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Tiny Twilight got. Another one for my collection.
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And thus as many predicted, Discord turned Twilight into an alicorn. :)
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For some reason, Discord in this reminds me of Sander Cohen from Bioshock. Cohen always called the player his little moth, and he was incredibly chatoic and misunderstood, just like Discord. If you didn't mean to make that connection, crazy coincidence.
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VunlinurHobbyist Digital Artist
It has a really deep message, good one.
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It's so cuteee <3
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It's drawn really well, but I'm sorry. My brain just can't get past Discord's facial expression.
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Not to sound redundant but (meaning I will anyways)...

Discord: Dude, hai ham soh high right nahw. Hyou dohn heeven knoh, mane.
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klystron2010Hobbyist Digital Artist
*lights match*
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GiromCalicaHobbyist General Artist
The moth is a relative to the butterfly, only being a lot dustier and bigger. The moth is attracted to light and so revolves around it like the sun and its planets, but only because it likes the LED of a Deadmau5 shirt, which if you are wearing one, you would end up with a moth revolving around you, which is quite annoying and embarrassing at the same time, people thinking the moth is in love with you and tries to look around your body for your mommy or daddy parts, which they don't.

The moth can evade a nearby bat that is about to eat it, mainly because they felt the bat's ultrasonic scream, which sounds like a sci-fi laser beam thingy that emits radio waves, causing you to poop liquid objects out of your anus. Luckily, bats can't do that to humans.

The moth is easily misunderstood as a butterfly. If you call a moth a butterfly, you are an idiot. If you try to turn the moth into a butterfly, then you are more than an idiot, or just a wizard trying to use magic, which only exists in our dreams and in Adobe Flash.

So the next time you want to have a purple horse with one horn with moth wings flying around you, always wear a LED shirt, or you were probably smoking too much bong before you look at the moth.
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lol @ Twilight face
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gtasomogyiHobbyist General Artist
Oh, you! ^^
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The-almighty-ragerHobbyist Traditional Artist
It's adorably funny. X3
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