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The sun shone through a crystal blue sky. The waves roared, pounding the surf with cold, sparkling water. Juno wore her new bikini, which she had chosen for its playful green and white stripes and its low cut briefs. However, the beach was not her destination. She was walking back to the vacation house with a gnarled claw gripping her slim arm.
“Faster!” her plump grandmother prodded. Her black spandex bathing suit was stretched tightly over her round, hunched body. She waved her cane impatiently, griping in her Balkan accent, “Don’t waste any more time out in the sun! I am old, for Christ’s sake!”
Juno took a deep breath. “I’m going as fast as I can, but it’s hard to go fast when I have to hold you, Ya-ya.”
“You think that is hard!”
“Oh no,” Juno moaned.
“I will tell you what is hard,” Ya-ya huffed. “Working on a farm in the mountains: that’s the hard work, child! I had to harness the mule: a boy mule with no girl mules around. That mule jumped on anything female. I mean anything!”
‘Don’t listen: keep moving!’ Juno quickened her pace, shutting out Ya-ya’s voice as they trudged to the house.
“Then the boat sinks! I had to swim to shore to stay alive! That is a hard life, stupid girl! Hurry up! I am baking!”
“Ya-ya, we’re here,” Juno said gratefully, unlocking the door.
“Finally! Now, help me to the toilet!”
“Alright, alright…”
Juno helped Ya-ya into the bathroom, wondering how she squeezed her round behind into such a tight space.
“Your foolish father and mother: the bathroom is too small. An old woman could break her bones in here!”
“I have no idea why they didn’t think of that,” Juno sighed.
“I tell you why: they didn’t want me to come! They expect a poor old lady to be alone with so many hoodlums around.”
“Ya-ya, you live in the country. Unless you’re afraid of cows, I don’t think you have a problem.”
“If you believe that, then you’re as stupid as your parents. Now, get out of the bathroom!”
“With pleasure…”
Juno closed the door and resisted the urge to scream. Suddenly her phone rang, and Juno happily answered it. “Hailey! Oh, I’m so glad you called!”
“Ya-ya’s driving you crazy again?”
“Ugh, don’t mention her! She’s been like this all week. I got this bathing suit so that some guys would notice me, but Ya-ya’s had me walking between the house and the beach constantly. Five days: down the drain! If I have to bring her back to the bathroom one more time, I swear…”
“Juno, shut up! You’re talking too much. Are you coming to the boardwalk today?” Hailey had a house on this part of the beach too, and Juno had been planning to spend a day with her at the boardwalk this wek.
Juno hesitated. “Mom and Dad haven’t said yes, but I’m going to keep asking.”
“You’ve got to get out of there! I don’t want to miss hanging out with you because your grandma has to piddle. Tell them you’ve worked so hard that you need some time alone.”
“Okay, I’ll try it!”
“Make sure you get here, because I got you on the list.”
Juno gasped. “You mean…the Bikini Babe Challenge?”
“Yup! We’re both signed up, so you’ve gotta get your ass down here by four o’clock!”
“I will!” Juno looked at the clock. It was almost one o’clock now. “Will you bring some beer for later?”
“I’ll see what my older brother says, but don’t worry about that. Just get over here.”
Suddenly the bathroom door flew open. “Let’s go back,” Ya-ya commanded.
“Hailey, I’ve got to go. Bye!” Juno had to get away from her family if she was going to make it to that competition. Finally, her new bikini would come in handy.
“Get my cane!”
“Yes, Ya-ya. That was quick.”
“I did not have to go after all,” she explained.
“Fine,” Juno groaned. “Do you want some water—“
“Don’t talk, go get the cane!”
Leading her grandmother back to the beach, Juno panned quickly. ‘How am I going to convince Mom and Dad to let me go to the boardwalk?’
“What are you so happy about?” Ya-ya snapped, “Are you happy that I am roasting in the sun?”
“Of course not, Ya-ya.”
“Then hurry, hurry!” Ya-ya hobbled through the sandy street, sweating through her black bathing suit. “This sun,” she panted. “It’s worse when you’re older.”
“It’s alright,” Juno sighed. “We’re almost there.”
“I used to come to the beach when I was young,” she mumbled. “So unfair…I…oh, my head…”
Suddenly Ya-ya’s white head drooped down. ”Are you alright? Ya-ya?”
“Alright…of course…I’m not…”
“What is it? Ya-ya!” Juno shook her and found her grandmother was covered in sweat. Her wrinkled face was pale and she wouldn’t stop panting.
“Juno,” she mumbled. “You…you have to—“ Ya-ya went limp and collapsed into Juno’s arms
Juno’s heart raced “Help! Somebody, please!” The street was empty, but she kept shouting. “My grandma…help me!” Juno dragged Ya-ya to the nearest house and pounded on the door. No one answered, so she ran to the next door. “Hello! Please help!”
