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Compliments of Miguel, Part 2 (AR)
      “You look beautiful.”
      The humiliation hit me like a blast of hot air. I squirmed and clenched my teeth, as the entire class laughed at me. I couldn’t look up, but I could see the deep-etched frown lines on Miss Veers’ getting deeper.
      I thought of Miguel nodding in approval. “You’d better come through,” I muttered.
      Granted, after watching Miguel turn a little girl into a giant, I would have done anything he asked me to do. Watching that girl crawl through the hallway, squeezing her shoulders underneath the ceiling as she made her way to class, I thought there was nothing Miguel couldn’t do. As he pulled me through the school, passing people left and right, I frantically wondered who he would transform next. Our next victim quickly came into view.
      “See that lady?”
      She was a teacher, h
:iconpraedatorius:praedatorius 13 1
Mature content
One Click (TG, AP, WG) :iconpraedatorius:praedatorius 47 1
Mature content
Ben10: The Glutton Queen (TG, WG, AP) :iconpraedatorius:praedatorius 27 2
The Slime Children Academy, Ch. 5 (WG, Stuffing)
      The next morning, Mommy took Casey shopping. The pair walked straight to the lingerie section, where Casey demanded that Mommy find her a bra. They searched the entire say until they found just the right size, stretching it around Casey until it cradled her flabby chest. Casey loved it. Mommy bought her five different colors, and Casey walked out of the store, her pure white bra lifting up her flabby breasts, like a queen.
      Back at home, Casey ordered Mommy to sit down on the floor, then filled a pitcher with slime from the sink. Mommy watched as Casey dipped her finger in the slime and held it up to Mommy’s mouth.
      “Taste it,” Casey said.
      Mommy licked the slime off of Casey’s finger and smiled, but then, when she opened her mouth for another taste, Casey held back. Instead, she held the pitcher near Mommy’s waist.
      “Open your pants.”
:iconpraedatorius:praedatorius 15 0
Sometime Step-Sister Now Available! by praedatorius Sometime Step-Sister Now Available! :iconpraedatorius:praedatorius 3 0
The Slime Children, Academy Ch. 4 (WG, Stuffing)
      A week later, a car drove up the mountain road to Madame Sauvage’s Academy. The air was foggy and chill, as normal, but when the car reached the front door a little girl climbed out as happy and cheerful as a songbird.
      “Mommy, take my stuff out of the car.”
      “Okay, Casey!”
      Mommy opened the door and the car lurched as first one large foot, then another, stepped out onto the gravel drive. The car rocked back and forth as Mommy got to her feet. She was smiling as she staggered to the back of the car, her swollen belly bouncing from underneath her shirt.
      “Thanks, Mommy!” Casey smiled, taking the bags. “I’ll see you next week. Make sure when you get home that you eat a big bucket of slime every day.”
      “Okay, Casey!” Mommy smiled. “That stuff tastes great, so I don’t mind.”
:iconpraedatorius:praedatorius 16 0
My Girlfriend's Nuts (Book Cover) Now Available! by praedatorius My Girlfriend's Nuts (Book Cover) Now Available! :iconpraedatorius:praedatorius 3 0
The Slime Children, Academy Ch. 3 (WG, Stuffing)
      In the middle of the night, Casey walked out of her room, her light body not making a sound. She stepped over the box in the hallway and slid down the polished wooden handrail to the living room. She squeezed through the hard plastic fence, and she climbed down the dark ravine, following the green light that glowed down at the bottom.
      The entrance to the cave was clear. Casey crawled in just as easily as she did when she was little. Just as before, the pool bathed Casey in its gentle green light.
      She took off her pajamas and dipped her feet in the pool. As she slid her body in, Casey regretted not wearing a diaper, but she slathered herself in the sweet, warm goo and sank deeper into the pool. Then, she took a taste.
      She licked the slime off her fingers. She licked the slime off her hands. She licked the slime off her arms and her legs, bathing herself like a cat to get all the slime into her mouth. Whe
:iconpraedatorius:praedatorius 12 2
Breast Friends (Kindle Book Cover) Available Now! by praedatorius Breast Friends (Kindle Book Cover) Available Now! :iconpraedatorius:praedatorius 13 5
The Slime Children Academy, Ch. 2 (WG, Stuffing)
      Casey lifted the post of her bed and lifted the tile beneath it. Under the tile was a hole, and inside the slot, was a small roll of money: the leftover change from her school supply money. She stuffed it in her shoe, put on some clothes, and quickly—quietly—opened the bedroom door to find Uma, who, with the other girls, was sneaking out.
