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Leif sat at his computer on a gloomy Friday afternoon. The internet, despite its infinite possibilities, held no interest for him that day. He had no classes that day, so he had been inside all day because of the rain. He could have watched a movie, but he had seen everything that he owned. Hector owned no DVDs, and the school library was on the other side of the campus. There was nothing to do except sit around for the rest of the day, hoping that something interesting would happen, then order dinner, and finally go to sleep. After that there was the weekend to get through.
Hector Catalunia, Leif's roommate, in the midst of packing some stuff to go home, walked into the bedroom to pick up a shirt he had forgotten. He saw Leif sitting at his computer, exactly where he had left him an hour ago, and gave him a look.
After a few minutes of silence, Leif noticed Hector's disapproving stare. "What? Aren't you supposed to be gone by now?"
"Come on, Leif! Why don't you come to my house this weekend? Is it really worse than sitting here, watching porn for the next three days?"
"For your information I'm not watching porn tonight: I'm streaming the entire first season of Code Geass, and I'll be glad to watch it again. Hmph!"
"Oh yes, how silly of me. Will you just come already?"
"For the last time, I really don't feel like going to your house. I appreciate the offer, really, but going to other people's houses overnight is weird. You have to sleep on the floor, you have to make sure you don't use the wrong towels, you have to use table manners…"
"Is that all?" Hector opened up his closet. "If it makes you feel any better you can use my towels if you like."
"That just makes it weirder! No offense, but I think I'd rather just stay by myself this weekend."
Hector sighed. "Just do this for me as a favor, please! My parents have wanted to meet you for weeks and they keep telling me to invite you over for dinner or something. Will you come with me just so I can get them to shut up?"
Leif thought about it for a moment, but did not change his mind. "No, I really don't feel like it."
Hector then decided to play his trump card. "We're having spaghetti for dinner tonight."

Soon Leif had his bag packed and was standing by the front door of the apartment building, waiting for Hector's mom to show up. Soon Hector pointed out her car cruising through the parking lot, and they both rushed out in the pouring rain to get inside.
"It's raining cats and dogs out there! Get inside, quickly!"
As Leif crawled into the back seat Mrs. Catalunia's eyes lit up. "Is this the man we've heard so much about?"
"Yes, Mom. He wasn't doing anything this weekend so I invited him to join us."
"That's fantastic! It's so wonderful to finally meet you, Leif. So, tell me all about yourself."
Leif was a bit annoyed, but this type of thing he had come to expect from parents. If he was going to get spaghetti, meatballs, and savory Italian sausage for dinner, he was going to have to earn it. He began reciting the same introduction he had given numerous times at college: he was studying English and he wanted to be a writer.
Mrs. Catalunia's listened attentively as she navigated the flooding streets. "Very nice! I hear that your parents live in Florida, is that right"
"Yeah. We were going to move before I went to college, but I kind of wanted to stay up here for a while. Florida's really not that great."
"I see. Very good." The car went silent for a while and Leif began to feel a little awkward. However, this was not as awkward as he felt after Hector's mom asked her next question. "Do you have a girlfriend up here, or someone like that?"
Leif was kind of taken aback, looking to Hector for some kind of reprieve.
"Geeze, I already told you that Leif's not seeing anyone."
"Hector!" Mom snapped. "It's important to know things like this. Please go on, Leif."
"Well…" Leif began with some with a kind of exasperated sigh. "I used to go out with a girl, but I haven't seen her in a while."
"Aww, I'm sorry. Maybe you'll find someone new, eh?"
Mrs. Catalunia seemed satisfied at that answer. Leif gave Hector a look, to which Hector shrugged his shoulders. Leif stayed polite and calm, but he feared with this kind of questioning, even if he got his nice Italian dinner, this weekend might not be worth it.

At the house Leif soaked in the smell of garlic and basil emanating from the kitchen. Hector's dad had already started dinner, but when he heard the door slam he walked into the living room and shook Leif's hand.
"About time we met you…" Searching for the right name, Mr. Catalunia turned to his wife who mouthed it to him. "…Leif! Hey, is that like Leif Erickson, the Viking?"
This was another common question. Leif sighed. "No, unfortunately I was not named after the Viking, but my family did come from Sweden or somewhere around there."
"Awesome! Well I hope you're hungry: well, actually I hope you're not too hungry. We have to wait for our daughter to come home."
Hector groaned. "You mean she's late again?! How long is band practice supposed to be?"
"Well, when I dropped her off she said she had to borrow something from one of her friends, so they're stopping at her house after marching band. Still, she keeps getting later and later every night. She knows that we're having company tonight. Poor Leif is going to starve to death!"
"That's okay: I don't mind waiting a little longer." Actually Leif was starving, though he knew better than to make a fuss. As long as he could sit in the living room and smell whatever was cooking in the next room, he would survive.
An hour later, however, Leif was beginning to lose his patience. He kept silent, but Hector and his parents were quite vocal in their frustration. The more they complained the more Leif began to wonder why it was such a big deal. He had two older sisters and they never had any guilt about starting dinner without him when he was late. He would be lucky to get anything when they were finished. He knew that some people liked to eat together, but this was ridiculous. He betrayed no discontent, however, even though his hosts continually showered apologies upon him.
While trying to distract himself from his hunger, Leif noticed and interesting book on the coffee table in front of him, buried under a pile of magazines and newspapers. He dug it out and to his surprise discovered that it was manga. It was a strange one too (strange manga was the best kind of manga), about a teenaged girl who finds a naked, handsome young man, who was meant as a gift for her, on her doorstep. Leif had read lots of stories with a similar premise, but it was kind of funny to see the sexes reversed. Most interesting, however, Leif realized that it could have belonged to only one person living in this house.
Leif glanced through the book until he heard a noise coming from outside. There was the sight of headlights pulling into the driveway, the sound of a young girl's voice thanking her friend's mom, and then splashing footsteps that got closer to the house, and then finally the door opened. In walked a girl, thin, wearing a green sweater and baggy sweatpants. Her brown hair was done up in a ponytail, which has soaking wet from the rain. She didn't seem noticing Leif as she rushed past, but Leif noticed her, especially the Bleach stickers that were stuck on her backpack.
