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Since I am going to open commissions very soon,
I've decided to get few requests to use it as examples:D
(and advertise my commission as well lol)

here's some of my drawings to show you what to expact

Alex by pposongArisol Eun by pposong

 Untitled by pposong

I will draw one waist up pic and one chibi. (separately)

I can draw:
OC, Anime/Manga Character
(If you want your OC, please give me a link to a reference.)

I can't draw:
R18, old people, animals, furries, complicated poses, mecha, background, etc.

If I happen to have more than two people wanting request,
I will use random choose program to pick 2+few more people.

Llama shy 

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Thank you all for commenting! My computer wouldn't load windows so it's getting fixed... I am drawing the rough sketch on paper and finish as digital drawing once my computer is back. The repairman said it will be done by Sunday. I will reply with a link to my drawing if I pick yours:)
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Requests are open or closed?
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It's closed now. Sorry I responded late I just got home...
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maybe one of my OC Cynder ---->…
((style #2,please))
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Love your stuff.  :)
Possibly?  Watching you.  :)
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Here's the link to your request!
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Amelia by Oldivory  {Art Trade} Oldivory by sweet-Ouii  she has a bear shaped backpack!
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Can you draw one of them please?

As the refs are head shots you can use your imagination to design the bottom half. :D
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Can i ask for one please?
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Please mine!  Would love waist up but good with whatever!  spreadsheetmaster.deviantart.c…

[F2U!] Foxy Icon 
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Hi there ;w; Can you please draw my persona (her name is Cocoa) and a character named Kano Shuuya together? <33
Here's a picture of my OC:…
(There's a color change in my character. The scarf is now black, the button thing is white, the part where it's purple on the jacket is black and the shoes are black leather boots with white buckles. The blue part of the jacket is darker.) (Side note: Her eyes are brownish hazel, and her hair is gradient blonde (top) - brown (middle) - black (bottom). She also has a hoodie)
I'm sorry if that sounded complicated :c
And here is a picture of Kano: Kanoo by Kano-Pikachu

You can draw them in any way you like, and any expression you like. I just want you to be comfortable ;w;
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Boop Please consider one of my gijinkas! ^u^
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hi! owo if you want could you draw my lovely? :3… (He looks so sad in this pic but he's actually a pretty happy guy haha) waist up? :3
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Hii! Can you please draw this guy as chibi? It´s my BFF´s OC and It´ll be a surprise, because he´s seriusly sick now... :C
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Here is link to your request:D
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Can you draw either Lucian or Vincent please? Non-chibi preffered
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here's your request. Sorry it took so long!
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