      “Let me come with you,” Casey whispered as she tiptoed up behind them
      “You?” said Uma. “You got me in trouble!”
      “Take me with you or I’ll scream,” Casey said.
      “Okay-okay,” Uma hissed. “Come on.”
      Uma led Casey and half a dozen other girls into the stairwell, to one of the old fire doors. No one in the school seemed to know that the alarm was broken because, when Uma pressed the handle, the door opened without a sound. A blast of chilly moun
:iconpraedatorius:praedatorius 12 0
The Slime Children Academy, Ch. 1 (WG, Stuffing)
      The dream always began with the same stone chamber. She had seen it in so many times that Casey wasn’t sure if she was remembering a real place, or just remembering her other dreams. Whether it was real or not, there was always a green pool in the center radiating with warm, green light.
      Casey tried to get closer, but suddenly she heard the class bell ring. Her heart started pounding. Her stomach was rumbling. She stepped closer, but her feet sunk into the ground like she was walking through snow. She trudged closer, but the bell rang again and again, pushing her back like she was walking against a stiff wind. Casey got down on her hands and knees, crawling closer and closer until her hand was within reach of the pool. She reached out her finger, begging for a taste, but suddenly the ringing bell yanked Casey back and dragged her away until the green pool was out of sight.
      Casey opened her eyes. The school bell was bl
:iconpraedatorius:praedatorius 22 3
Mature content
Princess Spike: Ogres and Oubliettes (TG, MLP) :iconpraedatorius:praedatorius 15 1
Mature content
Asuka: The Weight of Evangelion (WG, Nerd) :iconpraedatorius:praedatorius 51 4
The Slime Children, Ch. 8 (WG, Stuffing)
      The girls crawled in, their diapers all brushing against the sides of the tunnel until they reached the slime pool.
      Casey stuffed herself with slime. She ate and ate and ate, but just when it seemed that she was full, she sat back on the floor and rested. Lily, Dawn, and Uma did the same, snorting and slurping like pigs at a trough.
      Casey napped for a few minutes, resting her hands on her belly, letting the warm slime lull her to sleep. When her giant belly began rumbling again, she crawled on her hands and knees and dipped her face into the pool again, slurping up as much as she could, warming her insides with the green, glowing ooze.
       “I’m so stuffed,” Lily burped. She slapped her belly and watched it jiggle. She slapped it over and over again just so that she could see the waves of fat ripple underneath her shirt.
      Uma was sitting at the edge of the pool. Sh
:iconpraedatorius:praedatorius 16 2
The Slime Children, Ch. 7 (WG, Stuffing)
      Another three weeks passed. Mommy kicked Daddy out of the house. Casey felt terrible without Daddy around, and whenever she could, almost every day, she and her friends retreated to the cave to feast on the delicious slime, then haul it back inside their giant, absorbent diapers.
      Mommy was too busy talking on the phone to her lawyer and her detective. She didn’t notice when Casey was gone. Casey just told her that she was going to Lily, Uma, or Dawn’s house. They were all on the same block, and Mommy just wanted to talk on the phone, so she didn’t ask questions. Casey and her friends ate and ate, growing larger, and larger and larger.
      First, her belly grew. Casey barely noticed because she was used to her stomach swelling every time she ate her fill of the green slime, but over time Casey’s tight little tummy grew bigger, bulkier, and jigglier. It peeked out from beneath her pajama shirts every morni
:iconpraedatorius:praedatorius 15 5
The Slime Children, Ch. 6 (WG, Stuffing)
      After dark, when the girls emerged from the cave, their bellies were practically hanging between their legs. Their cheeks were swollen with slime, and their tummies sloshed back and forth as they stepped slowly out of the ravine and into their back yards.
      “Thanks…Casey…” Dawn panted, lifting her stomach over the edge of the ravine and staggering into her back yard. “I’ll…tell…Mommy…” she gasped, “To buy…big girl…diapers.”
      Casey, her diaper still full to the brim with slime, clawed her way up the slope to her own back yard and waved goodbye. “Glad…I could help.”
      “Good night,” panted Dawn.
      “Good night,” panted Casey. The lights were on in her house. She covered the distance step by step. The diaper was packed full of juicy, gooey slime. Most of it was still war
:iconpraedatorius:praedatorius 15 5