'Could it be?' Leif asked himself. 'A fan girl?'
"Rosalyn! Where have you been, young lady? Didn't I tell you that we we're having company tonight?"
"Again? Mom, we have someone over like every day! I just wanted to hang out at Jenny's house for a little while."
"Young lady, you were supposed to come right home, now dinner's probably cold and poor Leif is probably starving."
Rosalyn turned and gave Leif a cold, nasty look which caused him to recoil.
"Why do we do this every time I want to have fun. I can't ever go out!"
Mom pulled Rosalyn into the kitchen to have a little talk. Leif felt more than a little uncomfortable as he listened to the muffled, unpleasant voices coming from a few rooms away. A few minutes later Rosalyn stomped out, giving Leif another dirty look as she cleaned up and got dressed. She then turned to Hector.
"I hope you're happy!" With that she stomped up the stairs and slammed the door to her bedroom.
Hector sighed. "Sorry about that. You should be thankful that you don't have any litter sisters, eh?"
Leif smiled. "Yeah, I guess so."

Fortunately the awesome spaghetti dinner lived up to the hype that Hector had given it. Leif was busy shoving spaghetti into his face while everyone asked him questions about himself; everybody, that is, except for Rosalyn. As Leif ate and ate, asking for more helpings, Rosalyn quickly finished her plate and asked to be excused.
"Not so fast, young lady! You should stay for dessert."
"I'm not hungry, now excuse me."
"Don't worry, Mrs. Catalunia." Leif interceded. "I'll eat her share of the dessert."
While Mrs. Catalunia laughed at this lame joke, Rosalyn made her escape, looking back at Leif, perhaps in recognition of the distraction he had given her. Mrs. and Mr. Catalunia seemed irritated at the fact that their daughter was being so bratty that evening, but they decided not to press the matter further. In any event, dessert was served: a thick, creamy cheesecake that nearly made Leif squeal with glee.
Later that night as Leif laid back on his air mattress he was quite content. He had forgotten all about eating late now that his stomach full to bursting, and with the taste of that cheesecake still fresh on his tongue he looked forward to sleeping in late the next morning. The Catalunias may be over-inquisitive, he reasoned, but they were wonderful hosts. He should probably come over again next week too.
'Maybe Rosalyn will be in a better mood by then.'

Leif woke up the next morning, a beam of sunlight shining annoyingly into his eyeballs and forcing him to get up. Disappointed at the fact that he wouldn't get to sleep in, he sat up to at least make Hector share in his misery. Hector, however, was not in his bed. Leif stood up and wandered into the hallway and called Hector's name, but there was no answer.
Leif walked downstairs, expecting Hector to be at the breakfast table, but no one was there. He found a note on the dining room table written by Mrs. Catalunia. It explained that the family had to take care of some urgent business, and that he could help himself to anything in the refrigerator for breakfast. Leif thought it was strange to be left all by himself, but at least he wouldn't have to wait for breakfast.
Leif opened up the cupboard to see what his options were. There wasn't much there, except for some cereal and, oddly enough, a very large supply of canned tuna. An entire shelf was dedicated to the stuff: cans and cans stacked atop one another in a solid wall of aluminum. Another oddity revealed, Leif shrugged his shoulders and turned to the refrigerator, wherein he discovered some eggs.
Leif started making himself an omelet when suddenly he heard footsteps on the stairs. Leif wondered who it could be, having thought that he was the only one in the house . The footsteps left the staircase and approached the kitchen, and soon Rosalyn appeared around the corner, rubbing her eyes with the oversized sleeve of her pajamas. Her drowsy eyes widened at the sight of the strange man standing in the kitchen wearing only a t-shirt and boxers.
"Yaaaah-wait…you're that guy from last night."
"Yeah, Leif: Hector's roommate. You do remember that part, right?"
Rosalyn didn't answer, but gloomily walked into the kitchen and opened up the cabinet. Leif caught a glimpse of the pattern on her pajamas: tiny red hearts over a white background. 'Wow, that's actually really cute.'
"Do you want any eggs?"
"Hnn? You make food?"
"Well, yeah." Leif cracked a few more eggs into the pan. "I live in a dorm: I have to make some of my own food. If had to live off of the cafeteria food at school I would have disemboweled myself months ago."
Rosalyn gave Leif a mystified look as he scrambled the eggs, then threw some bacon in the pan for good measure.
"But Hector said you have cafeterias and pizza and stuff."
Leif smiled, "Yeah, but its a lot of crap, and your brother has no taste." He put the omelet on a plate and brought it out to the kitchen table. "Here, sit down."
"Why don't you eat it? You made it for yourself."
"Nah, you can eat first. I have to make another one anyway, so go ahead." Leif returned to the stove. "Besides, I learned to serve other people first before you eat."
"Thank you." Rosayn picked up a fork and took a small bite. In an instant she perked up.
"Hey! This is really good!"
"Thanks, now can you convince Hector to change his mind? He says that my cooking sucks."
"Hector's stupid: just ignore him."
"I try."
Leif finished cooking his omelet and sat across from Rosalyn as she finished hers.
"Can I ask you a question?"
Rosalyn swallowed her juice. "Sure, I guess."
"Do you like manga?"
"Yes!" How did you know?"
Leif smiled. "I had a hunch. Plus I saw that book on the coffee table and I figured it didn't belong to Hector."
"So you like manga too?
Leif continued eating as he talked about all of his favorite anime and manga, while Rosalyn joined in. She talked about all of the books that she owned, and Leif talked about all of the stuff that he had seen in the manga club at college.
"There are manga clubs in college, for real?"
"Yeah. I'm too busy to join one, but I sometimes sneak into meetings and talk to some of the other members. We talk about the anime we've watched and stuff like that, then we just sit around eating Pocky. It's awesome."
"Wow, that sounds really cool."
"Don't they have stuff like that in high school?"
