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Does This Make My Breasts Look Big?


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Does This Make My Breasts Look Big?


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Doll and Toy TF

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TG me by Paitent115

Commissions and Fan Art

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Male Inflation

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Shrinking and Growing

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Forced Shipping

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Does This Make My Breasts Look Big?

Kindle Books

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Size Envy (Hyper Male, BE)

       April stared at her boyfriend like a little girl who watches her baby brother get a new train set for Christmas. Jordan had gotten exactly what he wished for: bigger junk. His member was so big that he could barely stuff it down his pants leg. The fact that he had to replace all of his pants didn’t faze him. It was all worth it so that he could strut around, his balls nearly dragging across the ground, utterly unconcerned about who might be watching. April wanted in.        She slammed her fist down on the table. “How’d you get so big?”       Jordan glanced at her from behind his newspaper. “Pardon?

Breast Expansion

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Diaper Dash, 2.5 (MLP, ABDL)

       Rainbow Dash fought to keep her eyes open, but she could feel drowsiness wrestling her down to sleep. The fireplace was so warm. Cadance’s hoof was rubbing her back. Rainbow’s diaper was clean.       “It’s alright, Rainbow,” Cadance soothed, “Just go to sleep.” She began to sing a lullaby, her voice resonating in Rainbow Dash’s drooping ears.       Soon all light faded, and all Rainbow could hear was the sound of Cadance’s heartbeat. A little bit of drool soaked into Cadance’s dress as Rainbow’s magic pacifier dropped from her drowsy lips. The pacifier disappear into

ABDL Stories

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Compliments of Miguel, Part 2 (AR)

       “You look beautiful.”       The humiliation hit me like a blast of hot air. I squirmed and clenched my teeth, as the entire class laughed at me. I couldn’t look up, but I could see the deep-etched frown lines on Miss Veers’ getting deeper.       I thought of Miguel nodding in approval. “You’d better come through,” I muttered.       Granted, after watching Miguel turn a little girl into a giant, I would have done anything he asked me to do. Watching that girl crawl through the hallway, squeezing her shoulders underneath the ceiling as she made her way to class, I thought there was nothing

Age Regression

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Inflation and Blueberries

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Weight Gain

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