“What’s wrong?” A young man appeared around the corner and saw Ya-ya slumped over Juno’s arm. He was Juno’s age, with short, sandy hair. “What happened to her?”
“I don’t know! She just…she fainted!”
“Come on! I’m Chad: let’s get her to my house.” He took Ya-ya’s other arm and together they carried her inside.
“Loosen her clothing,” he ordered, setting her on the couch. Quickly Chad wet a rag. “Wipe her face with this.”
“O-okay!” Juno unbuttoned Ya-ya’s bathing suit and mopped her pale face as Chad took out a stethoscope.
“Are you a doctor or something?”
“Shhh…” He listened to her heart for a few moments and stood back. “That heart does not sound good.
“What?” Juno cried. “What are we going to do?”
“Don’t worry just yet. I think I have just the thing! Keep wiping her face!” He ran into another room.
Juno wiped Ya-ya’s face with the damp towel. “It’s going to be alright,” she soothed.
“Shut up,” Ya-ya growled, which to was slightly encouraging. “I’m getting out of here—ugh!” She tried to stand up, but quickly collapsed back onto the couch. “I…I give up…please, wipe my face. Please…Juno…”
‘Please don’t die, Ya-ya!’ Juno pleaded. She would have given anything to be helping her back on the toilet right now.
Chad returned with a white bottle and dumped out two green pills. “Give her two of these.”
“What are they?”
“Dehydration pills: they should help her come to.”
Ya-ya took the pills and swallowed some water. She sat quietly; shallowly breathing with her head slumped to her side.
“Will she be alright, doctor?”
Chad felt Ya-ya’s forehead and checked her pulse. She suddenly shouted, “Do not touch me you son-of-a-bitch!”
“Was she this way before passing out?” he asked.
“Yes,” Juno sighed.
“Then she’ll be fine.”
“No thanks to you,” Ya-ya pointed to Juno. “You made an old lady walk down the street in the hot sun? Stupid!”
“Will you please relax? We’ll go back to the house and you can stay in the air conditioning for a while.”
“No! I’m going back up to the ocean.”
“Actually, it’s a better idea if you stay here,” Chad suggested.
“I am not staying in this strange house,” Ya-ya snapped, standing up. “I am going back to the ocean and enjoying my vacation Now, where’s my cane?”
“Enjoying?” Juno fumed. “You haven’t been enjoying anything! All you do is screech at us and say how hot you are. You call that enjoyment?”
“You talk to your ya-ya this way, you horrible girl? In my country you would be lucky to be beaten!”
“Well, I’m not in your country, and you’re ruining my vacation!”
“Girls!” Chad interrupted.
“This is a family fight: you stay out!” Ya-ya snarled.
Chad stepped back, answering meekly, “I just want to know where your cane is.”
Ya-ya looked around but couldn’t find it. “You left it out in the street, stupid girl!”
“Don’t call me stupid!”
“Do you need your cane?” Chad asked, preventing a fight.
“What, are you stupid too? Of course I do!”
“Then how are you standing?”
“What? You are a crazy…person…” Ya-ya grabbed at the thin air found her calloused hand empty. She glanced around like a cartoon character that had had the ground pulled out from under her feet. She expected to fall, but her legs stood straight and steady.
“I haven’t walked without a cane in years,” Ya-ya whispered. “What is happening?”
Chad smiled. “Don’t worry: I think you’re going to enjoy this.”
“Enjoy what?” Juno frowned.
Suddenly Ya-ya’s back cracked loudly and she grew a full inch. The stout old lady wobbled: her center of gravity shifting. “What is this? My back, it does not hurt anymore!”
“What’s happening to you?” Juno cried.
Ya-ya grew another inch, and then another. her joints creaked and groaned loudly as her back straightened. Shortly before she had been shorter than Juno, but now they stood eye-to-eye. Her plump arthritic hands slowly uncurled, and Ya-ya flexed her calloused fingers.
Ya-ya trembled. “Are you a witch?”
“No,” Chad smirked, “But don’t worry, I get that a lot.”
“I…I feel strong,” Ya-ya gasped. Her wavering voice sounded smoother and sweeter. “My legs aren’t sore!” Ya-ya sighed in relief as the pain in her back melted away. She straightened up and stretched out her long, lean limbs. “Ahh, much better!”
“Your hair!” Juno pointed.” It’s not white anymore!”
“It is not?” Ya-ya pulled out her hair pin and shook out her bun. Iron-grey hair cascaded all the way down to her waist. Juno never realized that Ya-ya kept it so long.
