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The Doppelpuffs 25 by PPGcomic The Doppelpuffs 25 by PPGcomic………

I saw the new Powerpuff Girls episode a second time and this time I was able to pay attention to details other then the violence. And I've retracted my opinion that its a continuation of the last series. They apparently gave all of the Powerpuffs ice breath, and there was this  shallow focus on teamwork instead of the nature of love, hate and their place in the world. In fact I predict now that all attempts of making it a superhero show have fallen to the wayside as they decide to make it a pure cartoon.

Anyway here I do my best attempt of getting something meaningful out of this episode other then action. The Doppelpuffs are golems. They are made out of sugar and spice reinforced with chemical X. Golems are interesting to begin with. They are from Jewish Mythology. In Jewish Mythology Mankind is made out of clay and given life by God, thus Golems are likewise made out and given life usually by rabbis so close to God they wield some of his power. The Power of the Rabbis is less then God's so the life they not fully alive but not not alive. Sort of in between. Alive but without a soul.

However if you look in Greek Mythology there is a story about a man, a great maker of statues who created a statue of a woman so beautiful that he fell in love with her. Gods came, made her real. Then things got screwed up, usually also by the Gods. And he ends up alone anyway.

There are also a number of similar stories in Native American Lore.

Of course the Powerpuff Girls may be golems but they aren't typical golems. They have life, they have more then life. They have become so very close to being actually human. Their bodies imitate human physiology very well, though they will still collapse into their core components of sugar and spice and everything nice  under various condition roving they aren't human but are still golems.

Best explanation for this is simply the Powerpuff Girls have souls.  Why they have souls is best left to speculation but they have unique souls. This makes them different in mind and body to their Doppelgangers.

Doppelgangers by the way are from German Folklore and are soulless doubles of an individual that seek out their other in order to kill them and take their soul and their place.
Purpleflames1000 Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2014
It tok me several hours to understand what the hell was happening on panel 3
PPGcomic Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2014
I think Its the face. The dull expression doesn't fit with their actions. Throws viewers off.
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