

I had hoped that one person would ask to try on my breast forms, and that was all I expected. Soon, however, more people come up to my booth, men and women, most of them single, but some in couples, asking to try on my boobs. Some deviants whose work I've admired for years came to my table to fondle my boobs, and they jumped at the chance to try them on, taking pictures and selfies, walking around the Con floor to show them off, posing with huge breasts. By the end of the day, more than a dozen people strapped on my titties, and that's not to mention the dozens ore who just came to poke, squeeze, or slap my tits around like a pair of unwanted orphans. One ingenious con-goer even accessorized my breasts, like so:

SizeCon 002 by praedatorius

Did they help me sell my book? Who cares? I had such a great time just helping people put those breasts on that I could've done it all day. Sadly, at the end of day two, I had to pack up my tits and haul them away, but all this got me thinking, 'What am I going to do for next year?'

Breast forms 21 XL by praedatorius

I have a plan.

For more info about SizeCon, click the link below, or visit their DA page by clicking on the icon.         :iconsizecon:

To buy a copy of Lisa and Mona and help me buy bigger boobs, click the amazon link below and buy a copy on paperback or Kindle. Remember to leave a review and recommend it to your BE and lactation loving friends; you know know who I'm talking about.…
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Thanks for bringing them and letting people try them out!  It was a lot of fun to watch.  Made the wife's eyes twitch in desire.  Drool :horny: revamp :drool: 
praedatorius's avatar
I would have loved to have her walk over and try them on. Maybe next time, right?

By the way, I heard you and your wife speaking at last year's Size and Relationships panel and it was one of the best memories I have of SizeCon. Thank you, both of you, so much for being a part of SizeCon with me.

Let's keep in touch, and next year I'll hopefully have some bigger breast forms to show off.
aborigen-gts's avatar
It was so surreal to look up and see who next was strapping on the boobs.

Without exception, everyone seemed delighted to be wearing them. Huge smiles, giddy dances, trotting around and announcing them (as though they weren't apparent). Looked like tremendous fun.
praedatorius's avatar
Not just the women, but the men too! XD

I'll never forget it as long as I live, and I'm glad you were there to witness the madness.
TheSoylentOrange's avatar
As a writer it was really neat to get to feel their heft and see how they got in the way trying to do common, average things.  Thanks for bringing them, hope to see you next year! :D

(And yeah, if there was some way to fit a bra or something over them so the nipples aren't so obvious, that would be great. It was the only thing stopping me from bringing over a Juggalos shirt and doing some Waitress cosplay. XP)
praedatorius's avatar
I'm looking forward to seeing how you'll use what you learned. I've always wanted to wear these babies for a day to see how they feel. That's going to be a fun day.

You'll see me next year, no problem. We just have to make sure that we make next year a reality. If we do that, I'll find a nice bra. XD
TheSoylentOrange's avatar
Heh, well, for my typical stories they'd probably need to be twice that size for me to really get useful stuff out of them... :P
Honestly I wanted to wear those all day so I could gauge its ffects more casually, but that wouldn't have been fair to everyone else who wanted to try them on... ^^;
scidram's avatar
While sitting at my booth, it was loads of fun watching people strut around the room in those boobs.
praedatorius's avatar
Oh my God, so much strutting! Bring out the fake boobs and everyone turns into a diva. Loads of fun! XD
maddogmaster's avatar
Lol I would have loved to witness threes in person,  definitely gonna go next year
praedatorius's avatar
I and my boobs will see you there!
sortimid's avatar
Haha! This is awesome! I'm glad you got to enjoy them and share the joy!
praedatorius's avatar
Such big tits, so much joy...
sortimid's avatar
More than enough to go around, it seems.
Anyone else remember when he was debating wether or not to just buy the boobs?
praedatorius's avatar
Ah, yes, those were trying times. Let this be a lesson to everyone; if you're trying to decide if you should get a pair of boobs, the answer should always be "yes".
Words to live by. Always get the titties.
babermirza's avatar
Hah! Nice! Maybe I'll go to sizecon one day, if my fear of being known finally gives.
praedatorius's avatar
Believe me, the best thing about SizeCon is the openness and understanding of every person there. Where else could random strangers strap on fake boobs and get applauded for it? If I could go there to do nothing else and just to talk with people, I'd be a happy man.
Okay, I admit that maybe I'd choose the giant boobs over the open conversation, but the point I'm trying to make is that it's a very close contest. XD
babermirza's avatar
Hah, not exactly what I mean. I have no doubt of the acceptance, I just don't people knowing who I am- period. The only way I could see myself in one of these is if I was wearing full body armor and a mask. I just get super nervous around any type of large crowd, no matter who they may be. Call it kind of a phobia. 
TheSoylentOrange's avatar
Yeah, I don't think anyone at the con would recognize me on the street out of my "uniform".  Though I'd suggest something more breathable than a ski mask, damn thing was sweltering by the end of each day.
praedatorius's avatar
Funny you should say that, because :iconthesoylentorange: wore a mask the whole time. Either he's a internationally-known celebrity, or he has the same concerns you do. Still, it's an option.
Core1948's avatar
How will you top those?
praedatorius's avatar
Ass padding, or maybe sexy lingerie to wear over the breast forms: I have a year to figure it out, and I like where this is heading!
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