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Terraria: All Armors 1.3

The long awaited sequel of my first version is finally here. Man, I love with how much I've been improved.
And to imagine that I managed to make all the armors I wanted to do this time. It's amazing.

-Please click on the image it for the full view-

This has been a month-long project for the Creation Compendion #50 of the Terraria Community Forums.
All armors belongs to Terraria 
The art belongs to me.
taken inspiration of other Terraria characters to draw some of the designs.
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Que chévere tu colección de armaduras. :D

(Yo también dibuje una pero siendo… Me quedo muy diferente a la original 😅😅)

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The best armour is definitely wood armour

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To a little knight to at MASTER knight
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The feeling of accomplishment truely a priceless thing. The poses of the swords for me is my what I consider the high light of the picture. I still like the armor to, I just find swords cooler.
 So what's your favorite pre hard mode armor set and early hardmode armor set? 
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In terms of design. I consider myself a fan of the Jungle Armor in Pre-hardmode.
And for 'early hardmode' it would be Adamantite and Frost Armor, otherwise I'll go for Hallowed as my top fave.
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Hm nice. I would be a fan of the gold color . Early hardmode I would be palladium armor. I just noticed the mobile edition dragon armor, Spector armor, and Titian armor. Nice job on them.
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Have you thought to include the "ancient" armors like the Cobalt, Necro, Shadow Scale, Iron and Gold Helmets? Or possible a bucket since putting that in the helmet slot technically gives a defense of one. That can be a little trivial but it's still an "armor" piece. c: 
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I've thought of these, but I've preferred the new ones as they were basically upgrades over the old ones. And it felt like I was doing the same armor twice.

I've only counted armors that have at least a fitting head and a body slot.
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I felt I had at least mentioned it, not in a nitpicky way of course, since it was showing the armors and stuff and I noticed a few head ones were missing. 

That's cool. ^^  Doing bodies and clothing is the worst so doing more than what you have to would be, especially the hardmode variants would be a pretty grueling task XP  

Also, the drawing looks very nice. I like the Spooky Armor you drew the most. I never did the Halloween Event. It's always been pushed to the side or the Christmas one. The furthest I've gotten in was the Golem and when I beat him a few times with the Piranha Gun, I took a break. I'm at the Temple part now in 1.3.5. I've had this game since 2013 on PC and I did get it on console to play with a friend 'cause at the time I was very new to PC gaming and I didn't know how to play keyboard and mouse that well if at all. I had a very bizarre key binding set up at the time when I played this game when it was 1.1 xD 

I play it every so often. After clicking in over a 1,000 hours I've taken a break from it for the most part. I am getting back into slowly X3 
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It is surely worth mentioning them. As I havn't said these before.

And yes, It was hard to keep myself motivated to finish it in time, along with the exams happening.

Glad to hear that you've enjoyed the game a lot. It's also one of my favorite.
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Yeah. :D 

I find it difficult for me to even open the art program and start. A lot of what I make barely makes it past the line art stage XP 

Same here. My top five are Metroid Prime, Terraria, The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, Ori and the Blind Forest, and Borderlands 2. I've played many games so it's hard to compress them into a list of five but those are the ones I liked the most. Metroid Prime is my top favorite. It's a shame no other studio didn't catch on. I'd love to play a game like it. 
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As for me, I'm actually really glad that no other studio has copied it. Because that's what makes Metroid Prime so unique!
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That is true too. I can give ya that. Though the next Metroid Prime isn't being worked on by the original studio so red flags are raised. I don't want to be a Debbie Downer or anything but it could easily end up as another Metroid M in the hands of another studio XP 
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It sounds indeed a risky move to hand it over to a new Studio. Especially since Retro is amazing in general.

Yet, It's also interesting how it'll look like. All I hope is that they'll do their job well. Or maybe even better, as no studio is perfect.
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oh wow you actually did it. Great job pps!
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Where's Nageru? ;w;
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I don't count my own OC's in it as a seperate slot. And Nageru has no "signature armor" in Terraria.
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