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My second submission to the *theluminarium's pack.

The idea was making a remake of my Garnet: The First Encounter piece ([link] ).

One of my most diffucult and biggest work, yet unpopular, which is rather depressing....

Anyway, this is half remake - half inspired by Joe Tucciarone.

Click the 'Download' button to get the wallies. I've added most used ratios. Just try different versions untill you find the one that suits your ratio.
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So many of these kinds of pictures I drool over!
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So do you think i can save this and use it for a custom phone case?
With your permission only of course.
It's just so..... beautiful! Adding to the fact the Jellyfish are my ultimate favorite creatures of the sea. Haven't come across anything as delicate vibrant yet dangerous so far.
Please please please please pleaaassseeee? *flutters lashes*
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Cool! Jellyfish are awesome, and this would certainly live up to its category of Science-Fiction.
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This is simply BEAUTIFUL! Totally worthy of a DD, although I don't know how to suggest them...
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Something looks like it's feasting on purple algae, or something! The blue pops out better in full view.
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This is great! :D
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Stunningly Beautiful Artwork!
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This one is unpopular? Aww, that is unfortunate.. this one is really quite amazing, and unique. I love this concept to death!
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How did you make such a nice flare? I am interested to know. :)
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It was made out of ordinary lens flares just stretched and rotated, lots of them :)
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"Unpopular"?! :eyepopping:

Meh, humans; they have no taste. It's gorgeous! :nod:

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Nice work, i love the colors and the composition :thumbsup:
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I have to tell you, this has got to be one of the coolest space art pieces I've seen on deviantART. Awesome to the extreme! Thanks!!
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This is a great picture. One the hand it looks like a jellyfish and on the other hand it looks like a planet. I really like it!
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Heyy... *thinks* I have this on my pc's wallpaper.... Didn't knew it was yours? :D
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