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RE - Comic 005 Pt.1

By PracticalAl
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This comic is dedicated to *Resident-evil-STARS for making me such an awesome giftart! I know she loves Birkin and Wesker, and so I got the idea when I looked at this recent submission of hers: [link] . I know it's a little OOC, but I couldn't resist! I had the hardest time fitting in all the text, and there was so much more I wanted to write! I hope it's not to hard to read! It should be read in a descending order, left to right.

My comics are usually one shots, with a singular punchline, but I wanted to try something different. It was a pain, but I had so much fun doing it! -And oh yes, you read it correctly, it is 'To Be Continued'! If anyone wants to make there own continuations to this, I'd love to see them! Mine won't be done for awhile, sooo.. 8D..

I've been overwhelmed with giftart lately! Thanks so much guys, I'm working on paying y'all back! I have some trades to start and some Irving doodles to be working on! I hope you enjoy the comic, thanks!

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Resident Evil/Characters (C) CAPCOM
Artwork/Comic (C) PracticalAl
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William: It was MY CREATION!!
PracticalAl's avatar
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I lost it at the Hitler Youth Camp joke XD
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Hahaha I love this!:XD: this comic actually inspired a Re rp between me and my friend, so thank you for the inspiration! :glomp: poor William, so heartbreaking :( :heart:
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Wow, just wow.  The facial expressions on Wesker & Alfred's faces really sell the humor here.  Fantastic work.
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It's something like my chemistry lesson...
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:iconloolplz:"Alexia I destroyed your competition

All you do is fun. You're great :hug:
You have very well respected personalities of each character (Alexia is great) while you did fun.
To favorites!!
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"I need to steal something before I go home." That comment made my day. That is SO Wesker.
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Hahahaha love william with his inhaler!!!
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I miss your comics with Ashford VS Birkin :'(
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NOOOO! Poor William. Those nasty Ashford twins are always making his life a living hell.
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I love this~! William is such a little nerd >w<
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-Based on a true story- :XD:
AmyxandAxel-luv's avatar
Birkin's asthma attack almost killed me lol XD
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Panel 20 needs a plz account :giggle:
Kermitthefrog223456's avatar
Alexia and Alfred are a bit young to work at Umbrella XD
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lol tomorrow: b.o.w bingo i love the comix
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Ahh Wesker desperately trying to plot to take over the world.
Destikim's avatar
"tomorrow B.O.W. bingo" :XD:
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Oh it is miss alex ashford *pat* *pat*
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*takes out a bag of popcorn* I could watch this ALLL NIGHT! XD
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