Rosalyn replied that there weren't. "No one else in my school really likes it. My friend and I asked the librarian to get some for the library, but she said no."
"That sucks. Did she say why?"
"No, but I think that she thinks they're…they're…"
Rosalyn's speech slowed. Leif looked up from his plate and saw that she was breathing heavily and sweating like she had just run a marathon. Her face turned bright red, and then pale.
"She thinks… they're dirty…or something."
Leif stood up, dread seeping into the pit of his stomach. "Are you alright? What's wrong?"
Rosalyn held up her hand and struggled to her feet.
"I'm fine! I-"
Suddenly she passed out, crumpling onto the floor. His heart racing, Leif ran over to her, then proceeded to panic. 'Great! They left me alone with the girl and I killed her with eggs! Is she allergic? Why didn't she tell me!'
He reached down to loosen her clothes, but he realized that underneath her pajamas she wore no underwear. Should he take off her shirt? What would happen if someone came in and found Leif undressing her? What if this was a common thing and it was no big deal? Were people even allergic to eggs anyway?'
'Thank God, she's talking! I'm not in trouble…I think.' Leif bent lower to listen to her weak voice. "What is it, Rosalyn? What should I do?"
"Mmm? Me, my, mom…is it your mom you want?"
Leif frowned. "What?"
Leif had little time to puzzle over this strange utterance, because suddenly Rosalyn's body began to change. The soft cloth of her warm pajamas began to stretch as she grew taller. Leif held on, not knowing what to do as she grew more and more, her waist thinning out and her hips growing wider. Leif was at a loss, but he was shocked even further when he looked down and saw Rosalyn's chest began to expand: her small teen breasts maturing, ripening into big, soft orbs. Slowly her pajamas stretched, and stretched...
"Yes…Leif, are you still there?"
"Yes." Leif swallowed. "D-do you-"
"What's that, nya? I can't hear you."
"I-I want to ask…you. Do you…feel…"
"What? I can't hear you; move closer, nya."
Leif placed his mouth near Rosalyn's ear, or rather where her ear should have been. It was gone, replaced by smooth skin on the side of Rosalyn's head, but out of the corner of his eye Leif noticed that something had replaced it. On the top of Rosalyn's head, sticking out from between the long strands of her hair, were two pointy ears. They were covered in fuzzy little hairs and were bright pink on the inside, twitching ever so slightly whenever Rosalyn heard a sound.
Leif dropped Rosalyn on the floor and backed away.
"Ow! That hurt." Suddenly Rosalyn's body shrank back to normal, but her pointy ears remained. She sat up on her knees rubbing her aching head. "Leif, what happened?"
"Nothing! Don't touch your head!"
"What? Why-" The big, cat-like ears suddenly twitched, and Rosalyn realized in horror that there was something up there that shouldn't be.
She touched them, and then glanced at Leif. "What happened?"
Leif didn't answer, unsure of what to say.
"Tell me!"
"You …got bigger."
"Actually, never mind. We need to get you a hospital."
"But what happened? Why do I have cat ears?"
"I don't know; I don't know!" Leif composed himself and then lowered his voice. "You were eating and all of a sudden…" Leif fumbled for words, not wanting her to know too much. "Do you have any food allergies?"
"No, of course not! What kind of allergy makes a girl grow pointy ears?!"
"Right, well…never mind then. I'd better call your Mom. What's her phone number?"
Rosalyn was about to give it to him when suddenly she started feeling short of breath again. Then she cringed, "My back! There's something wrong with my back!" Rosalyn collapsed again as Leif rushed to her side.
"Where does it hurt?"
"My back, you dummy! I said it about a dozen times!"
"I mean where, Rosalyn! Where on you back does it hurt?"
"Down by my butt!"
Leif placed his hand on Rosalyn's lower back. "Is it here?"
"No, lower!"
Reluctantly Leif moved his hand down near the waistband of Rosalyn's pajamas. "Is it here?" he asked hopefully.
"No, go lower!"
"You know, I don't think it's a good idea to do that."
Suddenly Rosalyn let out a pained squeal, and suddenly Leif could see the source of the trouble. There was a small bulge under Rosalyn's pajamas, coming out of her back. It rose out of her skin like a little lump, but Leif saw it grow bigger and longer. It pushed stiffly against the fabric, growing longer and longer, until in agony Rosalyn stood up and rushed to a nearby bathroom.
The door closed. Seconds later Leif heard a piercing shriek, followed by minutes of silence. Leif waited, unsure if he should knock on the door and ask what had happened or just wait it out. More minutes passed, Leif heard gentle sobbing, then more silence, and finally the door opened.
Leif saw nothing unusual about Rosalyn when she walked out. The cat ears were still there, but everything else seemed normal. "Rosalyn, what hap-"
Then it whipped itself into a view: a long, thick tail covered in dark brown fur. Rosalyn clutched at it to bring it under control, but it slipped away from her like it had a mind of its own. She was finally able to grab it, but a look of discomfort spread over her reddened face as the tip of her tail twitched in her hands.
"I can feel it." she whispered. "I feel the muscles twitching, and it really wants to move." Tears welled up in Rosalyn's eyes and she let go of her tail.
Leif had no idea what to do, but seeing that Rosalyn was about to cry, he realized that he should do something to comfort her. Awkwardly he reached out his arms, meaning to give her a small hug and whisper that it would be alright.
Unfortunately Rosalyn wasn't looking, and at that moment decided to go lie down on the couch. Stepping forward, she was surprised as Leif's hand touched her in a very inconvenient place.
It took a second for both to realize what happened, but both recoiled. Leif turned red as he tried to stammer out an apology, but Rosalyn would have none of it.
"Pervert!" She rushed past Leif and ran upstairs.
Leif stood frozen for a minute, and once he heard Rosalyn's bedroom door slam shut he slapped himself for being so clumsy.
"Stupid, stupid, stupid! Idiot! Now what are you going to do?"
