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Brickubbles - Star GazingThe City of Townsville… a lovely place to live. Here in the Powerpuff Girls’ suburban home, the Professor has gone out to take both Blossom and Buttercup, but not Bubbles, to a school play because he had to take two children to watch, but he will take her tomorrow. He has hired the Mayor to babysit Bubbles“Now, Bubbles,” the Professor called out to Bubbles who is peeking out through her bedroom window. “Be on your best behaviour. And no monkey business. Bye!”“Okay, Professor, I’ll behave.” Bubbles replied.The Professor drove off in his car with Buttercup and Blossom, and Bubbles just stayed home with the Mayor. She did some drawings to show the Mayor, colouring, and played with her stuffed animals. She was even served some dinner.It was 6:30 PM, and Bubbles started to feel tired, that she felt like she needed some sleep, and upset, that she didn’t go to the play. “Mayor, I’m going to have a rest. If you need me, I’ll be upstairs in my room,”“okay, Bubbles, have a good rest.” The Mayor reminded.Bubbles has changed into her nighties. And went to lay down in her bed. She closed her eyes and started to sleep.However, at that moment, something whispered to Bubbles.“Bubbles,” a voice whispered, but Bubbles didn’t get its attention.“Bubbles.” The voice whispered again. This time, it got Bubbles’ attention.Bubbles sat up and was shocked to see it was.At the window was Brick, the Rowdyruff Boy who fought the girls.“Brick? What are you doing here?”“I came to visit you for something.”“Are you going to hurt me? Is that what you are going to do?!” Bubbles angrily asked.“No, no. I can explain.” Brick tried to reason.“Explain what?” Bubbles said, calming down.“Alright, after the last time my brothers and I fought you and your sisters, we’ve realized hurting girls is bad and hating girls was bad. So, I’m sorry.”Bubbles was confused. One of the Rowdyruff Boys just apologized to her. Is she going to forgive him? Or will she still see them as a threat?“are you serious?” Bubbles asked curiously.“Yeah, my brothers and I mean it.”“Why are you here?”“I want to take you somewhere. If you can just trust me, I promise to never hurt you or your sisters again.” Brick said with a smile, and he held out his hand.Bubbles thought for a moment, then she smiled and finally made up her mind; trust him.She held Brick’s hand and the two stared affectionately into each other’s eyes.“There’s one place I want to show you. I promise you will love it,”The two flew out of the bedroom window leaving a red and light blue coloured trail behind.Brick flew to the Townsville beach and slowly landed on the balcony. Brick and Bubbles can hear the waves rising up onto the shores. They can even see the beach at night.“It’s beautiful, don’t you think?” Brick asked Bubbles.“Yeah, it is. What happened to you and your brothers after the last time we’ve fought asides from regretting hurting us?”“Well, Boomer, Butch and I tried finding a place to live because we no longer have a home. We tried asking people to live with us, but they refused to because they hated us. Mojo created us so they can use us for bad. I can’t believe we were created that way, but we’re happy to be good.”Bubbles seemed saddened by the story about Brick and his brothers not having a home, but was happy they have redeemed themselves.“What about you?”“Well…” Bubbles began. “The Professor decided to take just Blossom and Buttercup to a play because he was only allowed to bring two children, and I was all at home being babysat by the Mayor. I started to get lonely aside from being with him, and that’s how I met you again tonight.”Brick felt comfortable with Bubbles’ story. He went to hold her hand when she wasn’t noticing, but she felt her hand being touched, Brick let go of her hand in embarrassment, and the two shared a heart-warming giggle, looking at each other and away.“So, wanna watch the stars with me?” Brick asked.“Yeah!” Bubbles said.The two children sat on a nearby bench. Bubbles held on to Brick. Bubbles saw a constellation of what appears to be Octi, her stuffed octopus.“Aww, isn’t it cute?” Bubbles asked. Brick smiled at her and blushed. He then saw a constellation that Bubbles hasn’t seen yet.“Hey, doesn’t that remind you of something?” Brick said, pointing into the sky.Bubbles looked up and her blue eyes lit up, and she got in a giggle fit.“That looks like Buttercup beating Mojo Jojo up!”