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I'm currently on hiatus. Waitlist adds will be closed until I return from Japan.


  • Add your name to the waiting list by filling out this form.
  • Please sign up only ONCE (i.e. no duplicates). Maximum order is 2 wands at a time.
  • When I finish your order, then you may sign up again.
  • Regarding time-sensitive orders: no guarantees, but I'll do my best.
  • When it's your turn, I will contact you at the email address you provide.
  • If you don't reply, you'll forfeit your spot. Please sign up again if you still wish to place an order.

Commission Wait List

Currently working on: [None - see hiatus announcement]

Next up:

Jennifer B. (2)
Eva V.
Debra B. (2)
Johnny L. 
Maja M. 
Sergio V.
Ryan R. (2)
Jessica W. 
Bruce M. (2)
Kayla A.
Nolan B.
Alecson Y.

(Further adds PAUSED until July 2019)

Current estimated turnaround rate: N/A. Will resume when I return from Japan.

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PindragonDesigns's avatar
Weird, I was pretty sure i jumped on the next waiting list D:! I shall have to put Freya and I on for the next available!
PraeclarusWands's avatar
I'll make an announcement when it's open again. :)
PindragonDesigns's avatar
I am not usually on DA could you shoot me a note? I want on for sure so does Freya. I just have so much work to be done i have a waiting list for leather pieces a year n a half long. If you can my friend i would be grateful.
isabellaswancullen's avatar
Please email me instead of messaging me here when it's my turn :) I hardly ever get on here anymore. I'll note you my email.
PindragonDesigns's avatar
Odd i was supposed to be on there for 2 wands..
PraeclarusWands's avatar
You're right! Sorry about that, I'll fix it now.
PindragonDesigns's avatar
Aye thank you milady.
stormyhearted's avatar
Do you have a mailing list for your waitlist/commissions? My feed reader doesn't always play nicely- sometimes it has a delay of several days when pulling updates, and I don't want to miss when you next open your waitlist.
PraeclarusWands's avatar
Not a strict mailing list, per se, but if you note me your email, I can let you know when the waitlist is open again.
stormyhearted's avatar
PindragonDesigns's avatar
Put me on the list for 2 more in december darlin.
AvalonsWinter's avatar
Hey can I grab 3 slots? Two for myself and one for a friend? (she doesn't have an account on DA so you'll have to use my name)
AvalonsWinter's avatar
Okay wait sorry I just read the application terms
sparrowcrazy's avatar
Tom Cruise has ordered a wand from you! :dummy: :XD: Sorry just the first thought that came to mind when I saw the listt..:lmao:
PraeclarusWands's avatar
Haha, I wish I could make a wand for someone famous! That'd be pretty cool.
sparrowcrazy's avatar
That'd be awesome... mind you I bet a really famous person wouldn't say that it was him/her who ordered it...XD
PraeclarusWands's avatar
Oh definitely. Anonymity is difficult to come by when one is always in the limelight.
sparrowcrazy's avatar
Exactly.. but wouldn't it be cool if they asked you to make wands for the new Harry Potter series?! That's be so awesome!
TaranJHook's avatar
Do you know when you're commission list will be open again? I wanted to get a friend a wand for a graduation present. She graduates in June but she's not picky about when she gets it. I showed her the one that you made me and she really liked it.
PraeclarusWands's avatar
To be honest, I'm not really sure. With my summer school schedule as busy as it is, I realistically won't open it again until June or July, probably. I wish I could give you a more definite answer!
TaranJHook's avatar
That's okay, I just wanted some sort of time frame to come track you down again to put in an order. Thanks!
GoldLion973's avatar
Please add me to some kind of list or another am looking for an Almond Wand if possible?

Your work is brilliant.

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