He couldn't leave Rosalyn like she was, but chances were she wouldn't even speak to him now that he had accidentally groped her. Sighing, Leif sat down on the couch and waited. Maybe Rosalyn's parents would come home and he could explain everything. Tense and embarrassed, Leif wondered what horrible things Rosalyn was thinking of him up in her room.

Rosalyn tried to catch her breath as she threw herself onto her bed, but a million thoughts were rushing through her mind. She had cat ears now, and a tail! What the hell was going on? Her family was gone, and the only one around was that weirdo Leif, and he'd just touched her chest! Disgusting! Now her chest felt all weird, like she had to wash herself.
Actually, now that she thought of it, her chest felt really weird. She couldn't quite put her finger on it, but when Leif had grabbed her, her boob felt…well, a little more plump. She wasn't wearing a bra underneath her pajamas, so she could feel them touching the fabric of her pajamas. She felt her boobs really starting to rub against the cloth, and the more she thought about it the more it drove her crazy.
Her clothes felt…weird: like they were clinging to her body, like they were tighter. Rosalyn, still out of breath, walked over to the mirror in her room, ignoring her ears and tail to take in the whole picture. Something didn't look right. Nothing was out of the ordinary, but Rosalyn knew that something was off.
Suddenly a small pain ran through Rosalyn's body. She tensed up and wrapped her arms around herself. It passed quickly, but as Rosalyn moved her arms across her chest she felt a little strange. Now Rosalyn noticed something strange in the mirror: her shirt seemed a lot tighter around her chest. Her chest actually seemed…bigger.
She looked down and saw the evidence with her own eyes: her normal-sized tits were sticking a little further out from her chest. She cupped them both in her hands and felt their weight. They felt soft, firm, and plump. Rosalyn ran her finger over her nipple, gently rubbing this sensitive point as she had countless times before.
"Oh!" Rosalyn released her breasts as the sensation became too great. Suddenly, however, Rosalyn felt another twinge of pain, and her pajamas grew tighter once more.
"Ooh…" Rosalyn's breasts grew again, but there was more. Rosalyn felt her pants stretching as her small hips began to curve and widen. Rosalyn's flat little bottom started to mushroom and swell, but remained firm and toned. With one arm wrapped around her bosom, Rosalyn reached down and stroked her firm, tight butt with her free hand while her tail waved gently back and forth. The fabric of her pajamas was stretching out, letting her full figure show through and leaving little to the imagination. The buttons on her shirt began to pull apart. The waistband began to ride down around Rosalyn's ample hips as her legs grew longer, and her shirttails began to rise up as her torso grew taller. Her flat, firm tummy was exposed, showing off a cute little belly button.
Growing taller, limbs stretching, nails growing, hair lengthening: Rosalyn looked at herself in the mirror once more. As the top button of her pajamas gave way and her ample bosoms created a marvelous display of cleavage, Rosalyn was no longer panicked. She admired her marvelous body and pondered the things she would do with it. However, now was not the time. She had something important to do, and she would enjoy it very much.

Leif waited downstairs for a half-hour, sitting awkwardly in the living room by himself, too nervous to turn on the TV now that Rosalyn was in trouble. How was he going to explain this to her parents? Where was Hector, and why had everyone left them both alone in the first place?
Leif had no idea what he should do, though he decided that he had better go check on Rosalyn. Perhaps she would listen to him now that she had time to get over their little hand "incident".  She had been rather quiet since she slammed her door. Maybe that meant she was alright, or maybe that meant that she was actually worse. Leif ran up the stairs and didn't slow down until he got to her door. Then, however, he was stuck. How should he proceed? Certainly he should knock, but what if she didn't answer? Did that mean that she didn't want to be seen, or did that mean that she was unconscious and choking to death? Why hadn't he checked on her sooner, damn it!
'Stupid, stupid, stupid!' Leif cringed at the thought of having to barge into Rosalyn's room and finding her unconscious. So, hesitating no longer, Leif knocked loudly on Rosalyn's door and waited an eternity for some kind of answer. 'Please be alive! Please!'
"Come in…" a voice softly replied from the other side of the door. Leif let out a big sigh of relief and calmly twisted the doorknob. Inside the curtains were drawn, and Leif stared into the dimly lit room, searching for some trace of Rosalyn.
"Rosalyn, where are you?" No answer. Leif searched for a light switch, but he couldn't find one. Groping along, waving his hands over the walls Leif searched and searched, but came up empty.
"What happened? How do you feel?" Still no answer. Leif could dimly make out the outline of Rosalyn's bed, in disarray, but empty. He had to find her somehow. Was she even in the room? He thought he had heard a voice; he was pretty sure he had heard one. If so, then where was Rosalyn now?
Leif turned around, sure that the tiny moan came from the corner of the room. "Listen, about that...thing that I accidentally did downstairs: I didn't mean to…you know." Leif stumbled through the darkness, picking his way through the darkened room. He walked towards a dim shape huddled in the corner, curled into a ball on its side. Leif reached out his hand to tap it on the shoulder.
"Please, forgive me. I didn't mean-"
Suddenly Leif was hit by something from above. He could feel arms, legs, hair: and as he fell to the floor he heard a delighted growl. Leif scrambled to his knees to flee, his mind a blur, but quickly he was pinned by a strong pair of legs, and was choked by a strong pair of arms around his neck. Soft strands of hair fell into his face as his captor moved closer.
"Calm yourself, Leif, my love. Let me hold your body next to mine forever, nya!"
Leif continued to struggle. The voice sounded like Rosalyn's, but it couldn't be hers. It sounded so much older, more mature: much sexier. 'Concentrate!' Leif shouted to himself.
"Let me go! I want to get out of here!"
"Oh, you're strong! You want to play, do you?" Suddenly Leif felt hot breath on his cheek and a wet tongue plastered against his neck. That gave him the incentive he needed to wriggle out of this woman's grasp. He crawled away, but his pursuer pounced on him again, scratching and trying to get a hold of him. Leif could feel her long, sharp nails poking through his clothes as he struggled, panic-stricken, to get loose. He turned onto his back to fight her off, but suddenly the woman fell on top of him, pinning him to the ground. He could fell her claws piercing his chest, and sharp, pointy teeth ready to sink into his neck in a split second.