“Yeah, really does.” Brick said with a snicker. His red eyes met the blonde girl’s blue ones.The two were looking at each other lovingly. They smiled at each other again, and then avoided eye contact.“I can improve your hardcore side,” Brick promised Bubbles. “you can be a tough fighter like me, I just know it.”“you do?” Bubbles asked?“I don’t think you’re a baby anymore, you have a tough side inside of you.”Bubbles was surprised, she was happy to find someone to understand she can be tough like her sisters.“I hope you and your sisters will be okay. My brothers and I will never hurt you girls ever again,”Bubbles smiled, and the two bought their faces up towards theirs and they shared a passionate kiss. The kiss was so passionate, Brick embraced Bubbles back, until they stopped making contact with their lips after eight seconds.The two children then shared a heart-warming giggle. Bubbles then felt very, very tired, she slept in Brick’s arms. Brick has never felt so happy in his life, he has finally started liking girls. He grabbed Bubbles in his arms and he flew back to the Utonium household.He went through the girls’ bedroom window and tucked Bubbles into bed, gave her Octi, and kissed her good night.“Goodbye, Bubbles. If you’re ready to, you can tell your sisters we’ve become good, now.”Bubbles was listening to what Brick was saying, and she had a loving smile on her face.Brick then flew out of the window and into the night sky.“Oh, Bubbles, I came to tell you that the Professor is coming back.” The Mayor reminded Bubbles, but his heart melt when he saw Bubbles sleeping peacefully in her bed.When the Professor came home, he, Blossom and Buttercup were happy to see Bubbles lying in a deep slumber with a smile on her face. They all smiled at each other, knowing Bubbles will forever be the joy and the laughter of the trio.But what Bubbles knew is she never had a boyfriend in her life, but is happy to have found a loved one. She dreamt about him every single night after encountering him again. One day, Brick and Bubbles will be husband and wife, and will have their own children of superheroes to protect their city....
Cartoon Network City Crossover Ch 5 Pt 2Disclaimer: I do not own Powerpuff girls, Adventure Time, Roboboy, MLP, Batman vs Dracula, and all the Cartoon Network shows including all the Toonami shows.Warnings: This chapter may contains violence.Chapter Five pt 2: Damsel in DistressWeeks go by both Jade and Dracula's relationship began to grow bigger. Dracula, Marceline and his friends began to hang out with Jade's friends.After school is over Jade was hanging with Twilight, Rukia, Edd, and others."So what are you doing today?" Twilight asked."Dracula, and Marceline are going to take to their home." Jade answered."So what are the two going to show you?" Hinata asked."They're going to show me the inside of the house." Jade answered."Jade it's time to go " Dracula replied."Okay I'll see guys in school." Jade replied as she went with Dracula and MarcelineMarceline and Dracula took Jade to their home."I didn't know you guys live in a mansion." Jade replied."Well my parents worked at higher jobs so that is way we're able to get it and stay here." Dracula answered as they enters in Dracula and Marceline's home.As they headed into the living room and looks around. The living room was fancy and Victorian."So where are your parents?" Jade asked."Oh they're at work now but they're be here later." Dracula answered."You should give your friend a tour around." Marceline replied as Dracula shows Jade around the mansion. She was amazed how nice the rooms are better. Last was both Marceline and Dracula's bedroom. She sees Marceline's room which her room is very gothic, filled gothic plushies and that Nightmare Moon plushie."Wow I didn't know that you're cousin likes Nightmare Moon plushie." Jade replied."Well I got her that plushie after she broke up with her boyfriend named Ash finding out that her old stuffed bear named that she had since her uncle got for her when she was a kid." Dracula answered."So what happened to Ash?" Jade asked."Well after the incident with Ash. He's no longer here to see us ever again." Dracula answered as he shows Jade his bedroom.His bedroom is completely goth and darker than Marceline's room. She noticed that there is a bird in a cage. The bird was about the same size of a falcon. It has black all over except the wings, tail