“It’s coming back!” Ya-ya wept. “I can’t believe…it’s coming back!” Tears streamed down her face as her grey hairs grew darker and darker, until her head was covered in a forest of ebony. It flowed and shone like midnight, a sharp contrast to Juno’s dirty blonde. Her jowls shrank away, the bags melted off of her eyes, and the wrinkles the creased her ancient face smoothed away like ripples in the sand. Ya-ya blinked her big, brown eyes and saw her long, elegant fingers. She touched her face and felt smoothness once again. Her brittle yellow nails grew long, strong, and clear.
“It’s all coming back!” Ya-ya grew taller than Juno, and stretched out her long, elegant legs. She no longer had any wrinkles on her spotless olive skin. Soon her figure started come back.
Her saggy breasts, her drooping paunch, and her child-bearing hips all shrank back, firmed up, and tightened. Her loose, flabby skin disappeared into a tall, firm, curvy body. Ya-ya’s breasts were not only perky, but they were big.
“No fair!” Juno shouted. “I thought they were bigger because you were fat!”
“Stupid girl! There’s a lot you don’t know about me. Oh, my babies! I thought I’d never see you again!” Ya-ya hugged her huge, heavy bosoms and squeezed them like never before. “I’ll never let you girls go ever again—oh! My butt!”
Ya-ya’s swimming skirt fell off when her boat-sized hips shrank, as did her swimming panties. They revealed a tight ass, round like an apple, and just as juicy.
Juno was in shock. “Ya-ya, you were sexy? How is that possible?”
“Don’t you forget it, and don’t call me ya-ya. Ya-ya is for old ladies.” She stretched her curvy, naked body, feeling the cool air on her olive skin. “Ah, old Nessa is back!”
“Don’t do that,” Juno groaned, shielding her eyes. “I didn’t come here to see you naked.” Suddenly she noticed Chad, standing by and watching Ya-ya stretch with greatest interest. She grabbed him and shouted, “What did you do to her?”
“Nothing that I regret.”
Juno pulled him closer. “What...did…you…do?”
“Well, if you must know, I gave her a rejuvenating supplement. It regenerated that worn-down heart she was carrying around, along with some other things. It’s harmless.”
“Harmless!” Juno snarled. “What am I supposed to do with her? I can’t bring her back to my family like this!”
“I don’t think she’s very interested in seeing her family,” Chad answered, pointing out the fact that Ya-ya had walked out the door, completely naked.
“Come back here!” Juno ran into the street. “Where are you going?”
“I am buying new clothes. I cannot be naked!”
“I’m fine it with it!” Chad replied, following them both.
“Fine, we’ll get you clothes. I’ve got some stuff in my room—“
“I do not want your clothes, stupid girl! We are going to the store. There are bathing suits there, yes?”
“Bathing suits? No, no, no: you are not getting a bathing suit—“
“Oh?” Ya-ya swung around and drew close to Juno. “Oh come now: what’s a little trip to the store?” she purred. There was sweetness in her voice that Juno had never heard before, along with a mischievous smile that stunned her into silence. “Don’t you want to look pretty for the boys?”
“Boys? I-I guess…”
“Then let’s go! You will drive me there, yes?”
“Yeah, but I only have a permit. I need an adult.”
“I’m an adult,” Ya-ya smiled. “Come, we’ll both get something nice.
“Can I come?” Chad asked.
“Of course, little boy,” she grinned. “I have a special reward for you.”
“Yes ma’am!” Chad ran after Ya-ya as Juno stood stunned in the streets. “But Ya-ya, where are we going?”
“I said not to call me ya-ya,” she snapped. “I am Nessa, you fool!”
That sounded more like the Ya-ya that Juno knew. Still, Juno could not stop her. ‘I have to go with her and make sure she doesn’t get into any trouble.’ She looked at her watch: only two and a half hours until the Bikini Babe Challenge. She had to fix this mess before that…somehow.

After Juno persuaded her to put on some clothes, Nessa grabbed the car keys and a credit card from Mom’s purse. She threw the keys to Juno, putting her feet up on the dashboard and saying, “Drive, drive! I’m not getting any younger!”
“That can be arranged,” Chad grinned.
Juno glared at him. “Don’t you dare! You’ve caused enough trouble.”
“What trouble? This fine young lady is happier than she’s ever been.”
“That’s right, little lamb!” She gave him a grateful kiss on the lips.
Chad lit up. “Wow, this works out for everyone!”
“Just don’t do anything else!”
The surf shop was a place Juno knew well. It sold souvenir t-shirts, bathing shorts, towels, sand toys: anything you could need for a day at the beach. Families were picking up sun screen and beach umbrellas for their day out when Nessa burst in.
“Show me the bikinis!” she ordered. She barged around the clothing racks, grabbing whatever caught her eye, and when her arms were full she rushed to the changing rooms. She pulled open the first door and discovered a lady already inside.