"Okay! I give up! Please, don't bite me!"
She let go of his neck and whispered into his ear. "Shh…my love, just relax. Relax, nyan…and keep perfectly still. I have something for you."
Leif stayed silent, afraid of what this mystery woman would do should he cry out in terror. He didn't move a muscle, waiting tensely, breathing heavily as the woman removed her pointed claws from his skin and gently caressed his body. Both were breathing heavily from the struggle. Leif could feel his captor's hot breath on his forehead and the heaving of her chest against his own. It was at this time the Leif noticed something that piqued his interest. As his mind began to clear he could feel the soft mass of flesh resting atop his chest: the woman's large breast, comfortably sandwiched between her body and his like the warm, gushy marshmallow in a freshly toasted s'more. Leif started to become much more comfortable with his circumstances, enjoying the big boobs pressed against his chest and being caressed so gently. The woman gently ran her hand down Leif's side, letting her claws gently rip the fabric of his shirt, and then up his thigh, scratching his boxers. Then, gently slide alongside his waistband, over to the fly of his pants, and then, slowly…
"Wait! What are you doing?"
"I told you to relax, didn't I? We're going to have some fun, nya."
"I…I don't think I want this now."
Soon Leif felt her claws sticking into the flesh of his thigh. "I told you…" she growled, Leif struggling not to cry out, "…relax. You're mine, nyao."
The woman continued to work on his fly, and then Leif felt something brush up against his hand. It was long and furry, twitching back and forth. 'A tail? It couldn't be…her, could it?' Leif, however, wasn't interested in figuring things out right now.
Leif grabbed the tail and pulled hard. There was a blood-curdling screech, but Leif realized that the weight on his body was gone. Leif jumped up and ran for the door.
"Owww! You come back here right this instant!"
Leif, instead of listening, was running. As he reached the bend of the hallway he heard footsteps behind him. Tearing down the stairs he dared not look back, lest he get distracted and slow down. Whatever it was it was getting closer. Leif reached the bottom of the steps and jumped onto the floor, he was about to run for the front door, but he suddenly heard a scream. He whipped his head around, and out of the corner of his eyes he saw a person-like mass flying at him. Vaulting over the handrail, claws extended, eyes wide with excitement, the woman flew at him. Leif barely knew what hit him until he awoke on the floor.
Sitting on top of him was Rosalyn. Then again, it wasn't Rosalyn. She was older, more mature, with her fuzzy cat ears sticking out of the top of her head and little fangs in her smile. Her tail waved excitedly back and forth, and Leif could feel the tips of her long, sharp nails sticking into his shirt. Leif marveled at her curvy, grown up body: her breasts bulging against her tight pajamas, her tight butt resting atop his stomach. He could feel her, and he wanted her: to touch her, to squeeze her, to seize her and make her his own.
Rosalyn caught a glimpse of the amazement in Leif's eyes. "You like me now, nyan?"
"Rosalyn…you are Rosalyn, right?"
She nodded. "Nyan! I'm the better, super-kitty Rosalyn. You like it, nyan?"
Leif looked at Rosalyn's body again. "Oh, yeah…" Then he quickly snapped out of it once her realized what he was saying. "I mean, yes, you…you are good. You look good! Yes, good."
Rosalyn giggled and clapped her hands. "Oh, this is wonderful: I've already seduced you, nya! Nyao this marriage will be no problem!"
"What?!" Leif started at the sound of the "m" word, but suddenly Rosalyn began acting strange ("stranger" , perhaps was a better word). She seemed to freeze, and then she started shaking uncontrollably. He voluptuous form shrank away, back to the thin, teenaged body that Leif recognized. Even the cat ears and tail were gone. Rosalyn shook her head and moaned.
"No, no, I don't want to marry you!"
"Oh good! I mean, you're back to normal, right?"
"Yes, I'm back to normal, but what the hell is going on? I grew up, and then I was thinking about you, and then…"
Rosalyn saw Leif smirk a little bit. "Stop that! This isn't funny!" She started to cry again.
"I'm sorry, I just feel really weird! Don't cry!" Leif helped her sit down and got some tissues to wipe her face. Rosalyn held back the rest of her tears though, and quickly got a grip on herself.
"Tell me what happened. Do you remember anything?"
"Yeah, I remember all of it. I ran upstairs and looked in the mirror, and then I just started growing. When I was done I remembered that you were still in the house, so I waited. Then I pounced, and I chased you, and I…did other stuff."
"Right." Leif remembered the other stuff quite well, though he thought it best not to speak of it.
"Anyway, I did everything else, but when I started talking about marrying you I just kind of snapped out of it." Rosalyn patted her chest and the rest of her body, a look of disbelief on her face. "That was really…weird."
"Yeah it was, but what was that whole marriage thing about?"
"I don't know. It made sense at the time, but now I can't think of what it meant. It's all just…gone."
Leif sighed. "Let me get you a drink of water. Then we can relax again, alright?"
Rosalyn nodded, Leif left her to go to the kitchen. He was still confused, but he was glad that it was all over. He pulled out a glass and started to fill it from the tap.
"Can I actually have some milk?"
"Okay." Leif pulled out the milk. "Are you sure that you want milk, considering…you know."
"Its alright. I just really feel like milk instead of-"
Rosalyn went silent, and Leif didn't like the sound of that. Cautiously he peeked towards the living room. Rosalyn was still sitting on he couch, but feeling her body frantically.
"What's wr-"
"It's happening again! I…I'm growing!"
"What do I do!"
"I don't know! I-" Rosalyn suddenly reached up as cat ears again sprouted out of her head. She moaned as her tail quickly sprang out of her pants. "Just get away from me! I don't…I…can't…my boobs! They feel so good…I just-no!"
Leif couldn't help but stare as he saw Rosalyn's body swelling up, her luscious curves returning and stretching out her cute heart-patterned pajamas.
