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i lingered in my mother's belly
like a hunger
five days after i was due 
to make my grand appearance.
it's almost as if i was hesitant to leave the womb,
to break upon this empty sky as dawns do,
spill my colors like glowstick syrup on this bleak world,
or maybe, let the world
spill its bleakness onto my beauty
a newborn baby
wrapped in cotton and swaddled in fate
as i grew older,
i witnessed the other kids losing their baby teeth and 
i wanted nothing to do with it
i let my teeth dangle like christmas ornaments
hanging by threads,
didn't want to sever the ties i had to the past
the first food i ate went past these very teeth
they erupted from my peach-flesh gums, turned valleys to mountains
the first words i babbled fell into the world, slipping through these pearls
irregular as the flight of a bat
but no matter how scared i felt, my baby teeth still fell
hard white snowflakes, bleeding ruby, meteor showers flowering into the sink,
later plucked up and hidden in a secret box
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Where have you been?!

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 12, 2017, 11:45 AM
Hey all! Long time since I dropped in >_>;. I figured I should give you all an update and general explanation of why I've been MIA for so long.

Long story short, I've been looking for work! I had a few opportunities come up that were fun and interesting, but unfortunately each fell through in the end (Every one was from circumstances beyond mine or the employers control actually, and some of the strangest situations you can think up with have come to pass! String of bad luck all around, really). Been a bit of a bummer, and with being so focused on finding some new opportunities I've not been crafting much (I've actually been writing a bit when I get the chance, since that doesn't cost the same for supplies. Being economical, heave-ho!).

Another thing is I've been trying to save a bit to actually attend some of the shows I usually work! I will be at Anime North, but not at a table this year. If I can manage it I would like to visit Con Bravo too :). It's been many yeeeears since I've attended a Convention just for fun! Working a table is nice and all, but it's still work, and I don't get time to enjoy with my friends nearly as much as I'd like (or without being totally tired). I'd also like to visit my table buddies during show hours, not just for 5 minutes before the show starts if our tables aren't close. But if you recognize me on the floor of any of these conventions and wanna talk, come up and say hi! It'll be nice to mingle without a table in the way!

Finally, while I still want to continue with Practically Geeky when I'm a bit more financially stable, I've been considering maybe changing it up and improving it. I've wanted to get into prop-making for awhile now, and been poking around in that evolution of craft-making a bit more. A big help? I actually got a 3D Printer for a birthday/christmas present last year! Still learning a lot about it every print, between finding work and such (eg: last week Persona 5 came out, annnd I've been playing it a lot at a friends house >_>; ), but it's really fun! Having used one at school has helped a bunch too. In fact, it would be totally awesome if I could get into work with 3D printers and laser cutters and vacuum molds other such DIY stuff...*dreamy eyes*. That's sorta my big aim right now! Might as well give it a shot, right :3? I also want to try poking at worbla and other such related things...

So for now, Practically Geeky's on hold for selling at conventions and regular craft updates. I ALWAYS do commission work though! And anything to do with prop-making right now will be offered at a discount, both for giving me practice and having to figure out costs. So if you stuck around and read this whole thing, you know what's up ;). Just email or message me with anything titled Props to Practically Geeky, and I'll know you read this, and will discount it (see what I did there? Puns XD! I love 'em. The more you add to your message the better ;P! Even just in general! Always use puns, that's my life-advice. Especially the horrible ones!)

Anyway, have yourself a geeky day! Props to you all XD!

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