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Welcome to the Practical Effects group! If you are a practical special effects artist, or simply like practical special effects, please feel free to join!

The aim of this group is to join FX artists together, to help each other out along the way, and to showcase the amazing work of effects artists.

Practical special effects include (but are not limited to) prosthetic pieces, character makeup/body paint, props, models and animatronics. Basically, anything along these lines that is physical (this is not a group for computerized images or digital animations).

There are a few ground rules we need to go over before you start posting away:

*Constructive criticism only: This group was made so we can help each other out, not put each other down. Any comment deemed intentionally rude, 'flaming', or 'trolling' will be removed - repeat offenses may end in the offender being removed from the group.

*Please submit to the appropriate folder. If your work could be under more than one label, just pick whichever you prefer. (See below for folder descriptions)
*Work in progress pictures are great, so yes we welcome their submission. Please make sure they are submitted to the 'WIP' folder. There are some exceptions to this rule: for instance, if a sculpt is only one phase of a project, but the sculpt itself is finished, it may be placed in a themed folder instead of the wip folder if you prefer.
*Submissions are limited to one per folder per day, with the exception of the 'WIP' folder which can submitted up to three times per day

-Horror and Gore: Gross and gory stuff can go here - wounds, decomposition (yes, that includes zombies), severed limbs, haunts and haunt props, etc
-Fantasy: Anything from the world of fantasy and mythology - fauns, fairies, orcs, minotaurs, props or scenery that could be straight out of D&D... you get the picture
-Science-Fiction: If it looks like it belongs on a spaceship, put it here - robots/cyborgs, aliens, prop phasers, etc
-Supernatural: If it goes bump in the night or is spiritual in nature, it should be here - ghosts/phantasms, angels/demons, props or scenery for a ritual, etc
-Natural: Anything of the natural world can be placed here - human characters, miniature buildings/landscapes, etc
-Other: Anything that clearly doesn't fit in any other folder may be placed here
-WIP: Anything that isn't yet finished
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