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Top 10 (Cartoon) Werewolves Meme



Awh yeah, werewolves! In no particular order, here are my top 10 favorite cartoon werewolves (meme base from here):

1. Werewolf Fox from the Gargoyles cartoon: the only reason I watched this episode, lol. It's too bad no one remembers her.

2. The werewolves from Tales From the Cryptkeeper: there were a few of them. All of them were awesome.

3. All the Scooby Doo werewolves: all of them. Literally all of them. Especially Velma-wolf and the other one from the Goblin King movie.

4. Werewolves from the Ghostbusters cartoon: Ghostbusters + werewolves = super cool.

5. Fruit Brute: does he count? Yes. He counts.

6. Man-Wolf from Spiderman: who doesn't love him? A werewolf Spiderman villain? Heck yeah!

7. Wilford Wolf from Animaniacs: a nerdy wolf who turns into a hunky werewolf? Alright!

8. Jon Talbain from Darkstalkers: yeah, yeah, he's mostly a video game character, but he was in a four-episode anime OVA and a short-lived american cartoon.

9. Harry from Scary Godmother: he's lazy, self-centered, and eats everything. Who wouldn't love him?

10. Why Wolves from Adventure Time: they were tied with the Hug Wolves.. it was close.
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it's very awesome that werewolves is my favorite monster. so rad.