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So, Chaz is back-

Bitch still actin like we're the bullies

He says he could put us in jail, reports us for saying things that are true, and says that we're doing illegal shit like looking at his credit cards. We're nowhere near where he lives. He doesn't know where we live either, and if he finds out, we could call the cops on his pedophilic ass. I'm done with his shit, but I ain't ignoring him, I'm a petty bitch, I ain't even lyin about it.

We didn't dox him, now it's time for Mr. Bennett to go.

This is finally the last journal about him I'm making.

Don't trust him.

Block him and report him.

So, bye bye, Mr. Bennett! :3

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You invented a new kind of stupid, a damage you can never undo kind of stupid, an open all the cages in a zoo kind of stupid, truly you didn't think this through kind of stupid..

Let's review

Chat by DarthTalonYT
Other people 2 by JessieArtist1
Other people by JessieArtist1
Screenshot 2018 08 16 00 27 26 By Chlointhedark-dc by PR0N01ATH0RN
Screenshot 2018 08 16 00 28 30 By Chlointhedark-dc by PR0N01ATH0RN

Other journals:  Hopefully this is the end (Note to a Cyberbully)Welp
Guess who came back guys?
Vixxyxox did! Whooo a person who acts like a child, this lying and hurtful bitch!!
They made a new account which is here: FalcoTheLover
You see, Vixxy, I have many evidence to support my claim on you being a cyber bully. You can send your little friends after me, but they wont know the truth
You have done this to not just me but many other people, I have read other journals about it, have people come and talk to me. You're making these accounts to escape all of this aren't you? So you can prey on more people like the sick and hurtful fuck you are. You are a heartless monster and I am done dealing with you. 
I have screenshots of evidence, I have witnesses. You haven't changed, stop lying, people like you don't change... I am no longer afraid to stand up for myself. You have been nothing but a liar and a bitch. 
I gotta praise you on one thing though, if you never cyber bullied me a year ago, I would have never met the love of my life. You see
  Warning, Cyber Bully
I made the rant
I never bullied her or anything.
She also wants to insult my art as a form to make herself look better, but it doesn't, it gives us more proof.
She told me to please stop drawing. And that's not how you go about critiquing things. You don't tell them to quit, you encourage them to practice more. Plus she insulted the character design of UpsettingCactus .
Vixxyxox/Bridget insulted the art I was most proud of as well, here's the art she insulted.
Please read the other journal on this, it shows more information.
  Warning, Cyber BullyA rant about Vixxyxox , FalcoTheLover (They're the same person)
She's a liar. She's a huge cyber bully. She shouldn't be trusted. She guilt trips people. She makes you do things you don't want to do. She calls you a cunt for no reason. She fakes deaths. She has bullied JessieArtist1  to the point of her wanting to die. She explodes for no reason and she scams people.
She almost drove Jessie into suicide.
She's against asexual people, an example being: Jessie once said she was asexual and Bridget said it was not possible, that Jessie would have to be a starfish.
Examples of her abuse:
She is lying in some of these. Jessie did nothing to Bridget that would possibly make her want to kill herself.
Jessie was so sweet and nice to her and she kept pestering and trying to get Jessie to do stuff she didn't want to do.
Bridget was a liar she was manipulative. She faked having cancer, and multiple people have said it.
She continues to abuse people online and force them into doing stuff.

Now, I'd just like to say a few things to you :iconvixxyxox:...

You fucked up, I was going to let what you did go if you actually fucking changed, you human garbage... I could've been your friend, but nope.. you went after JessieArtist1  and Mittens0330  like a god damn asshole..

I hope you fucking burn in hell, you don't deserve the shit you're guilt tripping people into giving you.. I hate your god damn guts.. you lost any god damn chance you had at being my friend.. and luckily, I stopped myself from being a victim because I just happen to go by Michael/James.... but, here's a funfact you fucking whore..


You wouldn't have been able to use me anyway, I'm immune to your shit.. I'm so damn used to insults that your petty shit won't do anything but mildly sting. You can't get me to want to end my own life like you'd want... you can't outsmart someone like me..

I hope you have a nice day... burning in hell...

