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My entry for the #theluminarium's pack "Prismatic".

I would love to tell you technical stuff on this image but I have it on my main PC that is still on its way to Sweden :) I will update it when I got my PC. I'll post tech stuff and add a print version, cause the original is huge!

I predict some comments like "this looks pretty much similar to hubble's photo of NGC....galaxy!"....

Well....THANK YOU, cause I WAS goin for realism! :P
But - no, I haven't use any hubble photo as a base for this, although I've used some star photos of the starry sky to add a little noisyness to the final picture.

If you still think it's a rip and bla bla, I don't care :)

For wallpapers, click Download button.
1024x768 and 1280x1024 are a bit cropped versions

- The Luminarium
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Loki7z's avatar
Very beautifull!
killswitchengagex's avatar
looking at it i feel like its really moving , the guy in the pic must be dead after viewing it
Lacerne's avatar
This is absolutely gorgeous
AEnigmaDragon's avatar
Really nice artwork, It somehow reminded me of fractal art in the first moment I saw it :)
Flamepawsome's avatar
Is that a drawing?
No... it HAS to be a photograph, right?
That is just epic
pogona2009's avatar
I think I'm a bit late, but what happened with that update?
RadulfGreyhammer's avatar
If you were going for realism, wouldn't the lens flares of the astronaut be the same as the star's lens flares? You can't have flares that aren't the same directions?
Mini-Virgo's avatar
Incredibly beautiful piece.
StefanHuerlemann's avatar
i love it, but the lens at the astronaut are false angled, they must be like the lens on the stars;)
sry for my bad english;)
Pr3t3nd3r's avatar
True, but I didn't like them aligned like the rest :P :D
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nightcom's avatar
Shit asså, man vill verkligen lägga ner extra mycket tid och arbete på rymdbilder efter man ser detta.
Pr3t3nd3r's avatar
Woa, I just live in Sweden! :D
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aaawhyme's avatar
The. Light. O_O
I'd like to die like this!
B-e-A's avatar
Magnificent.... No words.
Thaess's avatar
Мне вот жутко интересно, оно нарисовано на планшете?
Pr3t3nd3r's avatar
Нет, хоть он у меня и есть :)
Планшетная туманность будет в конце месяца ;)
Thaess's avatar
выкладывай уроки, уж очень интересно;))
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