Secret Doll001 by Eltomte
Mature content
Secret Doll001 :iconeltomte:Eltomte 36 5
Scarlett Beauregarde and the Inventing Room by berry-duke96 Scarlett Beauregarde and the Inventing Room :iconberry-duke96:berry-duke96 267 1 Scarlett Beauregarde and the Inventing Room- 2 by berry-duke96
Mature content
Scarlett Beauregarde and the Inventing Room- 2 :iconberry-duke96:berry-duke96 204 7
Growth Period Fanart: Pam. by Atariboy2600
Mature content
Growth Period Fanart: Pam. :iconatariboy2600:Atariboy2600 166 6
Khonsu ~ Egyptian Gods by Yliade Khonsu ~ Egyptian Gods :iconyliade:Yliade 2,106 45 COMM: Buxom Hermoine and Fat Nerdy Cho by saturnxart
Mature content
COMM: Buxom Hermoine and Fat Nerdy Cho :iconsaturnxart:saturnxart 207 8
A Friend Indeed
    He looked nervous as he sat in front of her. Her eyes rose up and up, a smile forming on her face as she gazed into his expression. He towered over her, his shadow up and rising, blanketing her with darkness.
    She had no fear.
    She cocked her head a bit, taking a deep breath.
    He was sitting in his office space, which was nothing more than a desk and a lamp at the edge of a window that overlooked his home land. As she gazed up at him she began to examine him, much like he was doing to her.
    His eyes were kind, warm, and rather inviting. She noticed how his hair gently tuffed at his ears and fell over one of his eyes. The tiny woman smiled to herself.
    He was positioned with his elbows propped on his knees, his black leather shoes in front of her and steady. His large body was hunched over, eager to see her form on the carpeted floor. She stood befor
:iconanokakon:AnokaKon 1 0
Mature content
Growing Anger Ch2 :iconanokakon:AnokaKon 1 0
Mature content
Growing Anger Ch1 :iconanokakon:AnokaKon 2 0
Secret Doll000 by Eltomte
Mature content
Secret Doll000 :iconeltomte:Eltomte 51 14
The Pleasure Parlor 09 by miycko
Mature content
The Pleasure Parlor 09 :iconmiycko:miycko 51 8
Jungle Evelina by sleepygimp Jungle Evelina :iconsleepygimp:sleepygimp 474 29 Anna In Elsa's Room by Rastifan
Mature content
Anna In Elsa's Room :iconrastifan:Rastifan 88 7
COMM: Bimbo Sabrina and Bimbo Sabrina by saturnxart
Mature content
COMM: Bimbo Sabrina and Bimbo Sabrina :iconsaturnxart:saturnxart 179 15
90 days in. cover no words. by JSDoom83
Mature content
90 days in. cover no words. :iconjsdoom83:JSDoom83 18 1
Mature content
Down on the Farm (part 5) :iconsharkvibe:sharkvibe 6 1

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Little tidbits about myself, including the fact that I like to use words like "tidbits".

How about a GILF TG kindle book? 

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This always hits the spot when I'm stuck.

It helps me remember that every artist has to start somewhere. After that, all you have to do is keep going.


This always hits the spot when I'm stuck.

It helps me remember that every artist has to start somewhere. After that, all you have to do is keep going.

...I still love this song.



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hey there :D happy birthday :)
Mon Oct 15, 2012, 8:29 AM
Thanks for the watch
Thu Jan 5, 2012, 7:50 PM
dude, i was born in new jersey
Thu Jun 23, 2011, 9:29 AM
Now if I could only spell awesome right :P
Sun May 8, 2011, 10:59 AM
Aweomse, glad you're enjoying it.
Sun May 8, 2011, 10:58 AM
Yeah, it's pretty cool.
Sat May 7, 2011, 7:46 PM
Glad to see you're making use of your membership.
Sat May 7, 2011, 6:53 AM



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