Oh, and, go ahead... fucking fight me in the notes, I won't care...
:iconaeromantic: AKA Chaz, left these comments.. threatening Jessie..

Unknown by PR0N01ATH0RN

He's such a god damn pussy that he can't even fight the person coming after his ass.. Jess did nothing.. he doesn't even have the balls to fight me..

Edit: The whore can't fucking stay away.. he's gonna keep coming back..

Edit 2: We live no where NEAR this fucker so we can't even steal his credit card, he's a fucking liar.. which you could probably tell..

I am so fucking DONE with this whore, :iconvixxyxox:

They call my friend a worthless cunt, they ask her GIRLFRIEND for fucking pictures of HER PANTIES, don't fucking trust them, they're not at all what they fucking say they are.

They call people scammers after canceling commissions with them, they prey after underage females.. they act as if they don't know what the fuck they did, they act as if they don't know who the fuck they really are.

I'm sick of this, they don't deserve what they get. They fake suicide attempts, they faked cancer, they faked so much shit.

I'm not taking kindly to this shit, I was FUCKING NICE with the first god damn journal. If you fucking read this, Bitch, I hope you get the cops called on your ass, you're a pedophile, you fake your age and gender, you sick bitch. People treat you like you're some god damn angel, but you are not at all a good person. I'm fucking pissed, you are not getting off the hook with treating MY FRIENDS, GIRLFRIEND AND MY FRIEND'S GIRLFRIEND LIKE SHIT. I am exposing your ass, Mr. Bennett, you're human garbage.

If you're underage, don't trust this fucking scum of a 24 year old. They are not a good person, they are the scum of the earth. If you bring your ass anywhere near my god damn friends, near anyone I fucking know, I will end you.

I have so much god damn proof against your ass, I have seen your damn face. This isn't even fucking HALF of what I'm writing.

You're hiding everything, you're fucking terrified of what we can fucking do, and you should be. You should not underestimate me or my friends, we could get your ass thrown in jail. I know we could, I could do it now if I fucking wanted to.

This is going to end up being longer than any god damn thing you could think of, Mittens0330 is very god damn done with your shit, Jessie is too. I hate your guts, you pretended to be the friends of multiple people to get shit you want, I'm not fucking having this shit.

You're manipulative, you're a pedophile, you act like you're 15-16 when you are NOT. Angelcak doesn't need you using her as prey, no one does, I will get your ass thrown in jail, don't test me..

You're so disgusting, I have so much proof against you.. your threats are empty as far as death, Bennett.

As many people as they can need to share this fucking journal, spam is ass with it. We need to get him taken down, no one needs his shit. He has multiple accounts, :iconfalcothelover: and :iconaeromantic:

Block and report him, I'm not leaving any information out of this shit. He uses :iconaeromantic: as an emergency stalk account, so beware. He always comes back, he guilt trips people into staying by constantly coming back, he tries to break people's will.

Do not trust this god damn whore, he does not deserve anything..…………

He tries to fucking hurt people by insulting them, but he just wants his victims to stay.

1 by PR0N01ATH0RN

I'm not going easy on your fucking ass, you don't deserve that, Chaz. You're horrible to everyone, I hope you burn in Hell for what you did... actually... Hell would be a BLESSING for you..... burn in the deepest pits of Hell, never come fucking back to Jessie, Mittens or ANYONE!

You can go suck on a running chainsaw like a dick and get your head chopped the fuck off....

Have a lovely day, Mr. Bennett!
Oh wow look at me I drew a pony XD

I decided to make the signature similar to Mitt's signature as a test so that's why it looks like that

Here's a ref if you wanna do fanart:

Character (c) Me
So, Chaz is back-

Bitch still actin like we're the bullies

He says he could put us in jail, reports us for saying things that are true, and says that we're doing illegal shit like looking at his credit cards. We're nowhere near where he lives. He doesn't know where we live either, and if he finds out, we could call the cops on his pedophilic ass. I'm done with his shit, but I ain't ignoring him, I'm a petty bitch, I ain't even lyin about it.

We didn't dox him, now it's time for Mr. Bennett to go.

This is finally the last journal about him I'm making.

Don't trust him.

Block him and report him.

So, bye bye, Mr. Bennett! :3


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