“Stupid girl!” she snarled as the young lady screamed. She opened the next door and found a man with his pants down. They stared at one another curiously.
“Very nice, but no time!” She slammed the door and moved onto the next one until she finally found one that wasn’t occupied. “No one bother me!” she warned, slamming the door.
Juno hid her face. “At least when she was old she had no energy,” she groaned.
Chad nodded. “She’s over-eager, I agree, but who wouldn’t be if they were young again for a day?”
“This is going to last a whole day?”
“Well, not a full 24 hours,” Chad figured. “It’ll probably wear off in the middle of the night.”
“Why did you do this to me?” Juno groaned. “She was bad enough when I had to drag her off the beach; you had to make her hot!”
“Hey, it’s not my fault your grandmother is a horny she-devil. I just did this to save her life.”
“But why are you carrying something that makes old ladies sexy?”
“Sexy?” Chad laughed. “Are you jealous?”
“No! I’m furious!” People stared at her, so Juno lowered her voice.
“These bathing suits are shit!” Nessa screeched, drawing the crowd’s attention away.
“Look,” Juno growled. “We’ll buy whatever bathing suit she picks and go home. I don’t know how I’ll explain this, but you’re coming with me.”
Chad wasn’t listening. His eyes widened as Nessa burst out of the dressing room, arms wide open and knees bent suggestively.
“It’ll do, yes?”
It was a brown string bikini. Two triangular patches barely covered Nessa’s breasts; another cloth triangle barely covered her crotch. Nessa turned around and showed the tiny thong wedged between her generous buttocks. Juno was so upset that she blushed and blanched at the same time.
Nessa smiled. “What are you thinking?”
“I think it’s perfect!” Chad declared.
“Good, because I have one more!” She held up another bikini just like it except it was red. “Time to change, Juno!”
“W-what? You can’t get me to wear that!”
“You will wear it, or I’ll run away and you’ll never see me again! Try explaining that to your father.”
Juno gave Chad a terrible look: the kind that causes chills in the middle of summer. She trudged to the changing room as Nessa paid with the credit card. “No bags, we’ll wear them out.”
“Let’s hope so,” Chad hummed.
A few dreary, sulky minutes later Juno walked out of the dressing room looking dreary and sulky.
“It’s very lovely,” Chad offered.
“I’ll pull your heart out through your ass!” Juno hissed.
“Wonderful!” Nessa laughed. “You’re so beautiful, the boys will fall at your feet!”
Though angry, Juno blushed. Young or old, Nessa had never complimented her before.
“Now, to the boardwalk!”
Juno perked up. “The boardwalk? Really?”
Nessa pinched her cheek. “Yes, we’re going to have some fun. First we must stop at a liquor store. I must have beer!”
Chad followed Nessa out the door. “I love this girl! Come on, Juno!”
‘Well,’ Juno thought, ‘Maybe this day will work out after all!’ She ran out the door and hopped in the car, driving to the nearest liquor store

Nessa turned heads as she strolled down the boardwalk. Mothers covered their kids’ eyes and husbands pretended not to look. Single ladies hissed each other jealously, and the others whispered back to cover up the confusing feelings Nessa stirred up. Nessa disregarded all of this and smiled, while Chad and Juno followed her with the cooler.
“Nessa, wait up!” Juno adjusted her bikini as her nipple almost popped out. “This thing is heavy!”
“How much beer did you girls buy?” Chad asked.
“Shh! Not so loud: we’re not allowed to bring beer on the beach.”
“Juno!” a familiar voice called. Out of the crowd ran a red-haired girl wearing a red and white polka-dot bikini. “I knew you’d make it. Whoa! What are you wearing?”
“Hailey! I…uh…don’t tell anybody!”
“What, are you kidding!” She swiftly pulled out her phone and snapped a picture. “You look so fucking hot! You’re totally going to win the Bikini Babes Challenge.”
Chad lit up. “Bikini Babes…Challenge? This day just gets better and better!”
“Come, stupid children!” Nessa called. “Hurry up! I do not want to die of thirst!”
“Is she with you?” asked Hailey.
Juno ignored the question. “Help us with the cooler.”
“And I’m Chad. Thanks for introducing us…Juno.” He dropped the heavy cooler and shook her hand, much to Juno’s irritation. “Nice to meet you, Hailey. Tell me, have you ever wished you could be younger?”
“Well,” Hailey giggled, “Maybe I have!”
“Chad, stay away from her!” Juno growled.
“Juno, be quiet and bring that cooler!” Nessa growled. “Come! Let us set up the blanket on the beach.”
“Coming!” Juno groaned. “Chad, stop fucking around and help me lift this thing!”
