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  Commission 84 by pposongCommission 92 by pposong

$8/ 800Points


Commission 73 by pposongCommission 91 by pposong


$15/1500Points(updated price)

 +$10/1000Points for character addition



Untitled by pposong

$25/2500Points(updated price)


for character addition


Commission 81 by pposongCommission 72 by pposong




for character addition


Other examples:

  Sunny morning by pposong Commission 50 by pposong


Allen and poppy flower by pposongCommission 51 by pposong


What I draw

OC, anime/manga characters, yaoi/yuri, simple color background

Complicated characters or extra items are okay, but there may be extra fee required.

What I don't draw

R18, old people, animals, furries, Mecha, too complicated background or designs

Notice for Use

-do not remove my signature

-do not edit the drawing
(you can crop or edit for character sheet,
or decoration of your deviantart profile page purpose only)

-only make prints/merches for personal use

-do not use for commercial purpose.
(This includes not only direct selling but also anything that leads to creating profit
such as profile image or advertisement of youtube, twitch, etc.)

-You can re-upload, use for profile or header image anywhere
but please credit me or leave url of my deviantart profile.

*please pay for the transaction fees(paypal)*

If you are not sure of the fees, just add $1.00

***How to Commission Me***

1.Send a note to me on deviantart when your slot is ready

2.Pay me fully after I accept your commission

3.Will send you the line art/rought draft

4.Check to see if anything needs to be fixed and note me back

5.I'll give you the final artwork.

*My username will be written somewhere unrecognizable.
*Any drawing can be used for future commission ID.

Note Format

2. Type of commission(s)
4.Link to reference (should be detailed)
5.Characteristic of the character/
preferred pose, item, background, etc.


work progess:★☆
paid-in process-sketch confrmed-done

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Since I am going to open commissions very soon,
I've decided to get few requests to use it as examples:D
(and advertise my commission as well lol)

here's some of my drawings to show you what to expact

Alex by pposongArisol Eun by pposong

 Untitled by pposong

I will draw one waist up pic and one chibi. (separately)

I can draw:
OC, Anime/Manga Character
(If you want your OC, please give me a link to a reference.)

I can't draw:
R18, old people, animals, furries, complicated poses, mecha, background, etc.

If I happen to have more than two people wanting request,
I will use random choose program to pick 2+few more people.

Llama shy 

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