and hair, colored in red, blue and purple."What kind of bird is that?" Jade asked."Oh that is a phoenix. My parents got him from Chinatown on my birthday." Dracula answered."So what is his name?" Jade asked."His name is Fennikusu." Dracula answered as Fennikusu sees Jade."It looks like Fennikusu wants to see you." Dracula replied as he opens the cage, letting Fennikusu out which the Phoenix flew and landed on the bed. Jade sat on the bed next him."Don't worry he doesn't bite." Dracula replied as Jade began to pet Fennikusu which he began to like being petted by Jade."It seems Fennikusu is starting like you." Dracula replied as he began to turn on his large flat screen TV."So what do you have?" Jade asked."I have HBO, Showtime, Starz and Cinamax." Dracula answered."What shows do you like watching the most?" Jade asked."Penny Dreadful, and all the movies I watched in the past." Dracula answered as he shows Jade all the shows that both he and the girl watched."So what should we watch together?" Dracula asked."How about Fargo?" Jade replied."Sounds like a good. I'll get Marceline to watch it with us and we'll have some tea and snacks." Dracula replied as he went to get Marceline and gets a tray with tea and snacks. Jade stayed in Dracula's room with Fennikusu until both Marceline and Dracula came with a tray with tea set and snacks which is steamed pork buns."What kind of tea we're having today?" Jade asked."We're having Jasmine tea." Dracula answered as he pours teapot down and pours the tea on each teacup."Thank you." Jade replied as she sips on her teacup and Dracula starts the movie. The three watched the while enjoying tea and snacks. Fennikusu bothers them which they handed him steamed pork buns too as well. When they got to the part with the hotel scene with the two ladies. Fennikusu was laying on Jade's lap and Jade covers his eyes on the part."Jade why did you cover Fennikusu's eyes?" Marceline asked."Well there is a scene that is inappropriate." Jade answered."Jade it's fine. Fennikusu is old enough to watch stuff like this." Dracula replied as Fennikusu moves Jade's hand out of the way to see the movie."I used to do that to him when he was a baby phoenix since now he's older he can just watch it." Dracula replied as they continued watching Fargo.When they got to the wood chipper scene. The three were grossed out at that except for Fennikusu which he didn't react."That part is disgusting. First killed a guy and then shredding him in a wood chipper." Jade replied."Yeah it is. I mean dismembering the body and putting them into the shredder." Marceline added."Actually I want to do towards the people I completely hate." Dracula replied as Jade, Fennikusu and Marceline looks at him awkwardly."What it is true because I was going put Kevin first Heather second and then the others." Dracula replied."Will I guess that is okay." Jade replied.The movie finally ended Dracula heard his parents arrived at the door."Jade wait here with Marceline." Dracula replied as he heads out of his bedroom."So Drac told me about you and your past." Marceline replied."Yeah, I told about it." Jade replied."I kinda feel sorry for you. That you suffered more than Dracula." Marceline replied as Dracula opens the door to his bedroom."Jade, come with me. My parents are here to see you." Dracula replied as Jade gets up from the floor, exits of Dracula's bedroom, walking downstairs and heads to the living room where Dracula's parents sat on the sofas. The two sat on the couch."Mom, Dad. This is Jade. She just moved here a couple of weeks and she goes to the same school with me." Dracula replied as Dracula's parents sees Jade."Jade these are my parents Vlad II Dracul and Emily Gerard." Dracula replied as he introduced his parents to Jade. The girl didn't say anything."Sorry. Jade is very shy about this." Dracula apologized as Jade smiles a little. "I'm surprised that my son saved you after he broke up with his ex-girlfriend." Vlad replied."Father, there is a reason why I actually moved on." Dracula replied."So how you two met?" Emily asked."Oh I actually found her in the gym during lunch period. I saw being picked by the Kankers." Dracula answered."Oh you mean those scumbags from the trailer trash park." Vlad replied."Yes, your son did save me from them. Which I am thankful for that." Jade added."Well I'm glad that you're starting to like our son very much." Vlad replied as they began continuing to