“Wait for me!” said Hailey
Nessa made Juno pay for beach admission. Strutting about as the others spread out the beach blanket, she took a deep breath of ocean air and sighed contentedly. “This is so exciting: a beautiful day, clear water, and so many men!”
Indeed, the guys nearby had taken notice. Nessa smiled coquettishly and waved.
“Who is that girl?” Hailey asked.
“She’s my…uh, cousin.”
“But what’s she doing here?”
“Having a good time!” Nessa laughed. “It is time to party! Chad, open the cooler!”
“With pleasure!” Chad opened it up and revealed two dozen beers, a bottle of vodka, and half a dozen other types of liquor. Juno tried to shut the lid. “Not yet!! We’re not allowed to have this stuff on the beach,” she whispered.
“Who cares?” Hailey’s eyes lit up like fireworks on a moonless night. “Your cousin is the coolest girl ever! Let’s party!”
“No, keep it down!” One of the beach patrolmen was walking towards them. “Close it!”
“Excuse me,” the tanned young man interrupted. “There are no coolers or alcohol allowed—“
“Are you sure?” Nessa cooed, sliding close to him. Her breasts nearly touched his chest. “I’m really thirsty,” she pouted. “We promise not to make any trouble.”
“Well…” he blushed. “O-okay…miss—“
“Please, call me Nessa. Thank you so much!” She gave him a kiss on the cheek and slinked back to the blanket, making sure he got a great view of her ass.
Juno was amazed when the guard walked away, a funny look on his face. Nessa sat down and opened up a bottle. “Now, who is ready for fun?”
“If by “fun” you mean “liquor”, I’m in,” sang Chad.
Hailey thrust her glass forward. “Me! Gimme gimme!”
Nessa poured everyone rum and lifted her glass. “To the sea!” She slammed her glass down and laughed when Hailey made a face. “Come on, Hailey. Drink up, yes?”
Juno checked the time. The contest wouldn’t be for another two hours. There was still plenty of time, and she was already at the boardwalk.
“Come on!” Hailey pulled Juno’s arm. “Let’s go swimming!”
“Yeah!” agreed Nessa. She ran as fast as her toned, Greek legs would carry her and plunged head-first into the ocean. Chad joined her, and Juno realized that now she could catch up on all the swimming she had so far missed.
“Come on!” She followed Hailey, moving slowly to make sure that nothing popped out of her skimpy bikini. ‘How do they expect women to wear these things?’ Juno wondered, plunging into the ocean.

“I’m just sayin’…” Hailey burped, taking another swallow of beer, “That the bikini…it’s a really nice bikini and you shouldn’t be all cranky! I…love it, and it’s sexy and I love you!”
“Okay Hailey,” Chad smiled. “I think you’ve had enough.”
“I’m not…have enough yet.” Her face was red as a beet. “Don’t you take my…you…fucker.”
“Good call, Chad,” Juno snorted. “She’s not to be trusted. “Remember that night ehind the baseball field, Hailey?”
“Fuck…you…” Hailey giggled. “Ooh…I’m gonna lie down.”
“Good girl,” Nessa laughed, smoothing Hailey’s hair. “You are an even better drinker than I thought. Come with me and we’ll get some water to cool you off.”
Nessa walked off with tipsy Hailey in tow. Juno shook her head and lay down again, breathing a contented sigh.
“You sure are relaxed. Feeling better?”
“Yeah, I actually got used to the bikini a while ago. I figured everyone else has their eyes on Nessa anyway, so I should be fine.”
“I mean with your…cousin.”
Juno took a deep breath and shrugged. “I figure that she may be a shameless flirt and a harpy, but at least I don’t have to take her to the bathroom anymore. As far as I’m concerned, the old bat can take care of herself.”
“Well, I’ll drink to that,” Chad smiled. “Tequila?”
“My Mom is going to be so pissed when she sees this credit card bill.”
“Then live it up! Come on, have a drink.”
“Well…okay,” Juno relented, taking the glass.
“It’ll give you some courage for the swimsuit contest.”
“Wait a minute, what time is it?”
“It’s 4:12: why?”
Juno jumped off her blanket. “The contest starts at four!” She zoomed towards the boardwalk and Chad chased after her
Further down the beach, far from the crowds was a stage lined with beautiful women, all dressed in their sexiest and smallest bikinis. In front of them were bleachers packed with shirtless guys howling and cheering. Another horde of men with white chest hair watched eagerly from the boardwalk, leaning on the railing and shouting “Show us your tits!”
“Alright, gentlemen, calm down,” the announcer laughed. “Welcome to the 2010 Seaside Bikini Babes Challenge, where hopefully we’ll finish before your wives get back.”
“Your jokes suck! Just get to the tits!”
