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''Rush'' JB-494t

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This wand was commissioned by Jennifer B. and is based on the character Nicholas Rush from Stargate. Jennifer described him to me as a collection of dichotomies -- logic and passion, caring and callousness, pragmatic and heroic, and symbolic of order and chaos. I reflected that in the wand design by combining a rough, textured handle and an ordered shaft. The inscription reads "Creare machina id potest sentio est crudelitas" in the Ancient Alphabet from Stargate (does anyone have a translation?).

The handle base features a burned-in Seal of Rassilon, from Doctor Who. I would like to add that it is very difficult to burn perfect circles onto a curved surface.

Measures 13 1/2". Completed August 2013.

Photo and wand © Praeclarus Wands, do not repost, copy, or use without express permission.
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This is beautiful, WOW. The details are amazing. What kind of wood did you use?? It's gorgeous, and I think it fits Rush really well.

With regards to the translation, I know other people have already answered but I can confirm that it's definitely 'to create a machine that feels is cruelty' and I can give you some context - it's not actually referenced much in Stargate itself, but is a central theme to a rather influencial Stargate fanfic called Force Over Distance, in which it's suggested that the Ancients made their technology sentient enough to be able to feel and thus interact with the Ancients. However, the Ancients died and left their technology behind, immortal as machinery but utterly alone. Nicholas Rush interacts with an AI created by an Ancient on the starship Destiny, which is essentially traumatised by it's loneliness and torture by some horrid aliens trying to invade the ship. However, because it's a machine, the trauma is always immediate and doesn't fade with time - and so the phrase 'to create a machine that feels is cruelty' is referenced in Ancient. 
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Thanks for the background and translation! I don't watch Stargate so the fact that I was able to capture Rush's character makes me very happy (and is a credit to how well Jennifer, the commissioner, described him).

To answer your question, I used ash wood.
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So.. Rumplestiltskin and DW combined.. Cool! :D
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I didn't even notice the actor was the same guy until you mentioned it!
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:lmao: He does have a completely different personality, just proves what an amazing actor he is. :D
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Yay! A new wand! I really like this one. 
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Thanks! I'm happy with how it turned out.
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Nice work :)
I like the gallifreyan design.

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I want to know if Moffat will tie the 50th Special's storyline into Capaldi's era. I'm personally very excited for Twelve.
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The inscription is something like..."Creates machine that can sentiently be cruel." Good job on the circle by the way.
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That translation is pretty rough.  My Latin isn't spectacular, but I think the following is closer:  "Creare" -> "Creating", "machina" -> "a machine", "id potest" -> "that possesses", "sentio" -> "sentience/feeling/perception/thought/consciousness", "est" -> "is", "crudelitas" -> "cruelty".  So putting that together, "Creating a machine that possesses sentience is cruelty" or "... is a cruelty".  Or, more simply, "Creating a machine that can feel is cruel".
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It's possible that I could of been mistaken about the translation since I never actually took any latin classes or anything, but I figured since the wand is made with Rassilon's seal (who apparently created a statue weapon made of the living metal validium) and the inscription is written in the Star Gate Ancient language and is about machines, I assumed that it was about the Replicators. I've never seen Dr. Who, but I have seen Star Gate and I know that the Replicators are evil little machines that have a mind of their own. So putting all that together, along with the fact that it's a wand and it would make since to have a command-type inscription, I came up with that translation. Oh, and also I was kind of going for a word for word translation since it's almost english anyways.
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Thanks for the translation! I tried googling it and nothing really came up.
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You're welcome. I think the word-possessions complicated the translator.
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