talk to Jade. Which Dracula was happy that his parents are starting to get along with the girl.After meeting Dracula's parents and having dinner with. Jade received a phonecall her mom that it is time to go."My mom called me and told me to come home." Jade replied as she heads to the door which DraculaBefore you go. Please be careful out there. Jade there are people who bad around here." Dracula warned her."I will. See you tomorrow then." Jade replied as she opens the door and leaves Dracula's home.Jade was walking headed to the city where she had go to get through she was amazed that a the city has new stores restaurants and even the mall was bigger than the mall in Montana. Jade was wondering it probably had more stores, and other stuff because Jade remembered when she was eight, she went to California with her mom and brother to visit her grandma and relatives. The girl remembered going to Chuck E cheese, Build a bear workshop and the mall. There was a carousel inside the mall which she and Michael had fun riding it around.Jade continues heading home until the two villains see her."Excuse. Young lady." A voice replied as Jade stops and turns to a monkey wearing a villain costume named Mojo Jojo and a old Japanese man wearing glasses named Dr Kamikazi. "You shouldn't be that late outside. When you're supposed to be in home." Mojo Jojo replied."Well I was about to go home." Jade replied."How about you hang out with for a drink." Mojo Jojo replied."No thanks. I'm heading home now. Have a goodnight." Jade replied as she walks away from the two. When she longer sees both Dr Kamikazi and Mojo Jojo which Jade ran somewhere in the city, taking her phone out, and calls Dracula but he didn't answer the phone so she texted him.Back at Dracula and Marceline's home Dracula was in the shower in the bathroom in his bedroom. Marceline was sitting in his bed and playing with her ax guitar. Suddenly she heard a text message coming from Dracula's phone which she grabs it."Drac you got a text message from Jade." Marceline replied."What does it said?" Dracula asked as he got out of the bathroom when he finished his shower. He wore nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist. Marceline reads the text message on Dracula's phone.It said Marceline. Get help. Saw the evil monkey and Japanese professor and captured me at Mojo Jojo's place in Townsville.Dracula quickly finds his clothes in his bedroom closet."Drac, what are you doing right now?" Marceline asked."She's in trouble." Dracula answered as Marceline was horrified that Jade was captured by Mojo Jojo and Dr Kamikazi. He gets dressed into his Count outfit."Drac where are you going?" Marceline asked."I'm going to rescue her from Mojo Jojo." Dracula asked as he opens the door."Marceline whatever you do don't tell my parents about it and that I'll be back asap." Dracula replied as he jumps out of the window."I will." Marceline replied as Dracula turns himself into a bat and flew into Townsville.Meanwhile in Mojo Jojo's lair Dr Kamikazi, Mojo Jojo and his sumo minion named Constantine laughed that Jade is captured. She was tied into ropes that bind her hands, arms and legs."At last we finally have the girl that we can used as our experiment." Mojo Jojo replied."Now master what should we do with her?" Constantine asked."I know what to do with her." Dr Kamikazi answered as he approaches to Jade."So this the girl who has transferred here." Dr Kamikazi replied as he puts his hand underneath her chin but Jade tries to bite him."Geez. This girl is completely different from us." Dr Kamikazi replied."How so?" Mojo Jojo asked."Well she's isn't scared of us." Dr Kamikazi answered.Let me give it a try." Mojo Jojo replied as he approaches the girl."Now young lady. If you get scared of us right now or you'll turn into a rat." Mojo Jojo replied."You don't scare me besides you two ain't bad guys." Jade replied."Now tell where are you from?" Mojo Jojo asked as Jade spits on him on his face."Are you serious!!" Mojo Jojo shouted as he about to attack Jade.Suddenly the alarm sounds which caught the attention of the two villains.Security cameras shows Mojo Jojo and Dr Kamikazi that Dracula is at Mo JoJo's place."That vampire. Why is he here?" Mojo Jojo asked."I bet he's here to rescue to girl." Constantine answered as both Dr Kamikazi and Mojo Jojo realized that the girl is Dracula's friend."Oh no. We're dead now." Mojo Jojo replied."Why is that?" Dr