“Don’t worry, we’ll start soon…ma’am.”
Juno ran to the registration table. “Excuse me!” She was out of breath as she adjusted her bikini. “Am I too late to join the contest?”
The attendant, a deep-tanned man with grey hair, gradually drew his attention away from the beautiful ladies being introduced on stage. “Oh, sorry doll, the contest already started…whoa! You’re really prepared, aren’t you?”
Juno frowned and covered up. “But I’m on the list! I’m Juno Callas. My friend Hailey signed me up.”
“Eh, I’ll check for ya, darlin’.”
Chad caught up just as the man finished checking his list. “Are you too late?”
“I hope not,” Juno fretted.
“I’m sorry, kid. Everyone on the list is here. Juno Callas signed in, and so did that Hailey girl.”
“What do you mean? I’m Juno Callas!”
“And now,” the announcer shouted, “Please welcome our next contestant, an olive-skinned beauty who tells us she’s ‘extra-virgin’.” The crowd laughed and booed. “Please welcome Juno Callas!”
“What? That’s not possible” Juno forced her way through the crowd of middle-aged men to see Nessa standing on stage, posed provocatively for the cheering crowd.
“Looks like we have an early favorite,” declared the announcer, “But don’t get too comfortable, Juno. You have some stiff competition.”
Nessa smiled. “That’s not the only thing getting stiff!” The crowd exploded with laughter.
“She stole my spot!” Juno seethed. “But…but why didn’t Hailey tell me?”
“Our next contestant is a local girl, home-grown and juicy. Give it up for Hailey Jin!”
Hailey stepped forward, still smiling and flushed from all the vodka she drank. “Hi everybody!”
The announcer touched her on the shoulder. “Hailey has a special reason for being here: tell the audience what you told me.”
“Oh, right! I’m here to help my friend Juno, right here! She’s an awesome person and, like, my BFF friend in the whole world, and she needs a date, like, so much! I love you, Juno, whoo!”
“Hailey, that’s not even me, you idiot!”
Chad looked on stage. “What the hell is she doing?”
“I don’t know, but I bet Nessa put her up to this! She stole my spot!”
Chad shrugged. “Eh, just leave her alone and let her have her fun. We’ve still got plenty of booze on the beach.”
“That’s not the point!” Juno stomped. “She’s been ruining my whole week: making me take her to the bathroom, making me change my bikini, and now this! She won’t let me have anything!”
Juno threw herself down on a bench and sobbed in frustration. Meanwhile the contest started with amateur pole-dancing. The audience roared as Nessa locked her legs on top of the pole and bent over backwards, improvising with her strong, flexible body.
Chad sat down next to Juno. “This is my fault. I’m sorry.”
“Damn right you’re sorry!” Juno gave him a stress-relieving punch to the kidney. As Chad groaned in pain she admitted, “Well, I don’t know if it wouldn’t have been any different if you hadn’t come along. I might still be on that beach, dragging her to and from the bathroom over and over again.”
Meanwhile, it was Hailey’s turn to pole dance. Hesitantly she reached for the pole and climbed on, but when she lifted her leg to do a sexy spin she quickly slid down to the bottom. “No, no, no!” She landed on her bottom, the pole tightly pressed into her crotch and firmly wedged between her breasts, her kitten-like eyes wide in surprise. “I’m sorry,” she pouted. “I’m just no good at this game.”
“Aww!” said the crowd. The judges awarded her ten points; she tied Nessa.
As Chad recovered from Juno’s kidney punch, he asked, “Is there anything I can do?”
Juno looked at the scoreboard. At the end of the first round, Nessa and Hailey were in the lead. “Maybe there is,” she reasoned. “Ya-ya’s been stealing my fun all week. I think it’s time we stole some of hers.”
“Chad,” Juno cooed, stroking his hair, “Could you do me a big, big favor?”
“What?” he asked suspiciously.
Juno whispered into his ear, and Chad smiled. “You’ve got it!”

The crowd cheered wildly for Nessa whenever she came on stage. Every time someone gave her a t-shirt it was instantly soaked.  When ask to split, Nessa would ask ‘how wide’ and then twist her body into positions that any octopus would have envied. The boys lapped it up.
Hailey, however, her courage fueled by a potent mixture of youthful enthusiasm and alcohol, became a fan favorite. Everyone laughed as she woozily cartwheeled across the stage, falling on her but and popping up like a kitten, her breasts bobbing in the air. The crowd divided bitterly between her and Nessa as Chad and Juno worked their plan.
“Here’s the pill,” Chad explained, snapping it in half. “You and Hailey need to take it around the same time, so get out there!”
“Are you sure this won’t do anything weird?”
“Aside from the obvious?”
“Never mind.”
“Good luck,” Chad smiled. “Oh, this is going to be fun!”