"Don't! Don't lose it! You lose…control. But…but they feel so good! Oh my love! Come and feel them! I cannot tell you how my body yearns for your touch, nyan! Do not deny me, my love!"
Now Leif was staring at the same lusty, curvaceous cat-girl that had previously been perched on his chest. She massaged her bosoms with aching slowness, and glowered at Leif across the house, eyes half closed in desire. All wound up, she got up slowly, extended her claws, and made ready to run at Leif with full speed.
Leif wanted to run, but he was mesmerized by the voluptuous temptress who crouched before him, ready to pounce and seize him. Half of him wanted to be caught, but he kept remembering that it was Rosalyn in there, still watching him, who would remember everything once she snapped out of it. He had to do something, and looking around Leif desperately sought something with he could use to fend her off.
Suddenly looking down at the cabinet, Leif got an idea. Rosalyn was still eyeing him hungrily from the living room, so he carefully backed up and reached for the nearest drawer. It was full of big spoons and cutlery, and Leif rummaged through it, hoping he would find what he needed.
"Looking for knife, nya? Nice try, Leify, but I'm much too agile for you to stab."
Suddenly Rosalyn tore across the room, and was about to pounce on Leif when suddenly he shouted, "Got it!" and held it up before her. Rosalyn was confused; she had no idea why Leif had wanted a can opener, but she was somehow entranced and intrigued by the sight of it. Taking his chance Leif slowly reached into the cabinet, pulling out one of the numerous cans of tuna fish stored there.
Rosalyn's eyes widened, and quickly she got on all fours, purring and rubbing up against Leif's legs.
"So, you do like tuna after all." Leif remembered this trick from when his sister had a cat. That thing would scratch up the furniture and hiss at you whenever you tried to touch her, but just pull out a can opener and she'd become your best friend, if only for ten minutes. Leif started opening the can, and as soon as that seal was opened Rosalyn let out a long, desirous sigh. Leif dished the tuna onto a plate and held it up. Rosalyn sat back on her haunches, her tail sweeping back in forth as she looked up expectantly.
Leif did not put the plate down, however. Rosalyn lifted her hand up and began to paw at the air. "You have tuna; why are you not giving me tuna, nyan?
"Answer some questions for me." Leif had never tried to interrogate a cat-girl with tuna before, but he thought it was worth a shot. "Who are you?"
"I'm Rosa-nyan! Give tuna!"
"Is that your real name, or are you just doing that cat voice again?"
Rosalyn's green eyes narrowed. "What cat voice, nya?"
"That one you're-…never mind. What did you say earlier about me marrying you?"
"Then tuna?"
"Yes! Now tell me."
"It's all part of the curse," Rosalyn began, still eying the plate of tuna. "When I meet the man I'm going to marry, I come out and chase him until he marries me."
"Wait, so how do you know that I should marry you?"
Rosalyn licked her lips. "I have my ways, nyan. Now give me the tuna!"
"But why would I want to marry you? You're part cat, for God's sake!"
Rosalyn took her eyes off of the plate instantly and stared at Leif. Leif impatiently waited for an answer, but he was soon captivated by how the light glinted off of her irises: how they shone like jewels behind her long, dark eyelashes. Her eyes had lost the youthful ignorance that Leif had seen before, and was replaced by a knowing look. Rosalyn arched her back a little, thrusting her boobs up into Leif's field of vision.
"You don't think I'm cute…nya?"
Leif tried not to stare into her sweet, dewy, sultry eyes, but the only other alternative was Rosalyn's rich, luscious cleavage. As marvelous as it was, Leif didn't want to just stand there, looking at her big, soft-
Rosalyn pounced. The plate of tuna hit the floor, and once again Leif found himself pinned underneath Rosalyn's curvy body, but this time with the tips of her claws pricking his throat.
"One more move, nya, and I'll bleed you dry."
Leif was too surprised to fight back at the moment, but the threat put out of his mind any aspirations towards escape this time. 'Please Rosalyn, just wake up again and let me go. Please!'
"Nyao, I'm going to eat this tuna, and you're going to wait for me, yes?"
Leif said nothing, but Rosalyn gathered from the look on his face that he would comply. She bent down and began to eat, taking her time, nibbling at the tiny morsels of tuna on the floor and licking spots clean where it had fallen .
"Oh, my love! Thank you so much for the fish. I knew from the moment I first saw you that you understood me." She used her free hand to pick up the rest of the morsels that were scattered around the floor, and when she was done she licked her fingers clean.
"Now," she continued, putting a little pressure on Leif's neck, "Carry me over to the couch."
It was an awkward process for Leif to lift Rosalyn in his arms with her claws struck in his throat, but eventually he was carrying her light, curvy form through the house. He couldn't put her down, so he carefully sat back on the couch, letting Rosalyn lay in his lap: a position that seemed to suit her just fine. She purred and nuzzled against Leif's arm, her tail also waving near Leif's head, brushing occasionally against his face.
"Leif, do you love me?"
Leif hesitated, but after a little prodding from Rosalyn's claws, he knew what she wanted him to say.
"Then do me a favor," she said, rolling onto her stomach, "…and scratch me behind the ears."
Leif obeyed. Eager to please, lest he be bled to death, he teased Rosalyn's furry, pointy ears, making his way to her scalp and starting to scratch. Rosalyn let out a contented purr, lifting her head and closing her eyes in enjoyment. Leif felt the warmth of her body and the light pleasurable trembling of her purrs. Quite quickly he became unconcerned about Rosalyn's claws at his neck.
Suddenly, Leif had a sort of epiphany: he was sitting in a strange house with a  real, live cat-girl on his lap, along him to stroke her fur and enjoy himself. In fact, she was insisting upon it! He was all alone with her, and she might not mind if he were to take things a step further. Would Rosalyn mind?
'Probably not. After all, I've already touched her boob."
Gently, as he continued to scratch Rosalyn's head, Leif began to stroke Rosalyn's beautiful tail. His hand ran along it's full length, reaching the place where it joined Rosalyn's body. He stroked her tail, letting it wrap around his arm and uncoil, then ran his hand along the small of Rosalyn's back, then back again, softly stroking her backside.