Kamikazi asked."Because the girl we captured she goes to the same school with Dracula which means." Mojo Jojo answered."Got any plans for this." Constantine replied."We can use the robot bears and robot scorpions on him. We'll invited in for a welcome surprise." Dr Kamikazi replied as he turns on the robots he made for himself that he won't have to deal with Dracula.Dracula was about to punch the door open with his brute strength but the door opens for him."That's weird. The doors are always closed." Dracula told himself as he enters in a completely dark room.Suddenly the light beamed when robot bears and giant robot scorpions appears at Dracula."Great. I have to deal with Dr Kamikazi's robots." Dracula replied as the giant screen on the wall began to turn on."Ahh. Dracula long time no see." Mojo Jojo replied as Dr Kamikazi appears next to him."So you and Dr Kamikazi became allies." Dracula replied."Correct. We made robot bears and robot scorpions for you. And we have a surprise for you." Dr Kamikazi replied as his sumo minion Constantine grabs the girl and held her in front of the screen."Jade!" Dracula shouted."If you want to rescue your damsel. You have to defeat by robots first that has same abilities like yours. Now then attack!" Mojo Jojo shouted as the giant screen turned off.The robot bears and robot scorpions attacks Dracula. Dracula keeps breaking all the robots with his powers but was overwhelmed until something burns and slices the robots which Dracula saw the two. It was Kars who now wearing wearing his battle outfit with Fennikusu onto his arm.Kars! Fennikusu!" Dracula shouted as Kars sees him."Your cousin called me that you're going to rescue your friend from Dr Kamikazi and Mojo Jojo." Kars replied as Fennikusu flew burns the robot bears and scorpions while Kars jumps down and slices them."Drac. Me and Fennikusu deal with the Robobears you need to rescue the girl." Kars replied as Dracula heads to the door and punches the door open with his strength. He sees Jade being held hostage by Mojo Jojo and Dr Kamikazi."Drac!" Jade shouted as Mojo Jojo held her."Let her go!" Dracula shouted."Constantine! Go fight now!" Dr Kamikazi shouted."But master he's a...." Constantine replied."Now!!" Dr Kamikazi shouted as Constantine approaches to Dracula but he was scared that the vampire would tear him apart. So he ran away from Dracula. Dracula approaches to Mojo Jojo."Come a little closer and you're sweetheart turns into our little Labrat." Mojo Jojo replied as he puts a vaccine near Jade which he held her in a neck hold. Dracula stand on his ground. Jade gets mad and bites in the which he screamed. She manages escape from Mojo Jojo's grip. Which both Mojo Jojo and Dr Kamikazi are completely screwed which Dracula cracked his knuckles."Now then shall we. You two." Dracula replied as he beats up the two while Jade shuts her eyes from seeing it and hears the two villains screaming in pain.After the beat down that Dracula had, he approaches to Jade and unties the ropes off of her."Drac, how did you find me?" Jade asked as Dracula held her up."Marceline read the text message that you sent me on my phone that you were being held hostage by those two villains." Dracula answered as she sees the two who are unconscious and beaten up."These guys suffered minor injuries that I gave them." Dracula informed as he pick ups the girl."Where are we going now?" Jade asked as she began to fall asleep."Jade, you're tired, I'll be taking you to your so this won't happen again." Dracula replied as Jade went sleep. Kars and Fennikusu enters the room to see them."Is Jade okay?" Kars asked."She's fine. She just fell asleep. Tell Marceline and my parents. I'll be going home after dropping Jade to her home." Dracula replied."I'll tell Marceline about that." Kars replied as Dracula smiles and heads to Jade's home.Dracula took Jade in her bedroom and lays her on the bed after he told her mom that she fell asleep when she was at his home. He sat down on the bed next to her, and seeing her sleep on the bed.Dracula moves a strand of hair from her face that he see her beautiful face but when he saw her neck. He was about to bite her neck and drink her but he stops himself from doing that. "I can't do that to her yet. Not yet" Dracula told himself so he kissed her in the head, exits Jade's window, turning himself into a bat and heads home. On the nightstand was a note that Dracula wrote to Jade.
