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Q1. Do you take commissions, and how much does it cost?
Yes! I mainly work by commissions/custom order. For more information on how to place an order of your own, see Commission a Custom Wand. Prices start at US$150. Detailed designs will cost more.

Q2. Why are your wands so expensive?  Any custom, handmade work will naturally be more expensive than the same thing off-the-shelf because it requires time, effort, and artistry. My wands are not mass-produced or quickly created with power tools. Instead I make each wand using hand tools, with great attention to detail in order to fit your specifications. They are therefore priced accordingly.

Q3. Can I buy one of your wands in your gallery? Most wands in the gallery were custom orders and are therefore unavailable. However, wands in the "For Sale" gallery are available!

Q4. Can I commission you to make one of your previous wands again?  No, sorry. I don't repeat designs! Each wand is truly one-of-a-kind. 

Q5. Can you make a replica of my Pottermore wand or a wand from the HP films? No, sorry. Those designs belong to other people, and I will not copy them directly. However, I can make you an original design inspired by a character's wand, though it can't be exactly the same.

Q6. Do you have any pre-made wands for sale? Usually I do not, but if I do, they will be listed here

Q7. Do you use a lathe or dremel? Nope! I use knives and other hand tools.

Q8. What tools do you use? Carving tools: spokeshave, Flexcut knives in various profiles (Detail KN13, Mini-Detail KN27, Mini Skew KN31, Fine Detail KN35), Flexcut mini-gouges (FR804 micro palm set). Walnut Hollow woodburning tool with interchangeable tips. Sanding and finishing tools: Sandpaper (100-2000 grit), Minwax stain in various colors, Duraclear varnish, Formby's Tung Oil finish.

Q9. I need a wand on short notice! Sorry, I don't take rush orders. If you have a deadline, message me directly and I will try to accommodate, but no guarantees. Depending on the current length of the waiting list, it's best to inquire about 6 months ahead of your deadline.

Q10. Where do you get the boxes? I make each one from scratch, so I can customize it with your color choices for the lid, interior fabric, and ribbon.

Q11. What's your Hogwarts/Ilvermorny house? 
Hogwarts: Ravenclaw . Ilvermorny: Horned Serpent.

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What if someone wanted to draw a character wielding a wand that resembled one you created (say, for example, a witch)? Would they still need to credit you in some way?