Rosalyn let out a small gasp, then smiled, tilting her head back into the palm of Leif's hand. She wriggled and nuzzled, getting a little closer to rub up against his body. Leif could feel her hot, heavy breasts brushing up against his thigh, and at that point the too let out a small breath of excitement.
Suddenly Rosalyn flipped over and arched her back. "Rub my belly, nyan."
His other hand now stroking Rosalyn's thigh, Leif began circling Rosalyn's belly button, rubbing her bare flesh with the warm palm of is hand. Rosalyn shuddered and her entire body resonated with her deep, full purring. Her tail whipped back and forth, unable to sit still and wanting to rub up against Leif as much as possible. Leif couldn't believe how soft Rosalyn's skin was. He had never held a girl like this before, and she was so warm to the touch.
"Rub a little higher, nyan. I have a little itch in my tummy."
Leif moved his hand upward to where the edge of Rosalyn's inadequate pajamas now rested. He could feel the bottom of her ribcage, and he ran his finger along the ridge where her soft belly stopped and the hard bones began.
"Higher, nyan…"
Leif's fingers traced the outline of Rosalyn's ribs, then rubbed along her tight pajama shirt. Her perky, soft breasts jiggled slightly as Rosalyn shifted her weight. Leif had his eye on them now. His hands stayed just below them, but he was unwilling to move any higher and even graze the side of her breasts until she said he could. For now he scratched Rosalyn's belly, caressed her bare flesh and tickled a little bit. Rosalyn removed her claws from Leif's neck and caressed his cheek.
Leif was still rubbing Rosalyn's belly, but his hands were starting to shake. He looked at Rosalyn's breasts, straining against the fabric of her pajamas, her nipples visible through the taut cloth.
"Don't be afraid. I've been looking forward to this for hours."
His hands still trembling, Leif slid them upwards until the back of his hand touched the underside of Rosalyn's bosom. She drew a deep breath, Leif hesitated, but he quickly took his chance and lifted his hand and placed it on top of her breast.
"Oh, nyaaaaaahaaaaaannn…." Rosalyn purred so loudly that it seemed to drown out every other sound except for Leif's beating heart. Slowly, softly, he squeezed, getting a feel for the mass and weight of the fleshy mammary. He let his fingers sink in, moved the breast around, fondling and manipulating conservatively, but Leif's heart was pounding hard. He had never touched a woman's breasts before. He had imagined what it would be like, fantasized about it, in fact pleasured himself to the very thought of it. Now in these odd circumstances his wish had come true, and Leif wanted more.
His other hand came up and grasped Rosalyn's other breast. Rosalyn moaned as Leif squeezed and massaged her through her shirt. She stretched out her long, supple limbs; the top button, long strained by her growing assets, popped off and flew into the air. Rosalyn was practically topless as Leif played with her, indulging every fantasy he had ever dreamed up involving a woman's breasts.
"Nyan! I've never let anyone else touch me like this! What else can you do, nya?"
Leif paused. 'What else could I do?' He eagerly pawed at Rosalyn's breast, which he thought was the penultimate achievement, but now he had a moment of doubt. Where should he go from here? Suddenly the answer became obvious.
Leif took one hand off of Rosalyn's breasts, then worked his way down: tickled her ribs, poked and squeezed her soft belly, ran his hand over the curve of her hip, and then slid his fingers underneath her tight waistband. Little by little her slid his hand lower, deeper, further-
"So, you kids made it?"
Leif and Rosalyn whipped their heads around and saw Rosalyn's mother standing there, holding a bag of groceries.
Leif thought his heart had stopped. All three of them stood there in silence, Rosalyn's frizzy tail standing up in alarm, and Leif with his hand still clutching Rosalyn's breast. Snapping out of it he removed his hands and dumped Rosalyn off of his lap. Rosalyn shrieked as she hit the floor, but was soon on her feet again.
"Mom! What are you doing here?"
"I live here, sweetie. What are you two doing, eh?"
"I…we were…weren't doing anything! W-we…we…" The Rosalyn's voice quickly returned to its youthful tone, and her body also shrank back to normal proportions, cat ears and tail gone. She stood there in her oversized pajamas, trembling as her mom came closer. Leif was still frozen in place. He had no idea what he was going to say to Rosalyn's mom, though he was thoroughly convinced that he would not be invited over for dinner again.
Mrs. Catalunia put down the groceries and walked up to Rosalyn, who could not stop shaking. Suddenly, she threw her arms around her daughter and laughed.
"It's really happened! I'm so happy for you!"
"What!?" Rosalyn and Leif shouted.
Mom ran to the front door. "Jeff! Come in; it happened!"
Leif and Rosalyn sat there on the couch as the entire family, Mom, Dad, and Hector, ran into the room and launched a thousand questions.
"What took you so long?"
"Did you have to fight? I know I did."
"How did it feel when you transformed. Tell me everything!"
"That's it! Someone tell me what's going on right now!"
The room grew quiet as everyone stared at Rosalyn, whose face was now deep crimson. Hector and his father turned to Mrs. Catalunia, who sighed and put her hands on daughter's shoulder.
"There's no more putting it off. I'm going to tell both of you exactly what's going on." Everyone sat down in the living room as she unveiled the story.
"You see, Rosalyn, the women in our family have a special gift. Whenever oen fo us finds the man that they want to marry, another part of her self emerges."
"That's what Rosalyn told me earlier, that she chases after him until he gives in."
"Yes Leif, exactly.  A lady like us is born with a cat spirit that helps her chase that man down, never taking no for an answer. We do not stop until he is ours. That's why you did what you did today."
"But," Rosalyn shook her head and hid her face in her hands. "How do you know all of this?"
"Well, how do you think?" Mom snapped her fingers, and quickly she sprouted cat ears and a tail. Her body became a little more voluptuous and she got down on all fours, snuggling up to her husband's leg. "How do you think I met your father, nyeh?"