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Christmas Love
Momoko's p.o.v.
I slightly shivered as I felt the cold wind blew against me. It was nighttime and snow started to fall down from the sky. I was wearing a pink and white striped sweater with a huge fluffy pink coat over it thats zipped up, dark skinny jeans, brown uggs, a red scarf wrapped around my neck, red mittens, and a red knitted winter hat on my head that makes my hair go down.
I used a pick-up tool to pick up the trash and set it aside to see if I could find what I was looking for. Okay, you're all probably wondering what I'm doing outside at nighttime near Christmas time? Well, here's the story: when I went to Brick's house and got him a motorcycle for a present, he rode on it but while driving, the wind blew away his hat while he wasn't paying attention and it landed inside a trash can where a garbageman threw the trash inside the garbage truck and it closed up causing his red cap to be thrown away in the dump.
When Brick realized that his hat was missing, he went into
:iconcrown1721:crown1721 15 28
It's a Cartoon Network Christmas Eddy! by xeternalflamebryx It's a Cartoon Network Christmas Eddy! :iconxeternalflamebryx:xeternalflamebryx 1,187 289 Boiler Strikes Back by Dynamoe
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Boiler Strikes Back :icondynamoe:Dynamoe 9 52
Brick Fan Button V1.1 (Request) by Natakiro Brick Fan Button V1.1 (Request) :iconnatakiro:Natakiro 65 14 Everything is Connected by Kristinabb86 Everything is Connected :iconkristinabb86:Kristinabb86 22 17 PPG Ai Vol 1: Ch 2: Page 53 by kuku88 PPG Ai Vol 1: Ch 2: Page 53 :iconkuku88:kuku88 9 1 PPG Ai Vol 1: Ch 2: Page 52 by kuku88 PPG Ai Vol 1: Ch 2: Page 52 :iconkuku88:kuku88 7 1 PPG Ai Vol 1: Ch 2: Page 51 by kuku88 PPG Ai Vol 1: Ch 2: Page 51 :iconkuku88:kuku88 10 0 PPG Ai Vol 1: Ch 2: Page 50 by kuku88 PPG Ai Vol 1: Ch 2: Page 50 :iconkuku88:kuku88 11 1 Screenshot of my Celebratory Character by xFlowerstarx Screenshot of my Celebratory Character :iconxflowerstarx:xFlowerstarx 8 104 Animal Crossing- Blossoms by lnsert-creative-name Animal Crossing- Blossoms :iconlnsert-creative-name:lnsert-creative-name 33 12
One of my dreams have finally come true!
Omigosh! Omigosh! Omigosh! I can barely contain my excitement! I can't believe THE Craig McCracken have faved some of my 3D work! It's not everyday that one of my all-time favourite idols have decided to fave my artwork on Twitter! If I want him to notice my work and wish him a happy birthday, now's the time. I guess working on the self-directed project is definitely worth all the hard work after all! I didn't realise this happened until the next morning when I was checking through my e-mails until I came across an e-mail alert from Twitter, saying that Craig McCracken have faved two screenshots of my two assets! It's like a dream come true! I thought he would never notice my artwork 'cause the majority of the time, he's too occupied with his schedule and working on Wander Over Yonder. But I was wrong. I really should quit doubting myself. 
I think I'm gonna faint from over excitement. :faint: I don't think I'm gonna be able to sleep tonight. I feel like I'm the luck
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Pokey Oaks Kindergarten modelled in 3ds Max 2014 by xFlowerstarx Pokey Oaks Kindergarten modelled in 3ds Max 2014 :iconxflowerstarx:xFlowerstarx 11 2 The Powerpuff Girls House modelled in 3ds Max 2014 by xFlowerstarx The Powerpuff Girls House modelled in 3ds Max 2014 :iconxflowerstarx:xFlowerstarx 29 19

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