Juno snuck over to the stage rather easily. She thought there might be security around, but whatever men were meant to guard the stage had their eyes on Nessa, who was currently bobbing in vat of vanilla pudding.
“Psst, Hailey! Come here.”
“Huh, what’s up, Juno?”
“Hailey, what are you doing? I was supposed to be on stage with you!”
“Yeah, I know,” Hailey giggled, “But your cousin said that she had a better chance of winning than you, so I should pretend she’s you so you can get lots of guy babes.”
“Hailey, that makes no sense.”
“I’m pretty sure it does,” she hiccupped.
“How much did you drink?”
Hailey held her two fingers a few inches apart. “This much, hee hee!”
“This much? What does that even mean?”
“Thank you, Juno!” the announcer laughed. “That’s going to be a tough act to follow, and back up next is Hailey! Get up here, girl!”
“Gotta go, Juno. See you later!”
“No, Hailey! Take this pill! I’m trying to help you beat Nessa, idiot!
Hailey bounced over to the announcer, who put his hand on her shoulder and said, “For our final round, we have to ask you, Hailey: what is your special talent?”
“Kissing!” Juno shouted. She had worked her way into the crowd and was standing in the front row. The crowd whooped as Juno added, “I should know. We’re very close friends!”
“The young lady up front,” the announcer laughed, “…says that Hailey’s talent is kissing. Is that true?”
Hailey visibly blushed. “W-well…I guess a little,” she peeped, shying away.
“Aww!” the crowd sighed.
Nessa was on the sidelines toweling off pudding, carefully eyeing her granddaughter. Juno ignored her.
“I’ll show you!” she told the crowd.
“I don’t think so,” remarked the announcer.
“Let her do it!” a man shouted.
“Yeah! Let’s see!” shouted another. “Do it! Do it!”
“Do it! Do it! Do it!” the crowd chanted.
The announcer only laughed. “I don’t think we need to do that.” Nessa quietly smiled.
“No, she’s right!” Hailey spoke up. “We can kiss alright. I’m awesome at that stuff, totally!”
Nessa’s smile disappeared as Juno ascended the stage and stood with Hailey.
“Alright, the judges say they’ll allow it. This is your chance to wow the crowd. Are you ladies ready?”
“Ready!” Hailey yelled. “Let’s fucking do this, whoo!”
‘I didn’t think she’d be this ready,’ Juno thought. ‘How much beer did she drink?”
“Ready!” The crowd counted down. “Three…two…one…”
Juno kissed Hailey hard on the lips. They were so tightly locked that Juno could taste the beer on Hailey’s breath. Hailey, softened up with alcohol and pumped for the contest, didn’t even notice when Juno’s tongue slipped her half of the tablet down her throat.
Juno swallowed her half a few minutes ago. ‘Oh my God,” she trembled. Her heart pounded and her limbs were on fire. Her voice slipped into a deeper register as she let out a deep, husky moan.
Juno legs grew so long she had to bend over to reach Hailey. Her thighs thickened and her hips widened, making her waist look smaller. Then her breasts grew, stretching out the already revealing bikini Nessa had forced her to wear. The thin straps dug into her shoulders and her barely-there thong sank deeper and deeper into the crack of her round bottom. Soon Hailey grew, her breasts pressing against Juno’s.
The crowd gasped, but Juno and Hailey didn’t stop.  They kept kissing even as their swelling breasts pushed them further and further apart. The bikinis looked like they were about to burst, and the men started cheering them on. “Bigger! Bigger!” they chanted, watching intently as the girls matured. Their hair turned silky smooth and grew down to their waists.  The bikini’s strained, and Juno’s nipples peeked out from behind her tiny top.
Nessa’s tan face turned crimson. “They cheated!” she shrieked. “Throw them out!”
Juno and Hailey finally took a deep breath. Juno struggled to catch her breath, noticing her deeper voice every time she inhaled. Hailey’s bathing suit was overflowing, wedged into every sexy crevasse of her sext body.
“The winner!” The crowd roared as announcer thrust the trophy into Hailey’s confused hands.
The grown-up Hailey stared blankly. “Um…thank you?”
Nessa was outraged. “Unacceptable! I demand that trophy!”
“Get lost, bitch!” Juno. “You had your chance.”
“How dare you!” She slapped her Juno across the face. Hailey’s fans cringed while the Nessa’s fans cheered.
“Whore!” Nessa screamed.
“Skank!” Juno scratched at her grandmother’s eyes and wrestled her to the ground. A fight broke out in the audience, and soon the entire beach was in an uproar. Hailey, still dazed by her transformation and still mostly drunk, watched in confusion.
Soon Chad was by her side. “Hi Hailey, how’s it going?”