Rosalyn stared at her mother with her mouth hanging open.
"That's why you have all that tuna!" Leif blurted out.
Everybody stared at Leif in confusion, then quickly returned to the matter at hand.
"We've been trying to find someone who you'd like," Mr. Catalunia continued, "So we just kept bringing people home, hoping that one of the guys you met would be the one."
"Yeah," Hector chimed in. "I've been trying to get Leif to come here for weeks. Mom and Dad were going crazy whenever you said no, but I never thought that you'd actually be the one!" Hector slapped the unbelieving Leif on the back. "Congratulations bro: looks like we're going to be in-laws."
Leif said nothing, but Rosalyn began to sob. "But…but…I don't want to marry him!"
Rosalyn's Mom stood up, and pressing her daughter close to her whispered that everything would be alright. "But you do want to marry him, nyeh. That cat-girl, the woman you became, nya, she is a part of you. Perhaps you don't know her yet, but she knows you."
Rosalyn looked up into her mother's green eyes, beheld her sharpened teeth and felt her tail brush against her hand.
Mom smiled. "This is what you want. You'll see."
But Rosalyn shook her head. "I don't want him. I wanted…I want…" Bursting into tears, she tore herself free from her mom's arms and ran upstairs. Everyone heard the sound of her door slamming, and then all was silent. The rest of the family turned to Leif, who was still on the couch, vacant look on his face.
Dad stepped forward. "Well, don't be discouraged, Leif. She'll figure herself out sooner or later."
"Yeah." Hector agreed. "I know that this isn't what you wanted right now, but I think that you two were made for each other. No one else likes anime like you guys do."
Mrs. Catalunia turned back into a normal human. "Don't worry, she'll figure it out in the end."
Confused, stunned, and exhausted, Leif replied that he needed some rest. Hector helped him to the spare room to let him alone. As his mind slowed down, Leif became more calm but was unable to sleep. What did the Catalunias want of him, and what was he going to do about it. Leif didn't want to get married, least of all to a cursed human-animal hybrid. What would his parents think? Even so, these desperate musing were interrupted by thoughts of the cat-girl cuddling on his lap, and of her soft, voluptuous figure.
Another commission by :icondanio13:. Thanks for being an awesome commissioner, and I hope that you enjoy the new story.
Leif gets a strange surprise the day he decides to visit his roommate's family. Not only are they excellent cooks, but their daughter has a secret all of her own. Is it good or bad? That's for Leif to decide, isn't it? Either way, he's in for much more than he bargained for.
This story contain age progression and catgirls. Please enjoy! I asked nicely, didn't I?
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Cannonfodder10503 Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I just thought of a continuation of this for christmas. Leaf and Rosalyn have avoided each since the faitful meeting. Rosalyn refuses to come to terms with her other self and pretends it never happened. Now the College Leaf and Hector are attending are holding a Christmas party a few days before christmas. Hectors parents can't watch her during the party and ask Hector to "look after her". So Kity Rosalyn makes an apperance at the party, but her assests are way bigger.
godleydemon Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2011
oh and you might want to change this sentence a bit.

Rosalyn felt her pants stretching as her small hips began to curve and widen. Allison's flat little bottom started to mushroom and swell, but remained firm and toned.
praedatorius Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Rosalyn felt her pants stretching as her small hips began to curve and widen.
Meanwhile in a different story, Allison-

*facepalm* Looks like I need to take care of another teleporting character. Actually, this gives me an idea. Hmm...
godleydemon Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2011
lmfao, damn those teleporting characters. Always jumping into the scene when you don't expect them too, lol.
godleydemon Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2011
I actually found this quite hilarious. But I felt kind of sad for the girl as well, it scared her. This cat woman wasn't her, it was the a spirit of her personality. I'd love to see a second part to this where she explores that personality and comes to terms with it. Because its truly a part of herself, but she just doesn't understand it or want it right now. Understanding and accepting that part of her personality i think will really help the story move along. I would like to offer one part of crit. Description

You can never have to much description, well you can, but I'm the only one apparently who can do it that I've heard of, lol. On her initial transformation I would have gone into a tiny bit more detail. As in the weight of her body changing, the folds of her clothes as they grew tighter around her body. Those types of things, and then I was a little disappointed when immediately she reverted with almost no description.

I love your writing style and I really wish you luck and keep up the good work. I know me and Max will deffinantly be watching ^.-
Cannonfodder10503 Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Sucks to be them.
Darkkol Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2011
I liked the story. You kept the pace moving along good and kept the characters likable and more fully developed. I enjoyed the transformations scenes especially. I also enjoy how you kept just above going into a full on sex scene. It was enjoyable and I would be interested in seeing a sequel of how everyone gets along with this sudden engagement.

Good job and keep up the great work.
YurixTheWanderer Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
Now that was definitely worth the read. Very nice work. Really looking forward to what'll come next.
danio13 Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2011
Awesome work
This story deserves a sequel :D
Caveman01 Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2011
Hector continued eating as he talked about all of his favorite anime and manga, while Rosalyn joined in. She talked about all of the books that she owned, and Leif talked about all of the stuff that he had seen in the manga club at college.

I think Hector was supposed to be Leif in this Context.
Other than that it's good,not really into human to animal, but it's good.
praedatorius Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
You do realize of course that once I edit this I'll have to kill you.
:stupidme:I can't have characters teleporting around the place willy-nilly! Thanks for the heads up, and I'm glad you like the story
Caveman01 Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2011
It happened with somebody else's story on hear aswell, but it was two girls becoming three, rather than the 'wrong one' out of the two. Somebody else might've picked up on it eventually, I'm just the only one to warn you first.
praedatorius Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
None the less I'm grateful that you pointed it out. I pride myself on the fact that my stories are comprehensible and well-proofread before I post them, so when someone points out silly mistakes like these I'm eager to correct them.
jobeyonekinobe Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Incredible, simply incredible. Favorited, i hope you do more catgirl TF in the future.
DrakonisLibrisRex Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
A bit random, more than a bit goofy, and totally Awesome!
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