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Doomsday - wallies

Finally I was able to make a wallie version of my Doomsday. Thought as long as I'm one of the winners in TND's contest, why not! :D

Wallies are:

Hope you like them!

Oh, btw, this work will be printed in Fotomasterskaya (december) mag ;)

There's more in my gallery! ;)

Oh, almost forgot! Decided not to put typo, but don't think there's no watermark at all! ;) So if u want to steal it and put put on your website - note me, I'll try to avoid that site and insult you for stealing my work ;)
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This art is briliant!Dude look at my user icon and user name.Doomsday is coming people!I know you guyz are gonna make fun of me now.I am not sure about this, but ERROR
E=3 |2=R 0=O This is error wrote in hackers language and if we count | for 1 it looks like 21.2012
yeah also there is 31 before 21.2012 but i still don't know what it means.Isn't it creepy like "ERROR 21.2012"Like a Error date.
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this remembers me a movie "sunshine", great job
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Fascinating! =D
I love the totally dwarfed look and the planets decaying/broken details! <33
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You ever read the kids story.. "Good-night, moon"? Well this is the opposite. "Good-day, Moon!" Very cool!!
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No, never :) But thanks! :)
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ow poor planet :(
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I like it! It Great work!
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Thanks a lot! :)
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i love the concept of this piece, so powerful. great job
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Thanks :) It's pleasing for me I was the first (a part from Sunshine movie :D) to start this theme :)
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really, wow. and yus that movie is awesome, one of my favorite movies. Very good theme
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Awesome - kind-of like looking out from the 'viewport' of the Icarus 2 in the movie Sunshine.
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Yeah, funny but I haven't seen that movie when I was doin the work :D I've seen it right after I've finished :D
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This is my new wp
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I'm really proud of myself :D Thanks! ;)
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Nice art you made there ;)
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Glad you've liked! Thanks! ;)
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