She looked down at her tall, curvy body and replied in her soft, womanly voice, “I could use some more beer.”
“Great idea! Let’s get out of here.” They jumped off the back of the stage and escaped.
“I will rip your tongue out!” Nessa grabbed Juno’s top and easily ripped it off. Juno screamed and ripped Nessa’s top off. They rolled around until they slipped off the edge of the stage and fell into the sand. Juno staggered to her feet and ran off, covering her heavy, swollen bosoms.
“Get back here,” Nessa shouted, chasing after her.
“Hey, stop you two!” Now the beach patrol chased them both. Juno froze, realizing that she was topless in front of hundreds of people. She desperately searched for a towel or a blanket to cover her body.
Suddenly Nessa caught up. Juno screamed as Nessa grabbed her arm.
“Shut up!” shouted Nessa. “Don’t stop, they’ll catch us!”
“But my boobs!”
“Forget that! We cannot be embarrassed if nobody catches us!”
Juno nodded and the two of them took off, the beach patrol in hot pursuit. Breasts bouncing and legs pumping, they streaked across the beach, jumping over blankets, ducking under umbrellas, and plowing through sandcastles as awestruck children looked on. Nessa laughed, seeing the shock on everyone’s faces, and Juno was stunned to realize that she was laughing too! Kicking up sand and laughing uncontrollably, Nessa and Juno Left the beach patrol in the dust.
From the boardwalk Chad watched them disappear into the distance. “Come on, Hailey. Let’s go after them.”
“Did you remember the cooler?” she asked.
“Of course!”
“You’re the best,” she smiled, leaning her beautiful head on his shoulder. Chad looked down and noticed Hailey’s polka-dot bikini top, too tight to fit, no longer covered her nipple.
“I knew this would be an awesome vacation,” he grinned.

“I’m just sayin’,” Nessa slurred, “That you…you gotta learn…how to handle life. I mean…look at me! Are you—are you looking at me?” She took another swig of vodka. “Boys aren’t gonna…they’re not…they…what?”
It was evening, and Juno, Nessa, Chad, and Hailey were huddled under the boardwalk, hiding from the beach patrol. Fortunately there was enough room under the board walk to keep the cooler with them.
“So why,” Juno wondered, beer in hand. “Why you—why you gotta be such a bitch, like…all the time, like…when you’re old and shit?”
“Keep it down!” Chad whispered. The beach patrol was right above them, patrolling the boardwalk.
“L-listen,” Nessa burped. “Being old…is fucking shit. Are you listening to me?”
“Yeah, yeah…”
“I—I’m serious! I mean…I wanted to go to the fucking ocean all the time! Your mother and father didn’t even invite me, but I wanted to go, fucking…damn-it! I like the ocean, but it’s no fun with a bad back and a shitty bathing suit. It’s not fair, Juno.”
“It’s not fair,” Hailey hiccupped.
“I mean, why do I have to let you guys have a good time when I’m stuck with this cane…where’s my cane? Ooo…I gotta…lie down…”
Nessa laid her head on Juno’s lap. Juno was too drunk and too tired to push her off. She just let her lay there, sighing. Hailey was busy staring at Chad, who stared back at her.
“You’re kinda hot,” Chad giggled, opening another beer.
“You’re right!” she laughed. Chad crawled up to her and they drunkenly made out.
“You’re not a bad child,” Nessa mumbled, leaning her naked body against Juno’s. “I had a good time today…thank you, and…and…just, thanks…Juno.”
“You’re welcome, Nessa.” Juno smiled.
Suddenly there was a big boom as fireworks exploded over the ocean. The people on the boardwalk above stopped to “ooo” and “ahh”.
“Fireworks? I…fucking love fucking fireworks…fuck!” Nessa crawled out from under the boardwalk and rested her elbows on the sand. She shouted, “Come on! an’ watch! It’s beauti—“ she hiccupped, “It’s fucking beautiful!”
Juno crawled out and watched the fireworks, tipsy and naked, looking fifteen years older and lying next to her naked, hot grandma. Her family had no idea where any of them were, but perhaps that was for the best. The waves crashed and the fireworks boomed. Finally, she had had a little fun after all.
A commission for :iconshepardcousland:, who is 500 years old and emigrated from Crete after defeating the Minotaur. Thanks for the commission, Shepard!

Juno is trying to enjoy a week at the beach with her family, but Ya-ya is always cranky and difficult. How will Juno ditch her family and be on time to the local Bikini Babe Contest at the boardwalk?

I need to take a break to get my computer repaired, so I won't be in for several days. You can still leave notes and comments, but I won't be able to respond until my computer comes back from the store. Thanks for being awesome and I hope this story will tide you over.

The story features young-to-old AR, and AP. Sexy reading, everyone!
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