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RE - Comic 003

By PracticalAl
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After drawing my S.T.A.R.S picture, I really wanted to make comic with all of them. (Okay, I guess not all of them..) Sorry it's such a huge file! ^.^;.. Anyway.. FEAR Captain Wesker's omnipotence!

-And thanks for reading. <3
EDIT: Thank you for all of the +faves!

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Characters (C) CAPCOM
Art/Comic (C) PracticalAl
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Published:   |  Mature
© 2008 - 2020 PracticalAl
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 Laugh LOL  Hilarious!
((It's even better when you visualise the voice actors!))
Shadow12177's avatar
The man knows all :O
Rooster-Brother's avatar
He hears everithing while he sleep? What is he!?
ZanderMightyHero9999's avatar
IDK! *Screams then runs*
Superinsanewolf's avatar
Damn. He good man.
plichta10's avatar
Wesker just knows man.
kanaru1999's avatar
Why Wesker wears glasses, huh?
TsukinoMegami2's avatar
Makes me wonder what kind of a dad he would have been to Jake XD This is this most adorable and awesome thing!!
Kyta-Satora's avatar
Lol Wesker knows and sees all
Even in his sleep
gz50250's avatar
chris's innocent eyes are so adorable!!!!!
LalaLovelace25's avatar
LOLOLOL Last panel killed me.

"WHY DID YOU FUCK ME?!?!!?1" - Cryaotic
RipOffAsian's avatar
I laughed so hard!
You sir, have a talent in making comics.
TheLastIronMan's avatar
dongpants22222's avatar
BAHAHAHA! Perfect! Just...Perfect!
T-002nolife's avatar
Hhhhhh....this is the best one after the ashford's ones
lafannumeroun's avatar
Hi! i really love your work and i was wondering if i could translate it and upload it to my deviantart page, obviously i'm gonna give all credits to you :)
etile's avatar
ha oh man I love this
AngelJasiel's avatar
imnothuman1o1's avatar
lol wesker got jill slaped
PaddysDemon's avatar
awww Brad just froze
Azura-chan1522's avatar
I keep an angered face when I sleep to!
(my mother tells me)
Kermitthefrog223456's avatar
Wesker swore! I knew he was evil :(
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