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Another space picture from me :)

My main idea was to create a pure space picture with no planets, just a simple space... as you can see I couldn't hold myself completely :D

Anyway, I love this piece not only because I spent a hell of lot of time on it and remade it several times but also because I finally got an insight on how to made those spiral galaxies :)

Maybe this is not my full-capacity picture but still I think it turned out pretty realistic, which was my main idea.

Hope you like it too :)


Software: photoshop CS3
Time: ~10 days
Layers: ~60-70
Size: 4000x2400px
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© 2008 - 2021 Pr3t3nd3r
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Where is the download link?
Excalibur-64M3R's avatar
Oh my... definitely grand
Cryogen4000's avatar
Makes me feel insignificant standing on earth///so many galaxies so many possibilities.....awesome work
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Man, from the bottom of my heart, you sir are the god of space, i have never seen pictures that are so amazingly good, amazingly beautiful, wow you are freakin awesome, so gifted, serious... dont stop making these man.
Timeship's avatar
Great space art! What's with the trucks?
Jen45's avatar
whoa....................10 days
NV30's avatar
Шикарно, но сильно хотелось бы разрешения 1680*1050... :(
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Wow!It looks amazing!It took you ten days?!!How could you be so patient to complete it?
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Threat, Epsilon Lyrae and my about to be released Cradle took me a month to complete :) Thank you!
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You're welcome... and your signature is very clever. It worked on me, even though I had a guess as to where it'd take me. lol
Pr3t3nd3r's avatar
We're all curious ;)
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My god, it's full of stars. :heart:
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Ooh, excellent starfield work. :D
uncubitodehielo88's avatar
It's realistic eough for me! :heart:
I like those big stars (especially the big red one at the left). It's like one of those photos from NASA.
Pr3t3nd3r's avatar
Yeah, I tried to imatate those :)
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