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Garnet: The First Encounter



This is also for =Nameless-Designer's space contest


A note in one of the crew member's journal:
"As we entered the wormhole a new world appeared.....different galaxy with different stars, different constellations, different nebulas and different planets.....
The only familiar thing was the droids and probes.....they were everywhere! Earth didn't grudge on them to study the portal of unknown origin.......and they all ended up here.....disabled somehow.........
Now I think that maybe we should've paid attention to this fact. But back then, we were all stunned by the beauty of the unknown planet......... and we only thought about the secrets it was holding..............


Size: 8278x5000px (~70x42cm at 300dpi)
Layers: around 100
Time: about 3 days
PSD: 1.27Gb at 8bit
Jpeg: 6.17Mb at quality 10 out of 12


~Melya, `j4m3sb0nd, =gucken and *taenaron - critics
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There's more im my gallery! ;)
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I love the color choices. Interesting storyline. Makes me think of a movie boxcover :)